Game, MGTOW, and Hurricane Katrina

Firstly, this WILL not spin into a tirade about anyone in particular. I just wanted to explain my handling of the incident.

Since last night’s debacle I felt compelled something needed to be reiterated here. During my previous post the blogger who posted about me posted several comments. I allowed her to state her opinion and then informed her she was no longer welcome on my site. I’ve only had to place 4 readers in moderation. A few bloggers have since told me what her trip is, and she really doesn’t need to visit my site. I have no intention of trying to get her to see my perspective. But during the commenting on me blogging about her in MY defense, I had to post her email to convince her to leave. After telling her I intended on posting it, she taunted me, “Go ahead….it’s not like they can’t see it anyway.”

Cool beans.

So I posted it, I even EMAILED her that I was going to post it. Around 30 minutes later I received an email from this woman. Having made my point I removed her email. Then she has the AUDACITY to go to Spacetravellers blog and complain how “vicious” my actions were. Please note that I read her post about me in a passing glance. However, I find it amusing that she wants to comment SPECIFICALLY about me, then wants to cry victim when I defend myself. However, sad to say, her reaction is predictable. I DID notice something on her post about me though: she points out that I do in fact like women and that I’m Catholic. Then goes on to say that I won’t find a “good girl” because I associate with “bad girls” and I have a high partner count. Well golly-gee-willickers Contradictory Catholic Cathy.

Who is she to judge those girls? How fucking dare her. VERY Christian of her.

So… having a high partner count will HURT my chance with “good girls.” Lulzrcoaster. Look MGTOW have given up trying to explain anything to women like this in the SMP. I’ve been VERY CLEAR that I try to find a balance between game and MRA shit. But at the same time, I’ve also posted very honestly about myself. Well the case with the woman in question placed me in a position that I want to be clear about.

I keep all reader info in strict confidence.

I WARNED her TWICE to quit posting or I’d post her email. I really feel bad that I had to resort to that. And just to be clear, I simply used the email she chose to log in under. But any of you who actually know me, know I’d really have to be pushed to follow up with an action of this nature- and I PROMPTLY removed her email. No need to harass her or visit her blog (unless you care to engage her in conversation). It’s absolutely ridiculous of her post about me and have the gall to think I wouldn’t respond. SpaceTraveller had to point it out to me. I’m sure ST read it and thought, “Oh boy.” And the fact that she’s “Catholic” makes it all the more laughable that she’s JUDGING me. Of all the blogger’s she’s got beef with- she chooses ME to gripe about? My very reputation lies on how I try to keep gender bashing non-existent. I’m the “nice” blog among the bloggers. It’s well known that I have the absolute deepest respect for women (in general). Now considering I post openly I took her post as a personal attack and took offense to it. It was VERY clear to me that she’s never going to see my POV, and truthfully, I don’t care if she does. On ST’s site all I pointed out was that her apparent sense of irrational entitlement is EXACTLY why MGTOW exists. As a woman, WHO THE HELL IS SHE TO TELL MEN ANYTHING ABOUT MGTOW??? It’d be like me saying in can relate to the pain of childbirth. Guys, THIS is why so many men even refuse to have the conversation when women show their hypergamous, feminist true-nature. Women go back and forth endlessly- hamsters butting heads. Men make their point, and move on. And I ROUTINELY tell men not to be bitter, just strive to be better. Me being bitter towards women would be like me being angry at Katrina for causing damage to my parent’s house (and yes, they DID have extensive damage). Katrina just did what hurricane’s do. My family recognized the danger and split. Their survival was more important than a house.

Game/MGTOW allows guys to recognize when they have a Katrina on the horizon and bail. Men have figured out that most western women are potential Katrina’s and keeping themselves safe the best way they can in the SMP-

By opting out of marriage. Game.Set.Match.

Btw- Thanks to the bloggers and reader’s who have emailed about the nature of of said blogger based on other comments on other blogs.

