A woman’s response to MGTOW

Carolina has been speaking with me for some time and her most recent post tells me she’s really a good girl. She’s been reading and commenting for a bit and decided to look into MGTOW. I will not reveal much else about her, but like said…she’s one of the good ones. don’t believe me, I’ll let her words stand for her. Baby……..welcome to the blogroll.

Stay up.

19 Comments on “A woman’s response to MGTOW”

  1. stormy says:

    Anyone who says that rape victims and domestic violence victims have it coming are not good people. They’re lacking something that good people have…that’s called compassion and empathy. This is what differentiates human beings from most animals.

    • aneroidocean says:

      stormy: Neither Danny nor Carolina nor anyone in either comment thread has posted that sentiment.

      What Carolina said was:

      “1) The feminist view on domestic violence is that women are blameless victims of brutal men. (I blogged about this here.)

      2) To the feminists, when a woman dresses in a mini-skirt with clear heels, gets drunk and ends up raped, it isn’t her fault. However, women should act responsibly and not put themselves in compromising situations. Should women be able to stumble around drunk with the expectation of not getting raped? Sure, in a perfect world.”

      She didn’t state that they had it coming, she just stated to the effect that women should be responsible for their actions. Why do you think that’s not the case? Some of the best people have compassion, empathy, AND don’t allow their emotions to intrude when analyzing a situation and where it could’ve been avoided or at least not repeated.

      You do women a disservice by trying to protect them instead of empowering them.

      • stormy says:

        And she does women a disservice by limiting rape to a situation where a woman is wearing a miniskirt and clear heels (and that’s rarely the case, according to statistics). She is allowing her emotions to get involved by pandering to the manosphere in terms of issues that really require sensitivity and compassion. And I’m not doing women a disservice by trying to protect them. If someone tried to protect me my freshman year of college instead of looking the other way I never would have been raped by a man twice my size and easily ten times as strong.

      • stormy says:

        In addition, the name of her post is “If you find yourself being smacked around, it is your own fault.” You don’t see that to be a bit callous and cold hearted? It is possible for someone to go from being a victim of rape and domestic violence to being a SURVIVOR. But no one becomes a survivor by being told it is their fault. Rather, they become a survivor when they realize it WASN’T their fault, that the assault, and the violence were actions of a deranged human being, and that they won’t let something like that affect the rest of their lives, it’s something they can be freed from and live a life as a stronger person afterward, even with PTSD or phobias.

        Carolina Courtland is really lacking life experience, suffering, compassion, or all of the above. I hate to wish suffering on someone, but I do sincerely wish that she opens her eyes and heart, and instead of only viewing the suffering of the men of the sphere, view the sadness and struggles humanity faces as a whole. I’m not team feminist, I’m not team manosphere, I’m team humanity. And I think as people who haven’t been through the way universities, court, and police officers treat rape and assault victims, you’re all missing a huge piece of the picture. I’d be more than happy to clarify any misconceptions you may have. But I will state now that I won’t respond to inflammatory and offensive responses. If Danny would rather this be taken to e-mail to avoid any fights, my e-mail is [edit- email removed by Danny] Thanks.

      • Spacetraveller says:

        Stormy, I am really sorry to hear you were raped. I can see that Carolina’s post would be very painful for you to read. It would be impossible for you to read it without relating it to your own experience. In one sense, it is exactly the kind of post to avoid, for you. Right now.

        Very sorry to hear of this. I hope and pray you can heal from this trauma you had.

      • Excuse me, Stormy, but I hardly lack life experience. I can tell from what you’ve written, I have more than you. You seem very naive and young.

        Where I have plenty of experience is with domestic violence, from watching my girlfriends go through it.

        The current philosophy of encouraging battered women to see themselves as helpless victims is bullshit. Women need to realize if they are being smacked around by a man it’s because they are CHOOSING that. Women always have the choice to not be smacked around (in the Western culture.) In other words, it is THEIR FAULT. I don’t see why you want to support this “helpless blameless” victim perspective. How do you think that empowers women?

        What I am saying in these two posts is that women need to take responsibility for their own actions.

