Beta Idle

For some reason this is STIL being debated on various blogs. I posted about it LOOOOOOONG ago. Spoke to one of the guys who runs a blog about it today in g-chat land and I el-oh-el’d.

One of his readers called him a beta. OH NOOOOOEZ!!!!!!

Personally, if ANYONE calls me beta on the other more “less female friendly” sites- I giggle. Most of the time that guys are slinging the dreaded “B” word, they’re doing so anonymously on “locker room sites.” GEE, what a bad ass. I’ve always loved the intarwebz meme “arguing on the internet is like running in the special olymipcs. Even if you win- you’re still retarded.” Mean spirited, YES. Funny- TOTALLY. Look, I have an AWFUL sense of humor. I make some of the most disgusting, racist, misogynistic, misandric, jokes you will EVER hear. NO ONE is safe from my fury. My mexican gf’s have been the butt of MANY ethnic jokes. Most of which, I grew up with in my family. “Danny, are you REALLY Mexican?” I usually reply by refencing the fact that I have an uncle who’s 16. If you’re Latino, you GET THAT JOKE!!!!!! Look, as GOD-AWFUL as my jokes are, they’re just that….JOKES. I actually speak IRL to MANY of my readers, they can confirm my base sense of humor. Well….back when I was going to x-ray school I was living in San Deezy, Ca. I was out there for about a year. On 2 separate occassions, the Ex from Japan (Nancy) came to SD for a class (the ship sent her). Well, as I’m sure you realize, in x-ray school, it’s one big locker room and my humor was a BIG hit- with the girls as well as the guys. One girl in particular was VERY green to alpha/male/locker room toilet humor. I almost made her puke when we first started the class by going into how I “ate a hooker’s asshole” while she was suffering from IBS. Which NEVER happened, but she dry heaved and AAAAAAALL the class exploded in laughter. I was quite impressed. 2 months later, that same girl was a TROOPER. We broke her in.

Well, Nancy was in SD and was spending the weekend with me. The girl I almost made puke (Amanda) sees me and her and comes over to say hello. Once Amanda realized Nancy was the ex she lit up, “OMG, please tell me what Danny’s like….” Nancy stopped her right away. “He’s a teddy-bear. Seriously. He’s never “punched me in the throat or kicked me in cunt. It’s all just an act.”

This actually SURPRISED Amanda. She looked at me stunned. It was CLASSIC. I rolled my eyes and told her, “Do you really think I’d be alive if I were actually that big a sociopathicc jizzbag. I’d be locked up.” The moral to this little yarn is that 99% of the day, I’m on what I call, “Beta-Idle”. Seriously, I’m typically, sunny, eager to laugh and make a joke, and accomadating to most people.

The core of what “game” I know (which I learned from EE GADS- MY MOM), is simply self-respect and self-worth. It’s RARE for my “alpha” side to emerge. VERY Rare. I think most guys that look at being “beta” are looking WAAAAAAAY too deeply in the ‘phere labeling (and there’s no getting away from it….srslee). Well guess what.

I’m a beta. But cross the line (male or female) and guess what….you run the possiblility of SEVERE consequences that I react to based on the “offense”. Most of the time you simply get ignored. You can ALWAYS tell if I don’t like someone. How?

I ignore them. I don’t joke, I don’t offer favors, or my opinion (if they seek it).

So go ahead and call me beta, I’ll happily agree. If you think beta’s CAN’T attract (and KEEP) a girl in a state of perpetual tingle. Please feel free to ask a few of my female reader’s (some of whom I’ve NEVER MET) if it’s a true. I’m sure they’ll happiliy oblige.

Stay up.

27 Comments on “Beta Idle”

  1. Danny,
    Thus alpha/beta thing IS confusing, no? I think people use these terms according to their own personal definitions and it gets confusing for everyone else who has to decipher their meaning. There is a sub-discussion about this between two men on my recent post right now. I am trying to keep out of it, but it is nonetheless a good discussion to have.
    And I see it’s not just women who are confused about this…many men have opposing views on just what is alpha and what is beta…

    To me, any man I like is ‘alpha’ even if he has a lot of ‘beta’ qualities… 🙂

    And yet the same man might be called ‘beta’ by another woman (or even himself) simply because that is the label they prefer.

  2. Athor Pel says:

    All the men I’ve known that were good with women also truly loved them in that they enjoyed women’s company. They loved women for what they were. They did not hold some ideal in their head of what a woman should be that contradicted their true nature.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      I will withdraw attention from ANYONE who disrespects me or is generally unappreciative of the effort I put into being cool with them.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Stingray says:

        This is the whole thing in a nutshell, isn’t it? A man’s attention is his to give away. It’s there for others to earn, especially women. If he gives it to anyone without regard, then people (again, especially women) simply don’t want it.

  3. Heartless says:

    I think Athol has the best idea of the whole alpha/beta thing.

  4. Jim says:

    There is no such thing as alpha or beta. Problem with much of this crap being discussed out there is that it doesn’t account for modern liberal indoctrination. That it’s falsely assumed this is the natural order of things when it’s really not. Remember that men are taught early on they are bad and their sexuality is to be controlled. That right there does more damage, along with the single mother homes that destroy their masculinity than anything else. Yet since the advent of free online porn, women aren’t being raped in the streets like was presumed by the big top feminist. They are being discounted and disconnected because of it. And only because it’s the last outlet left where men can release their natural sexuality without guilt.

    When men are indoctrinated that they should “feel” lucky for getting sex when in reality it should be the other way around considering just the amount of money women spend on make up alone, most men are handicapped. And many do not escape it. Shame on society for it.

  5. Marellus says:

    It makes you wonder how much : “A Sense of Humor” = “Game”.