This reminds me of a scene from “As good as it get’s”. Nicholson is a VERY neurotic writer and he fields a question from a female fan.

28 Comments on “Game, MGTOW, and Hurricane Katrina”

  1. Chewie says:

    Well said. I’ve been following this sordid series of posts with interest. I agree, she made a curious choice by choosing to attack you over anyone else because your blog is genial and you make every effort to keep things positive on it. Perhaps she went after you because you’re genial, as though you’re an easier target than someone like Roosh? Either way, it was a stupid thing to do. It was even worse of her to begin this series of posts by writing on a memorial page for Munson.

    Carry on.

  2. HalibetLector says:

    Everybody’s so mystified that this girl would target Danny’s blog over the meaner ones. I find that hilariously funny. Over in the geekier side of the internet, we have a few names for somebody who posts with the explicit purpose of pissing people off – Troll, or Flame Bait. Some people get off on the attention this creates. The real trick is to do it in a way that creates an ongoing dialogue of anger. Every once in a while, drop in the same argument with slightly different phrasing the same way you’d drop a log on the fire. That sort of thing wouldn’t really work over at Roosh or Roissy. She would either get dismissed or drowned in insults. Which is the same thing, really.

    Or I’m completely wrong and she mistakes danny’s references about this being a “nice” blog and interprets the blog as beta, and prime or attack, whereas you wouldn’t make the same assumption about, well, Roosh or Roissy.

    Either way… *dons asbestos suit*

    • just visiting says:

      I think anyone reading Danny knows that beta doesn’t even come into the equation. I can only guess at CD’s motivations, but I suspect Danny came under scrutiny because he is Catholic and because he has commented at blogs that CD has as well. She has strong anti game views.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i might be nice, but if you cross a line….fucking standby. you WILL be dealt with.

  3. Ceer says:

    This is another example of a woman who challenges a guy about something, and then is shocked, SHOCKED that he accepts said challenge. It’s related to those women who try going into a male area with specific rules, don’t act in the appropriate way, and try to call foul. What do you expect?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      The only reason I put her in moderation was because she made her point the we didn’t see eye to eye. And that’s fine.

      But I could see it was going spiral out of control and I’m not allowing that here

  4. Badger says:

    Interesting, I just posted this weekend about the “good girls won’t go for promiscous men” meme.

    As long as I’m plugging my own stuff, I too was the object of said person’s irrational blog haterade:

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Promiscuous men and men with a high partner count are different. I’m actually quite selective now since sex isn’t a primary factor to my filtering a woman as a prospective gf. And I don’t discuss my past. It’s really none of her business until the “talk” comes up.

    • ExNewYorker says:

      I remember that thread. Pretty much the same arguments…

      Not so charming, much disarray.

  5. Danny,
    Thinking about this deeply, I should really be thanking CD. She has shown me how not to be when seeking marriage.

    The really sad thing is that CD has all it takes to be the traditional wife she so wants to be. Just…not for a man.

    And the reason is that she is repelling them with her apparent contempt for them. Note the word ‘apparent’.

    Hers is a reversible situation. But will she bother?

  6. Just1X says:

    As a woman, WHO THE HELL IS SHE TO TELL MEN ANYTHING ABOUT MGTOW??? It’d be like me saying in can relate to the pain of childbirth. Guys, THIS is why so many men even refuse to have the conversation when women show their hypergamous, feminist true-nature. Women go back and forth endlessly- hamsters butting heads”

    As I was saying on the previous post. She does sound like a feminist. Over at Dalrock’s (IIRC) people have pointed out that hi-test socon women are functionally identical to feminists. Neither of those groups care about men beyond as packhorses, wallets and sperm dispensers. Should men be required to have an opinion on happiness, equality or justice, they will be given it.

    Is your turn toward MGTOW a recent thing? I don’t remember you using the term much before the last week or so. I’ve not been a regular reader here (for no particular reason other than trying to spend less time on the web), but I enjoyed your comments at HUS.

