Game- You’re doing it right….

Just listen to the lady in this song. Be THIS guy. If she dropped you, ON TO THE NEXT ONE.

This reminded me of a vid i posted a while ago because….well, both are British, and they sound the same. This young lady obviously doesn’t get it either. Yeah, you can “fuck me betta”, but you’ll also fuck me bored. Especially if that’s all you have to offer. If you place all your value on your pussy, you’ve lost the battle. Because guys that get it can land tons of girls JUST LIKE YOU. Be interesting, be caring, be kind, be feminine, be supportive. Being “hot” will only cut it for so long, it usually fades after I’ve fucked you.

One Comment on “Game- You’re doing it right….”

  1. Richard Cranium says:

    Hi Danny recently found your blog through the Private Man’s one and like what you have to say.

    It always amuses me when women think their vagina is so special and make guys jump through all kinds of hoops to gain access to it. There’s approximately 7 billion people on the planet, roughly half are women and last time I checked about 99.999999999% of them also owned a vagina. It’s not a rare commodity the next one is bound to have one too and will be hopefully less hassle than you are.

    Ironically these “rules” are only for decent guys though if you’re a thug, hot, rich or a bad boy there is no such hoop-jumping they get to bypass the velvet rope and go to the front of the line.

    All you can hope for is for Princess’s ego to be squashed when her looks start fading which for the current party girl generation should start sometime around their 26th birthday.

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