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As you’re well aware now, I’ve come under fire from a “Catholic” female blogger for my being unable to find a “nice women”. According to her (despite her pointing out my “decent guy” status) I’m not finding “nice women” because I’m spending some of my free time in a strip club. This hamster is Kraken-esque.

WOW. Seriously, fucking WOW. Now I’m on pins and needles waiting for DJ Lynn to chime in (she’s a DJ at said club whom I affectionately refer to as “Mom”).

Here’s my reply to her post on her site:

Well well well….
What I find funny is that the few women I DO see as marriage material think I’m too nice. Don’t pretend to know me based on my blog… You have no idea. Strip clubs. Lol. I’m not there looking for a partner, I have friends that work there. Before you start judging me….remember the “glass houses” idiom. But I am flattered to have a post dedicated to me. It’s nice to know I can move someone so much as to dedicate an entire post to my bullshit. Thanks Dear.

She has since been placed in moderation after telling ST I wasn’t worth talking with. Sorry, but that moves this beyond civility. I NEVER went after this “woman” on ST’s blog, I simply pointed out that she is the very reason there’s a MGTOW movement. SHE is the very embodiment of what’s driving men FROM marriage. Instead of her listening to men and legitimate complaints we have on the current state of the SMP, she just chooses to vilify men. Ok. She has every right to her opinion. And THIS is why I’m happy I have a relatively small blog: I can police it easily.

Rather than giving this blogger a forum for her diatribe, I’ll simply ignore her. She can have this discussion within her own blog or via her email. Simple as that. I feel no need to justify my site or my behavior. I fully understand that some women will NEVER see eye to eye on this matter, and most of the male bloggers ignore women like her for this very reason-

There’s no “discussion” with women like this. Please recall the “Nuking the 30 year old Hamster at my Local” post. It’s actually laughable how worked up some women get over this. Because honestly….if you disagree with me. FINE. You know exactly what this blog is about, its subject matter, and my open personality. If you choose to disagree, that’s fine. But I WILL NOT give you an open forum to “discuss” when you implicitly state I’m “unworthy” of discussing this matter. Because if that’s truly how you feel-


I’ll tell you why. Typical western, white, attention whore. Therefore, the best way to deal with such women (who have ZERO real interest in your POV and observations) is to not give her attention. It’s that simple. I’ve bent over backwards to be polite towards women, even in the face of recognizing their faults. Are men in general perfect….HELL NO!!!! A big part of this blog is trying to teach men to be better men. As I’ve said before: it’s easy to be bitter, and difficult to “man up” and be a better man.

To sum this up. I won’t find a “good girl” because I spend maybe, 25% of my free time in a seedy strip club. Lol. Yeah. “Holier than thou much”. Funny that I spend the following 2-3 hours AFTER leaving said club at my local visiting with other that I consider my friends: single moms, waitstaff, cooks, bartenders, management, etc. But let’s call a spade a spade, that’s not dramatic/controversial enough to point out.

And if I NEVER find my future ex-wife……that’s ok. God’s will be done.

p.s.- she’s since emailed me so I’m assuming (and hoping) she’s gotten the message that I disagree with her and there’s really no point in her continuing. The point of the whole discussion went off the rails LONG ago. I simply want to point out to my female readers what we men are dealing with from a self-described “good woman”. The MGTOW movement is simply based on men walking away from marriage all together. Most of us don’t “hate” women, but the system is so stacked against us, women are so entitled now…that marriage is as appealing to us as teabagging a wood-chipper. Men didn’t create that outcome. WOMEN DID. You ladies made this mess and now you’re are learning that a LOT of men are disinterested when you bat your eyes at us, or we take no interest in you in general. By and large, you’re screwing it up for the actual “good girls”; because now I (we) don’t even care if i run into one.

Thank you CD for proving my point. Have a nice day. Ok, can we get back to chicks and guns now?

Oh, and I appreciate all the support in this matter guys. So….for the record, i’ve drawn the ire of and Aussie escort, now I’ve done so with a Catholic “good girl”. Lol. I LOVE how these women choose one of the safest male blogs to rally against.

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  1. Jim says:

    MGTOW is happening because these women are not relationship material. Mentu pointed this one out to a tee. As women became sexually liberated, they lost the capacity to bond with men. They cannot work in conjunction with men to have a successful relationship. They don’t know how. Nor can men make it work no matter what they do. Women for the most part are lost.

    I as a man would never marry a woman and allow her to use her father’s name along side mine. That women proudly display that type of horseshit (among many more) these days is not conducive to marriage rates going up. If anything it’s turning more men off to them each and every day.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      I talked to Mentu when I got to work and he chuckled. And trust me, I’m writing a follow up post for later.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Jim says:

        As long as women view themselves with individuality in a relationship, it will continue to decline. You either join to form a union or as is the case today for women, get married simple to have a wedding and the attention. Bridezilla anyone? Never mind that women cannot uphold their end of the marriage contract and break it at the first sign of actually having to be married. I guess it’s too boring or too hard.