    I think that MGTOW is a good stress reducing way to go for guys that really do care about the world, but are wise enough to know that changing it is women’s work. No man will be thanked by society for teabagging a woodchipper (love that image) by agitating over male dominance of homelessness, death in the workplace, prostate cancer 9as opposed to breast cancer). Women fighting for actual equality would at least have surprise on their side, plus the WN and manginas would have a tricky time choosing which side to protect. The women at avoiceformen make a great contribution.

    I hope and believe that MGTOW will work for you in leading to a happier life. Hopefully women might start wondering why men like you have walked away, maybe point some questions at the feminists regarding what they are actually doing to society.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i only learned about MGTOW for about a year. but i’ve known about the ideas behind it and advocating it for 6-7 years. i’ve been WELL AWARE of how risky marriage is for men for a LOOOOONG time.

      funny thing is, in my experience- the older i get the less concerned i am with a relationship. it’s seems to be the opposite for women as they age.

      • Just1X says:

        I’m ‘some’ years ahead of you, and agree that while I haven’t completely given up an LTR as a bad idea, the price that I’m willing to pay keeps dropping. MGTOW feels like a very low stress, low cost way to go. I’m not sure that it works like that for many women. ‘Are women done with men by 55’ is one of Dalrock’s most popular posts – a lot of argument and LOLs to be had, as if you didn’t know. Captain Capitalism on MGTOW vs WGTOW is VERY relevent to that discussion.

        Hope that things are working out for you, just wish that ‘we’ had the freedom to camp out in the same way as ‘you’ do.

        Keep LOLling

      • Just1X says:

        okay, whatever. fuctifino what I’m supposed to have said in that comment, if you tried to tell me via email, you need to drop the ‘was_’ off the front of the given address as I have no interest in logging into gravatar (so I don’t use the correct address anymore).

        other than that, best of luck in whatever, see you around i guess

      • Just1X says:

        and that went through…colour me confused.

  7. Johnycomelately says:

    How does it go, love, hate and indifference? Hate being unrequited love.

    Clearly these women are smitten with you and trying to draw your attention otherwise they wouldn’t try to engage with you.

  8. ASF says:

    She picked you BECAUSE you are more balanced/have a female readership.

    She would not last long on Roosh’s site, and she would be banned from the forum there b/c women are generally not allowed. Same goes for most other male-centered blogs.

  9. LongLostFriend says:

    I was just reading over this drama in passing for the last few days. While I would have just muzzled her without putting her personal info out there, her posts over at Badger and ST clearly reveal her character. My favorite:

    All right, Bellita and ST. It may be that my comment was inappropriate given the circumstances. If one or both of you are grieving over a lost friend, then this was not the time to start an argument and I apologize. I’m sorry for your loss.

    I can’t, however, say something nice in memory of somebody who I’ve never (as far as I know) interacted with. I’m sure you wouldn’t ask me to fake grief? But I’m sorry for intruding on yours and will save my opinions on the manosphere for other times and places.

    Talk about completely incapable of self-reflection. “I can’t say something nice in a memorial blog post, so what do you expect me to do? Shut the fuck up and not say anything at all? Girl, please!”

  10. Jim says:

    It’s the women that need to change because they’re doing the damage to themselves. And inadvertently to other women. Men are and have been adapting to it. It’s as simple as that.

    You have a situation now where women give sex up first and seek commitment second. And most of them end up rolling craps. And it’s too late to change it. I’ll even go so far to say that for many regular women, they’ll have to find older men for stability. They already are.

  11. Marellus says:

    Ever thought that she’s gunning for you because she likes you ?

    • Phoenix says:

      Ya, that was the first thing that came to mind. She lieks you in a negative way, because you have both genders taking a liking to your blog. (jealousy RAWR RAWR RAWR I WANT WHAT HE HAS).

      You know what this calls for Danny? A meet-up in PERSON LOL. Arguments = more tension. That’s what I would be doing 🙂

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      No. God no.

      Sent from my iPhone

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