Twilight? NOOO!!!!

Hopefully you ladies panties are dry now. So I guess I’ll switch gears.

Working a night shift means I get pretty bored after midnighht. Around 2-3am I imbide in my guilty pleasure: reading celebrity gossip sites. NO NO NO, not TMZ, or crap like that. I read the sites that openly mock the celebrity world with absolute toxic and caustic humor. Well, tonight at work (on yer dime btw) 2 stories circulating caught my attention.

1- the collective Twilight Nation is reeling in Kristin whatever the fuck her last name is screwed around on Robert with a married director. OH NOOOOOOOOOOOES!!!!! But it’s cool- because she apoligized and mentioned how she cares very deeply for Robert and the moment was “a huge mistke”. Yeah letting a 40 year old married dude kiss your tits and make out for an extended time is just a fleeting moment. Funny, I show my gf I care by not fucking other women. That Last line is from one of the site’s and I el-oh-el’d. I don’t get Kirsten. She’s mediocre looking at best and she has the acting range of a trout. What’s with her upper lip, it looks like a hummingbirds vagina. Robert seems like a decent guy, so I do kind of feel bad for him, but you just KNOW he’s a whiny omega. But I think this illustrates how easily women will pull some shit like this on a “nice guy.” Simply put, while Robert might have millions of women and girls going googly eyed, it won’t stop a girl from fucking around if a “better man” with attitude and confidence shows up. Sorry Kris, you didn’t “make a mistake”, you CHOSE to do it and now you can’t hide from it. And didn’t they JUST admit to being a couple.

WOW. Just wow. However….could the relationship have been “set-up” by the studios? I mean, the series is over now. Wait……Do I even care? NO.

The second story is is how the “Call me maybe” chick had her phone hacked and there are nude pics of her floating around, and there’s a video of her blowing some guy out there as well. Color me surprised, a woman giving out her number and telling a guy to call her and how she goes nuts about how he gives her MINIMAL attention is shocking to me. TOTALLY SHOCKING. *rolls eyes* What DOES surprise me is HOW HORRIBLE she is at giving head. She DOES swallow though. But how a woman gets to be 26 and land a contract to record label is AMAZING, and kind of telling. Then again, I think she only got famous after touring with Beiber. So I can totally see how he’d be impressed with her “oral skills”- or lack thereof. I’m NOT linking where to see the video here. But if you wanna see it, send me en email and I’ll shoot you a link. The site is VERY NSFW. But her technique is GODAWFUL. She definately needs to read Aoefe’s post. Hell, I could suck a…..nevermind.

I mean c’mon you just KNOW Demi Lovato, Vanessa Hudgens, and Selena Gomez suck a MEAN dick. Especially Demi. Seriously, if I could turn back time I’d make my mom get me acting lessons, then land a job woking on a Disney show. Those girls turn into some BEASTS.

23 Comments on “Twilight? NOOO!!!!”

  1. Vicomte says:

    Ha! The call me maybe chick has a blowjay video.

    Fudge me technicolor giddy that’s fun.

    I bet Neon Hitch doesn’t have so much as a photo of herself drinking tea with grandma.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      She has the worst technique i’ve ever seen. Really not surprised she’s on the net honking a bobo.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Vicomte says:

        It was pretty bad.

        I was going to say she’ll have to dump the cutesy wholesome pop music angle, but with skills like that, she might still fit right in.

        I still have no idea why a woman would ever film herself blowing someone. What good could come of it? (nopun)

  2. Infantry says:

    I read Patz’y walked on Kristen so at least he has some semblance of manhood. Honestly if he stayed with her despite his previous public statement about how he hates infidelity and his skyhigh SMV, he would be Omega-Prime.

    Honestly I hope this sends him down the Colin Farrell route for awhile. A few years of being single and its unlikely any girl would dare try this stuff on him again. Players are made, not born.

  3. Phoenix says:

    Demi Lovato = questionable. She’s not dating anyone and Niall Horan is ‘sweet, one of my really good friends’ now.
    Vanessa Hudgens = had Zac Effron, so yeah. Now seeing Austin Butler. They’ve been working out and staying fit. So I bet that’s led to more intense episodes.
    Selena Gomez = she’s with we all know who. Hate to say it though – I’ve seen some bad shots of him leaning into her. Who knows what may happen – if she gains more fame she could initiate a break-up.

    Don’t know where you got the ‘BEAST’ mentality from, but I’ll go along with it. Girls gotta get their skillsets in for the long haul.

    And about Edward … I saw Breaking Dawn part 1 with a female friend who’s been waiting forever for me to pound her.
    I took a bathroom break to literally splash water all over my face at the repulsiveness I felt from the story. Basically Edward asking Bella if she really wants to go through with the wedding, catering to her needs 150%, and complimenting her through various scenes. Total girl porn. And always left up to Bella to decide (female power!)

    And now this. Yep, he ‘doesn’t understand why people cheat’. Time for him to see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Demi had a coke habit for a while. Nuff said. You can look at her and tell she’s got an appetite.

      Robert dodged a bullet. Kirsten’s mediocre looking and probably just killed her career.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • deti says:

        Kristen Stewart is one of the worst actresses I’ve ever seen.

        She didn’t need to make out with her director to kill her career.

  4. rojobag says:

    If I had not read your earlier stuff I was going to be all “DUDE! How the FUCK do you know about the twilight series ending.?!?!?!?!?” Then you came with the “call me maybe” chick sucking at sucking and It’s like I a hero and prospect fall into the sea. Shake my fucking head. Mis maybe is pretty dope yo, She could be taught.

  5. Jim says:

    Is she crying because she was caught or was it because she got dumped? By both men.

  6. MissMarie says:

    I thought there was no such thing as a bad bj? *snicker*

  7. ASF says:


    Send me the bj link. Also, this is relevant to my interests. How do you teach a girl to give a proper blow job? Please, let us have another instructional how to from Professor Danny. 😀

  8. I predict Pattinson will forgive her and they’ll get back together…at least for a short while.

  9. MadMav says:

    Around 2-3am I imbide in my guilty pleasure: reading celebrity gossip sites. NO NO NO, not TMZ, or crap like that. I read the sites that openly mock the celebrity world with absolute toxic and caustic humor. Well, tonight at work (on yer dime btw) 2 stories circulating caught my attention.

    Nothing is better than

  10. Songirl says:

    Regarding bad behavior of any sort…this is a humanity problem, not a gender issue. Any one who would propose to cheat with me automatically cancels any hypothetical attraction.
    RP met the wrong girl. He’s young. It was a gift to find out now…

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