    • Jim says:

      How about “balls” and being indifferent and not taking things personally? Or if you’re with someone having, and this is ridiculous to even fathom, the courage to stand up for yourself.

      All I know is the other day the battery in my car died and the guy who gave me a jump was petrified at the thought of being late to pick his wife up. Instead of calling her up and saying he might be late because he was helping out, he was rushing and nervous as hell to get going. Many men out there are so totally helpless.

      • Marellus says:

        … Good evening, am I speaking Mrs. Jenkins ? … That’s good to hear … Mrs. Jenkins, I am Mr. Jenkins, and I am calling on behalf of your husband … Why Mrs. Jenkins, I’m flattered that you would compare my voice to that of your husband … Now Now Mrs. Jenkins, keep this up, and I am going to tell my Mrs. Jenkins, about you, Mrs. Jenkins …

        … My wife is also a very feisty woman Mrs. Jenkins … Really Mrs. Jenkins ? … So you’re still insisting that you’re my Mrs. Jenkins, Mrs. Jenkins ? … When did you last go to the Zoo, Mrs. Jenkins ? … Can you hear the lions roaring Mrs. Jenkins ? … And do you know why the lions are so quiet Mrs. Jenkins ?

        … It’s because my Mrs. Jenkins went into their cage, and told them to shut up, Mrs. Jenkins.

        … and now I have a message from your Mr Jenkins, Mrs. Jenkins … Are you done, Mrs. Jenkins ? … Your Mr. Jenkins has told me to tell you, that he is helping someone jump-start a car Mrs. Jenkins … Yes, he will be a bit late Mrs. Jenkins … Which Mr. Jenkins are you referring to Mrs. Jenkins ?

        … Really Mrs. Jenkins ? … I am a happily married man, Mrs Jenkins … You’ve discombobulated me, Mrs. Jenkins … Goodbye Mrs. Jenkins.

        And then you text this to her :


      • dannyfrom504 says:

        yeah, i run into these types os “men” as well. and it’s funny, yet sad to me. but for me, i’m not going to dwell on what OTHERS do, i’ll focus on what i choose to do and how to act.

        like i’ve said, it’s easy to point fingers and criticize, it’s hard to set an example.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      humor is my bread and butter. before i even think of escalating, i make a woman laugh a few times. then compliment her laugh/smile as being “really cute”.

  6. Jacquie says:

    I’ve seen different definitions and references of the whole Beta and Alpha subject, enough to leave it quite confusing when engaging in a discussion until I understand how it is being used at the moment.
    All I see in this post is overall confidence. That makes it puzzling to me why use the term ‘beta’. I agree that game is essentially self-respect and self-worth; isn’t that ‘alpha’?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      interesting you say that. another blogger (who runs what some would call a “meaner” man’s site. was discussing this post on the phone with me and mentioned that this IS alpha. that my general attitude is one where i keep the pack in check without having to be abusive, yet hold other’s accountable.

      • Stingray says:

        Yep. All this alpha asshole stuff is malarky. Women will go to the asshole/cad as it is a mimicry of the real thing. Alpha does not need to be mean, it’s simply an easier way to get there. What you do, is very alpha and it’s what women fall all over themselves, for. As you know.

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          ST- Well honestly, my behavior isn’t geared towards impressing anyone. The blog just serves as an expression of how I interact with women and people in general.

          I appreciate the compliment Love.

          Sent from my iPhone

    • Stingray says:

      my behavior isn’t geared towards impressing anyone.

      Well, yeah. That’s why we like it so well. You couldn’t care less if you impress us or not. It’s what you decide. Very alpha. Men enjoy being lead by you as well, I bet. People go out of there way to work for you? They want to earn your respect and when you give it, they wish to keep it, yes? Alpha.

      Alpha does not equal cad. Never has. Cads simply have some alpha qualities that they use to their own advantage and to no one else’s. You use your alpha qualities for your self and for those you deem worthy. Very powerful stuff. You make people want to be worthy.

      • dannyfrom504 says:


        Flattery will get you everywhere.

        I have posted about my looking after co-workers. As a leader my job is provide an environment the fosters their success an make the best possible work conditions. My guys bust their ass, and when they do, I reward them- usually with time off when it’s slow.

        That’s the Navy I came up in.

        Sent from my iPhone

    • Stingray says:

      My guys bust their ass, and when they do, I reward them- usually with time off when it’s slow.

      Of course they do, and of course you do. It’s who you are, Danny.

  7. Athor Pel says:

    I got a question for folks. Is it normal where you live to have direct eye contact when you meet and then greet someone out in public? And why do you think that is?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      make eye contact and shake hands. out here most women will NOT make eye contact when they have a certain amount of respect/attraction to a man. when meeting a man, i ALWAYS shake his hand firmly and look right in his eyes.

  8. The Navy Corpsman says:

    It’s kinda funny, Danny…. I really didn’t know much about this stuff six months ago, when I first started reading the ‘social interactions’ websites in search of answers to my questions. I suppose I was ‘alpha’ by certain definitions in my youth; I also can tell you that I never have given a ratsass one way or another. For some, it’s a competitive thing, for others, it’s just labels.

    For me, it’s a bit boring. But, I’m twenty years out of practice in attracting (or more) a woman. I have very long hair, uncut for 15 years now… and last week, a woman walked right up to the wife and myself and told me

    “I hate you.” (!?!?!)

    Having had this kind of comment before, I knew immediately what it was about, and I simply replied

    “It’s good to know what you don’t like.”

    Ten minutes of apologies later, my wife and I strolled away, in the shopping mall. She said to me, as we moved out of earshot, “You know that was a bad attempt at a flirt, in front of me, right?”

    My answer?

    “I don’t really care what she was attempting.”

    Alpha? Beta? Who cares?

    The Navy Corpsman

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