The Girls are Bringing It.

Look, i know i get a decent amount of female traffic. well, i don’t really go to a lot of the guys sites. WHY- well, i don’t really need guys’ advice on women. BUT…..i do like reading the input from the Red Pill ladies. they really lay it out there well. and…to any single women trying to figure out what keeps a man in state of perpetual “take care of her, keep her safe, provide for her…” i link the red pill ladies for a reason- they love, adore, and respect their men. plus, it’s good to get reinforcement that there are women out there that truly appreciate the men in their lives. God bless you ladies.


well……there’s a new woman on the blog-ho stroll. Jacquie . her most recent posts are fucking GOLD. ladies…..this is a woman that get’s it. read and learn. Jac- yer a good a egg Dear.


4 Comments on “The Girls are Bringing It.”

  1. Athor Pel says:

    Back in the early days of online social interaction it became a cliche’ that any time someone self-identified as a female that most of the time they really weren’t. There were very few real women online in those early days.

    Even in the face of empirical evidence that those percentages have changed over time, with women making up a bit more than 40% of online gamers for example, I still tend to disbelieve.

    So it is with self-identified red-pill women, I tend to not believe it.

    It is easy to write something on the internets, it is hard to live it.

    But it is a good thing to see the advocation of red-pill ideology by self-identified women because it gets the fence sitters to rethink how they view the world and it turns unconscious blue pill eaters into fence sitters with a red pill in their hand.

    Anytime someone, man or woman, can be counciled to begin feeling some gratitude and practicing some humility is a good thing. Kill the pride, seek repentance.

  2. Jacquie says:

    Thank you, Danny. I consider this a high compliment. I just believe in calling things as I see them.

    @Athor Pel,

    I’m not exactly sure what you were doubting in your comment; that I’m a female or whether I get the red-pill thinking.

    I am the first to agree with you that it is far easier to write about something than it is to live it out. I am also the first to admit that what I write I don’t live out…100%. That only happens in a perfect world. I fail more often than I get it right…recognizing it, learning from it, and moving forward is where the most success lies. If you get it right in your brain, then achieving it will eventually follow. Thomas Edison failed how many times before he found success with the light bulb? And IIRC Milton Hershey failed numerous times in business, including confectionary, before building the candy empire we know of today.

    I will get it wrong…a lot; in knowing that, I have the greater likelihood of reaching the end result I desire. Thank you for being skeptical…you should be…we should all question what we observe around us…it also gives me a little added motivation to push myself a little harder.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      And now you know why I link this woman.

      No man would ever post as she just did. She’s taking a stance of a submissiveness. She’s replying in a girly manner.

      And she’s a girl.

      Sent from my iPhone

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