        Women have done so much damage to men, to children, to society that it’s simply not to be taken lightly anymore. To continue to berate, belittle, marginalize, shame, label, and accuse men when we see that more and more experience THE SAME DAMN THING time and time again, means that women should start to re-evaluate things. But as is the case, they won’t until it’s too late.

        Rev Jesse Lee Peterson has is right. Wherever women have taken over, evil follows.

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          Jim- all i ask is that you PLEASE watch the tone. terms like “evil” in regards to SMP bothers me. civility please Brother.

          honestly, i was 100% with you until i read “evil” i DO NOT take that term lightly.

      • Jim says:

        OK. How about dysfunction? Look around, society is anything but cohesive and functional. And that starts at the building block of it, the family. Which of course has been destroyed.

        • dannyfrom504 says:


          i can go with that. the greatest blessing i’ve been given is my family. i truly cherish my family: aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, young, old. but like i said, i REALLY try to keep my religious beliefs to myself. that’s NOT one of the points of my site.

          just like the “game” and “MRA” sites that focus on those topics….i don’t blog with a specific foundation on either. but i do blog about how said subjects are applicable and necessary to my life.

          neither are inherently “good” or “evil” (at least not to me). they are simply reflections of the world we currently live in.

      • I agree about women who want individuality in a marriage, ie keeping their maiden names,etc contributing to the decline of marriage.

        My sister-in-law (married to my husband’s brother) refuses to take her husband’s last name and she also doesn’t act like she’s part of our family, despite having children. I think her having a different name from the rest of us makes her feel separate from our family and none of us are close to her, at all. I would hardly call her a “sister” (I’m scoffing at that right now.)

      • dannyfrom504 says:


        i’ve said it before, if she won’t take my name….i won’t take the plunge.

    • Jim, quick question. Which woman were you referring to in your comment in the last post who uses her maiden name alongside her husband’s? I tried and failed to find this. Could you point me in the right direction?

      • ASF says:

        He probably means that he would not go for marrying Jane Doe and have her name be Jane Doe Smith after marriage, instead of just Jane Smith (i.e. he wants her to take his name).

      • Ah, thanks ASF. I just thought he had a specific example in mind and I was trying to find it.

  2. dannyfrom504 says:

    What I find quite interesting is that my site’s traffic doubled after posting this.

    Obviously this is a discussion both gedenrs want to engage in. And I don’t see the female reader’s coming to her aid.

    In all honesty- I really do feel bad for her wish her nothing but the best. However, since most of us disagree with her I’d rather those wishing to discuss this with Io to do so on her site.

    At this point she’s just going to keep reiterating the same thing.

    • Just1X says:

      I don’t think that it’s possible to debate with feminists. We lack a shared reality on which to base discussions. I mean it sounds like the same reality: blue sky, 24 hour day, sun, moon…yeah, all that stuff. But the men in their reality are ‘all rapists’, women earn 80/77/75 cents on the dollar, 1 in 4/3/2 raped etc etc etc etc. I mean the 77 cents argument has been repeatedly debunked using facts, do feminists stop using the argument? No, facts ain’t got nothin’ to do with it. Which is why I am uninterested in any ‘science’ produced by feminists; they place dogma over reality. You cannot do that and call it science.

      Debate in their reality is betrayal of the common narrative of truth – verboten.Have you seen the AVFM post about a feminist who advocates sexually targeted murder and mutilation of men. She wrote to JTO asking him to call off the nasty boys who show up on the cess-pit of a blog and disagree!
      And they wonder why so many are medicated these days.

      As you say, the only sensible option is to walk away from feminists. They’re miserable victims anyway, there’s nothing that they love more than claiming victimhood and waving the collection plate.

      I like women just fine, but too many feminists are cracked for it to be a coincedence.

      • stormy says:

        The woman never claimed to be a feminist so you’re way off the mark with this rant, Just1X. It sounds like you have feminists on your mind even though that’s never been mentioned in this specific debate.

      • Just1X says:

        Dear Stormy,

        my bad. She sounded like a c*** to me and I guess that I just jumped to the conclusion that she was a feminist. are you a feminist, by any chance?

        Again- CIVILITY. don’t stoop to a feminist level Brother. i know it can be hard to do.

      • Just1X says:

        awwww! why is there always a grown up just waiting to spoil the fun?