        If you roam around dressed sexy, drunk off your ass, in a bad neighborhood and end up raped, I’m sorry, it is 50% your fault.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        this matter has discussed. let’s move on please. Stormy has admitted to getting worked up over a subject that’s sensitive to her. but i do think it’s fair to allow you to defend your work.

        i KNOW you have life experience. lol.

    • M3 says:

      sorry stormy, but i have to agree. i’ve had one toooo many rows with SLUTWALK over this. her article specifically states that it’s perfectly fine to get dolled up, enter dangerous situations and drink to black out and expect nothing to happen… ‘in a perfect world’.

      we all know we don’t live in a perfect world. feminism loves to teach irresponsible behavior has no risk/consequences. i too can go get shitfaced and pass out in a park and in a perfect world come morning i wouldn’t:
      -have to worry about having my pockets emptied
      -have been touched or molested (High Park is full of teh gays at night)
      -have been eaten by coyotes or red ants
      -have been driven over and killed by the guy driving the grass cutter
      -have dogs piss and shit on me
      -have died of hypothermia in the middle of the night in a snowstorm

      but it’s not a perfect world. there are monsters out there, and it’s best to have your wits about you. telling you to stay alert is not askin to saying you deserve rape. it’s telling you that monsters do indeed exist and no amount of asinine SLUTWALK marches is going to change that. Men don’t rape. Rapists rape. And the quicker feminist cunts learn that and stop presuming all men guilty before innocent, and stop teaching women that it’s perfectly fine for them to drink and drive because in a perfect world, you won’t hit that school bus full of children.

      i can’t speak to your own situation, i don’t know the particulars. But i’d rather deal with an ounce of prevention (keeping women out of situations that might lead to rape) vs. the pound of care (dealing with women after they’ve been raped for avoiding signs). Feminists and SLUTWALK don’t care about you, they use you as a pawn and a tool for their own agenda, nothing more.

      • M3 says:

        And pre-emptivelly before you or anyone else says ‘but men don’t have to worry about not getting drunk and raped..” i say welcome to the biological double standard you can’t avoid. In the same manner men cannot get pregnant and enjoy the joys of childbirth (or choose to abort or enslave their partner to 18 yrs of child support) women must respect that in most cases men can overpower women. Add high testosterone and alcohol into the mix and you got fuel on the fire. Lastly, men still need to worry about getting getting drunk as much as women. Not for rape, but for brawls, mate guarding while drunk, machismo etc.. that can lead to beat you into a coma fights or worse, some asshole comes packing with a gun and wastes you because your drunken eyes stared too long at his woman. So yeah.. men have aren’t immune from violence either. It’s time for women to check their privilege at the door.

        Don’t take this as a slam. Take it as a learning experience.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        ok. this have gone into an area i never intended. both of you need to quit. my comment says MY point on this. i’ve spoken to Stormy, now i’m speaking to you.

        • M3 says:

          No disrespect intended Danny, just put my pov out there. Wasn’t condoning rape, was defending Carolina’s pov, and speaking my piece. But not looking to start a row. If you want to pull the comment’s down, i won’t take issue, and i won’t broach this any further.


  2. Dannyfrom504 says:

    I feel the urge to reiterate.

    I was molested as a child. So I don’t condone, advocate or laugh at ANYONE being raped.

    I watched my mother endure 11 years of physical abuse. Do you know when the abuse ended….when she left my father.

    What Carolina was saying was that dressing up in slutty attire and doing multiple shots of tequila could possibly lead to a situation where a woman does something she wouldn’t have ordinarily done. Again-

    I’d NEVER condone a man forcing himself on a woman that was clearly objecting his advances. Don’t believe me, I’ll ask my friend L*** to chime in. I prevented her from being raped in high school.

  3. Professor Mentu says:

    Looks like you have a keeper on your hands there, man.

    • Professor Mentu says:

      Oh, and way to go, Stormy and M3. A woman finally writes a coherent post on a myriad of male topics, and you make it all about one topic – yourself.

      To be perfectly frank, thats the single most boring and ignorant topic I’ve ever been exposed to.

  4. Jim says:


    This isn’t the spearhead.

  5. driversuz says:

    Thanks for the link, Danny. I like her writing style, and it looks like she has her head on straight.

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