Self Depricating Humor and Tingles

I was chatting with a girl and I mentioned about having hypertension (no, I have NO CLUE how we got there) and she looked at me strangely and asked, “You have high blood pressure?”

I LIVE for moments like this. I had her. I nodded and she asked, “Wait, like…how old are you? Because you look too young to have high blood pressure.” I told her my age and she asked if I were too young to have hypertension. I shook my head no and said, “Actually….it’s uh, wow this is embarrassing. It’s secondary to my penis size.”  Lol. She looked at me confused and said, “I don’t get it.” I answered her, “My penis is really big; so when I get aroused it causes excess strain to my heart.”  Lol.

She leaned forward with a surprised look on her face, “Seriously?”

I looked her dead in the eyes, stone-faced and replied, “No, absolutely not.”

She erupted into a fit of giggling. And I continued, “Seriously, I could fuck a Cheerio and not break it, it’s really pathetic.” Then I smiled.

Most guys would NEVER use self-deprecation while chatting up a woman. I use it all the time. Now I wasn’t even trying to close her or get a number. I was just having fun. It’s take a TON of confidence to make fun of yourself while talking to a woman. But it has to be genuinely unbelievable. I’ll give another example.

Whenever a woman asks about my cooking she’ll usually ask how long I’ve been cooking for. I always answer, “Since I was able to see over the stove.” She’ll ask, “Well, how old was that?”

“About 6 years ago.” It ALWAYS gets a laugh. Forget you’re poking fun at yourself, it makes for flirty banter. And it shows a woman you don’t take yourself too seriously. Most guys would view being short as a major disadvantage to attracting a woman. By me making fun of it, it shows TONS of confidence. That builds a comfortable repoire AND gives her tingles. Of course don’t overdo it. When I do this she’ll usually initiate some kino and I can visibly tell she’s enjoying the encounter.

Try it and see. Just find any way to make mention of having a huge mule. But the key is the delivery. You have to act embarrassed by the fact that you’re admitting to it. In fact you’re baiting her by saying you don’t want to tell her is perfect. Then…..if she doesn’t pepper spray you, she’ll usually ask if it’s really true. This part is crucial. Look her dead in the eye with a slight look of shame then break character and reply, “No, Dear God no.” then smile and laugh lightly. IF she doesn’t think it’s funny, she’s too uptight, but I’ve never had a woman not giggle. Sexual banter is fine, but when you do it in a self-deprecating manner, it’s a bait and switch for her.


Stay up.

17 Comments on “Self Depricating Humor and Tingles”

  1. Badger says:

    Lulz danny. What you’re really doing here is some agree-and-amplifying against a comment you yourself have made.

    “Most guys would NEVER use self-deprecation while chatting up a woman.”

    This statement I don’t agree with. I run in a pretty white-collar crowd, but I see a LOT of guys trying the self-deprecation move. It fails for them every time. Why? Because they aren’t being particularly funny with it, so it comes off as an intentional display of low value and display of low confidence. Why do they do it? Because they’ve listened to bullshit about how they shouldn’t be cocky and should be very low-key and so they think they can succeed by marketing themselves as soft and not-scary. Instead they should be entrancing her with their aura and vibe.

    Self-deprecating humor that’s funny: “my wife wants to have sex in the back of the car. She wants me to be the driver!” [Rodney Dangerfield]

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      I guess I should have worded it, most guys would never use it. And the ones that do are usually unsuccessful.”

      But hell, I do it all the time.

      Sent from my iPhone

  2. Breeze says:

    Agree with Badger. Self depreciating humor is what losers use because they are unconfident. However, you Danny are supremely confident so when you make self depreciating jokes its coming from a different place. Long story short self depreciating humor is something most guys should stop doing until they are a lot more confident and cocky, and then add in self depreciating humor to stop themselves being too cocky and blowing their own chances.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Which is why I put examples of what I use. I stated in the post how most guys over-do it and Badger pointed out how they do it wrong.

      I’m here to show you how to do it right.

  3. Anonynerd says:

    Danny, the other thing I notice is that you always keep her guessing. “Is he serious about hypertention and penis size? He seems serious and he’s got medical credentials… Wait he’s kidding and bragging about having a big penis. No, wait, he’s kidding and making fun of his *small * penis. I don’t know what to think with this guy….” (with the clear implication that there’s only one way to know for sure….)

    Same deal on the other joke – “wait has he been cooking a long time, or not???”

    I enjoyed that, I’m sure she did too.

  4. Spacetraveller says:


    I aways used to think that self-depreciating humour in a man was ‘beta’. But now I can see that it really depends on the man doing it. There is a world of difference between self-depreciating humour because you are actually feeling down, or self-depreciating humour which says quite clearly, ‘Hey I’m kidding!’ I think a woman can feel the difference, which is why it works well for you. I think INTJs are very good at the latter, by the way 😉

  5. M3 says:

    Self-deprecation when done in a confident, stand up comic like deadpan delivery works well.

    Self-deprecation for self-deprecations sake of eliciting pity will fail every time because it’s not funny.

    Only took me 15 years to figure out.

    Love the Cherio comment.

    I am embarrassed to say i have been calling it self-DEPRECIATION all this time… ugg.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      lol. it’s easy to do if you use the methods i describe as far as chatting up everyday women. it helps to build your confidence on women you don’t want to close.

      then….when you’re looking to close, you’ll be better armed, since you’ve built a bit of outcome independence.

    • Spacetraveller says:

      @ M3,

      Both spellings are actually correct, I have just learned, lol.

      And I also learn that it is the type of humour most associated with the British. So that’s why it’s so familiar to me, as a Brit 🙂

  6. ASF says:

    Summary: you gotta be a winner before you can act like a loser.

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