      • WillieMaize24 says:

        Justix, You can walk away from a feminist or two, but you can’t just walk away from all of them. Too many of them control instititutions, or at least have a lot to say in an institution’s policies., and this affects the whole society. They have to be countered so that the institutions can be reclaimed.

  3. stormy says:

    “Oh, and I appreciate all the support in this matter guys. So….for the record, i’ve drawn the ire of and Aussie escort, now I’ve done so with a Catholic “good girl”. Lol. I LOVE how these women choose one of the safest male blogs to rally against.”

    Wow. I wonder how many women rally against the less safe blogs. We might see something here. Racer X got quite a bit of hate from a religious branch of the sphere as well, and I would group him loosely with you; neither of you hate women, and your blogs aren’t particularly offensive (well Racer’s is a bit perverted, but you know what I mean, it’s not angry or violent or anything).

    Whereas men like Roosh, etc. spew some of their anger and hatred towards women and I don’t see much dissent coming from their crowd. Why is that?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Do you see me actively supporting their sites. i RARELY read men’s blogs.

      i have said on numerous occasions that i have no issues with the PUA guys OR the MRA guys. i don’t agree with all of them, but i respect thier opinions. same goes with the “girl blogs”.

      one common trait we both (MRA and PUA guys) share, is that we acknowledge all the male blogger’s have a unique voice. if you don’t agree with the blogger’s message…..don’t read his site.

      • Just1X says:

        angry and hatefilled doesn’t sound like Roosh.

        He just tours the world looking for sex with nice women. As that is not my bag, I leave him to it.

        All the women involved need to do is stop sleeping with him, but somehow ‘we’ all need to get on the shame-Roosh bus? nope, not happening.

      • stormy says:

        No, I’m just saying, I’m agreeing with you, why do people pick YOUR site. It doesn’t make sense, nothing on this site is offensive. It’s fun, insightful, and entertaining. But not controversial. Maybe if you were more like,”I’m a man, get out of my way bitchezzz,” then women would stay away, but that’s not the point of your blog. so idk.

      • Ceer says:

        True PUA types disagree with each other quite a lot, from what I can tell. It’s a situation that springs from the experimental nature of PUA and the artistic differences that fit each individual. There isn’t even full consensus on the true goal. That’s how it should be, though.

      • stormy says:

        Yeah, that’s what I think is cool about the blogosphere. Once you read one feminist site, they’re all the same. But in the manosphere, at least, you can find a lot of variety, which is pretty cool. And different people gather at different regions.

        I’m just baffled as to why someone would choose THIS site to spew their hatred on. Maybe it’s just projection. I don’t know. It’s like trying to pick a fight with a pacifist. It’s pointless and stupid. Danny’s chill.

        That’s what I’ve been trying to get at, but it completely flew over Just1X’s head…several times.

      • M3 says:

        I read them all. Even if i disagree with the ideology or methodology, there are always tidbits of wisdom to be gleaned. I’m not aiming to be Roosh, or attempt a 50 lays in 50 days routine.. but i still catch good info off Roosh, Heartiste, FFY and Gen. Nihilism.

        Every voice has a reason for existing.

      • Just1X says:

        Well Stormy,
        maybe if you made your point more clearly? it’s a thought.
        Still don’t see where you get hate from Roosh, perhaps if you used decent examples, that might help?

      • stormy says:

        Just1X, perhaps if you learned reading comprehension? This isn’t the first time you completely misread into something (ie with CD). And I’m not a common denominator so you can’t really blame me for your lack of reading comprehension.

        I get the impression Roosh hates women from the things he says. He scares me. If he were an animal he’d probably a hyena. Or a vulture. It doesn’t take much reading to see it in his posts. They come off as hatred and anger most of the time. So I don’t read him. I do read naughty nomad though, so you can’t accuse me of PUA hate or something. I’m good friends with a few people from the manosphere, even those I strongly disagree with (not naming names), and at one point I did have a disagreement with Danny (over a year ago) but he’s either forgotten or is so awesome he’s forgiven me and lets me post here. Which is really cool of him. Thanks Danny.

        Which again brings me to the point…why all the Danny hate? Makes no sense. I would understand hatred directed at more inflammatory people in the sphere. But not Danny.

      • HalibetLector says:

        Just1X and Stormy remind me of this

        “Anyone who says that they’re great at communicating but ‘people are bad at listening’ is confused about how communication works.”

      • Just1X says:

        Dear Stormy,

        in both cases where you butted in here, I was talking to Danny. Your butting in is the common denominator. There is a reason why my first comment about feminism might be related to ‘her’. That reason probably fits better on the next post by Danny, so see you there you argumentative little minx you

        “He scares me” ahhhhh! that’s so sweet. That’s an appeal to authority isn’t it?
        Couldn’t you either put on your big girl panties (and do something yourself) or just not read his stuff?
        Why is it women who see something that they don’t like, are so quick to try and get something banned or shamed? The avfm link that I gave in my first comment was about a woman advocating castration and/or murder of all men. But for some reason you prioritise a guy who goes international pussy sharkin’ for willing partners. Where are all the xtian women countering the radfem views? Surely there’s something in teh bible about not murdering people (even if they are men, teh pigz).

