I was walking Brody the other day. Now since I was walking him through a residential area, I had him on leash. Usually, at the park for instance, I walk him off leash- though I do carry the leash with me. Well, as I passed one house, a small Lhasa apso came running across the street barking it’s ass off. I grabbed Brody by the collar and kept him close putting myself in front of the other dog. As I tried to push the dog away, a man came out and started calling for the dog. I looked at him, and YELLED, “COME GET YOUR FUCKING DOG BEFORE I LET MINE GO.” Finally the dog bit my hand trying to get at Brody.

Game on.

I let Brody go and he proceeded to mop the floor with little doggy. THEN dad decided to come get his dog. Well, he really didn’t need to by this point. Because once Brody unleashed hell on the cute Lhasa apso, I dog realized the severity of its choice. I scampered back across the street whining to daddy open arms. I stood up and glared at dad. He didn’t say a word. He just walked back inside after giving me a soft spoken “I’m sorry.” I nodded and continued on with Brody. Brody can be VERY dog aggressive, but it’s usually only on males that challenge him. Then…stand back- hell is coming your way. Brody got into it with a Presa Canario….and 125lb beast of a Presa didn’t win. My 30lb Staffy held his ground until the owner got his control of his dog. Brody ALMOST got his neck. Had he done that, he’d have killed the Presa. However, he gets along WELL with female doggies. Seriously. Just ask his GF Daisy.

People often tell me how well behaved Brody seems to be so well behaved when he’s being walked. If I stop walking, Brody sits. When I’m walking he’s not pulling the leash. People stop and want to play with Brody, and he loves that. It’s flattering to have him praised so. However, it’s not something I feel obliged to brag about. It’s my RESPONSIBILITY, to ensure my dog behaves well in public. If I couldn’t keep him under control when he’s out in public, I couldn’t have him out in public.

Which brings me to parents. Every time I see a parent with a kid that’s acting like an asshole in a restaurant or supermarket, I want to punch the parent. Usually it’s just that- a single parent (male or female). I don’t want to go off on some holier than though I’m a great parent diatribe. But I don’t think most people have any idea the amount of work that goes into raising a kid (on BOTH ends). When I tell people I have a kid they ask about my “child”. When I show them a picture they say, “Oh…you have a dog, not a real kid.” To which I have to inform them that I have a dog because I’m WELL aware of the responsibility that comes with raising a child. But not a decision goes through my head that doesn’t involve, “How will this affect Brody.” It’s the perfect amount of companionship and responsibility. And trust me- if you hurt my son, I will KILL YOU. But I raised my child to be respectful and well behaved. I DID NOT teach him to be an adorable doofus. It’s just part of his charm. Don’t believe me.


he fell asleep after goofing off. lol. that’s muh Son.

3 Comments on “Parenting”

  1. aneroidocean says:

    Yep. This is why I have a pet snake. Low maintenance. I love dogs, but I understand the large responsibility they are. Yours sounds VERY well trained. People think that behaviour is natural, but it’s not. Environment and training are everything.

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