        “If he were an animal he’d probably a hyena. Or a vulture.” This is just bizarre, does it work on kindergarten kids? If you’re under twenty I’ll let this slide, otherwise it sounds a bit creepy.

        As to Danny hate. I don’t even want to go near her head in order to understand.Danny going MGTOW (whatever his definition of MGTOW is) should be a big red flag to women. He’s a nice guy just walking away from the active market because he doesn’t think that it’s worth it, and that’s exactly what I did (it’s not the only parallel). I know that we’ve had ‘discussions’ here Stormy, but I’m a pretty nice guy too. I’d share a couple of beers with you IRL and shoot the breeze, I doubt that we’d have any huge issues to fight over. So peace, or whatever

      • stormy says:


        You missed the point entirely where I said that I don’t read Roosh. Again. Good luck with your reading comprehension skills, I’m moving on. Thanks.

      • stormy says:

        Oh, and Just1X, I highly recommend you send Danny e-mails if you don’t want anyone “butting in” on your public exchange…held in a public forum. smh.

    • stormy says:


      I made my point clearly various times, Just1X seems to have things in his head and is convinced people are saying them, when they’re not. He’s already been admonished by Danny once for being uncivil. I think that should tell you enough.

      My whole purpose for my post was…

      1) Trying to understand why Danny gets hate.
      2) Wondering if it has to do with the fact that he ISN’T as inflammatory as other blogs.
      -I used Roosh as an EXAMPLE. I have my own reasons for not liking roosh, as do many other women. But you don’t see those women on Roosh’s blog bitching at Roosh. You don’t see women bitching at Arpagus, who advocated the systematic rape of women to get back at feminism (though the police did get him for threatening police officers, so that’s cool). You see them at peripheral, relatively lower traffic blogs like Danny’s or RacerX’s, or other places, bitching at Danny or RacerX or other guys who really don’t hate women, don’t seem angry, and more importantly, don’t really give a fuck.
      3) At no point was I trying to gather a parade of people to attack Roosh’s site. This is something Just1X, for some reason, is convinced about. I really don’t give a shit, because I DON’T READ IT ANYMORE. I read it enough to know that he’s angry and hates women, and that’s about it. I COULD give examples of posts, but I don’t want to give him traffic. So that’s where that stands.
      This is my last time talking about this and I’m only talking to you because you’re not Just1X. But seriously, I’m not going to break it down in to pictures so people can understand, so if you guys still don’t get it, have a nice day, I’m going to the beach.

  4. M3 says:

    Line of the decade..

    “that marriage is as appealing to us as teabagging a wood-chipper. Men didn’t create that outcome. WOMEN DID.”

    Standing clap. Bravo.

  5. Keoni Galt says:

    Heh. So reading this thread brings me to SpaceTraveller’s and CD’s blogs. ST’s blog…great find. CD, not so much. Yet another self-defined “good girl” who thinks her standards are the moral high ground and any man who has any sort of complaint or grudge or even simple, negative experience with females in general, in our fem-centric mass media culture, is “whining.” Such denunciations are a dime a dozen these days.

    As for ST, I like her description of the manosphere, and I think it’s perfect. We are a men’s club. We have a wide variety of types of men in our club. We all get together in the locker room and shoot the breeze and compare notes.

    i have said on numerous occasions that i have no issues with the PUA guys OR the MRA guys. i don’t agree with all of them, but i respect thier opinions. same goes with the “girl blogs”.

    Women like CD would deign to tell us who we are supposed to listen to and talk to that we should judge our fellow men in the locker room based on their perceived morality and lifestyles.

    Just because a Roissy or Roosh has some anecdotes and observations that guys who are not advocates or participants in their chosen lifestyle, doesn’t mean we don’t have anything to learn from them.

    CD is the one who is actually whining about the conversation in OUR locker room.

  6. just visiting says:

    Danny, you’ve got a great blog. Women are not your target audience, but you’ve maintained an area in the sphere that is not contemptible toward them either.

    I hope you continue to blog, go out in the field, report back what works, and post many attractive pictures. Your insights on masculinity, social situations, frame, relationships and how you learned those lessons gives your blog a distinctive difference. And you show that one doesn’t need to be tall and dark to be masculine. And you’re willing to show what helped you along the way to get where you are now.

  7. Lost says:

    So many of these Aussie escorts have blogs…. go figure….

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