Alpha Humans

i know i need to tread this line carefully. i KNOW the red-pill women will see the truth and wisdom in what you’re about to read. i’m VERY good at raising a dog, AND….i’m VERY good at nurturing a relationship with a female. now, a woman is NOT a dog. BUT, the psychology behind what you’re going to read is very applicable the “capt and first mate” dynamic. the behavior mentioned works not only on a dog, but also on the women (IF she’s taken the red pill) in your life.

i expect i’ll pretty much be crucified for this post, but fuck it. anyone that knows shit about relationships can see the wisdom here. and if you hate me for this post…..Brody says, “FUCK OFF!!!!!!”

at the very least….those of your that own dogs will be a little better at raising/keeping one. Brody is a very happy member go my “pack”.


You hear time and again that you must be dominant over your dog. What does that mean, anyway? A lot of people mistake that as meaning you must be bossy, pushy, harsh and even go so far as getting angry when the dog does something wrong. This is a very incorrect assumption. Let’s take a look at the dictionary definition of the word “dominant.”

1. ruling, governing, or controlling; having or exerting authority or influence: dominant in the chain of command.
2. occupying or being in a commanding or elevated position.
3. predominant; main; major; chief: Corn is the dominant crop of Iowa.
4. Genetics. of or pertaining to a dominant.
5. Music. pertaining to or based on the dominant: the dominant chord.

Nowhere in the definition does it explain how you reach this position. Being dominant over your dog does not mean you should be mean to your dog. It means you must communicate to the dog who the leader is going to be. Pack leaders are not aggressive, angry or bossy. Lower members of the pack are not fearful of the pack leader, but rather respectful. The pack leader is the stronger minded being, calm but very firm. Pack leaders set rules and they expect them to be followed; they set boundaries and they expect them not to be crossed; they place limits on what the others are allowed and not allowed to do and they expect everyone to stay within the limits. Pack leaders are not dominant-aggressive, they are calm-assertive.

Dogs need a dominant, alpha leader; a being who is calm and very strong-minded. Dogs instinctually crave this leadership and guidance. Size means nothing. It is all about energy, all about how the being is feeling inside. Unstable humans make unstable dogs. A human who lacks confidence will not have a dog who listens to their commands.

If you find yourself correcting your dog with anger, you are not being a good pack leader. Your dog should never fear you. You are looking for respect from your dog, not fear. When a dog respects you it will happily want to follow you. One cannot accomplish this respect using fear and aggression.

In order to be alpha over a dog you must make the dog understand what it is you are communicating to it. This means you have to stop thinking human and start thinking dog. How would one dog tell another dog what it wanted? Do they start yelling and screaming at one another? No, dogs do not talk, yell or scream, so this logically would not be the answer. Being a dog is a very instinctual, natural thing. When a dog is treated like a human or a little toy the dog can either lose, or often never learn, their real sense of being. This can cause catastrophic damage to them mentally and emotionally. So many people corrupt their dogs in this way that we humans start seeing the resulting abnormal behaviors as dog traits, when really they are disturbed or unstable dogs.

Puppymill pups often have unstable mothers and unstable dogs around them. The dogs are locked in cages where there is not enough room to act on their natural instincts. The mother dogs are often fearful. Since the mother dog is not stable she is not able to naturally teach her pups the way a stable dog would. These pups never learn major keys to the instinct of being a canine animal. It is like a baby squirrel not having a mother to teach it how to survive out in the wilderness; the lessons are not being passed down from one animal to the next. Puppymill dogs often come with pre-existing issues that are NOT breed traits but results of unfortunate upbringings. The dogs lose their natural balance, and you as their owner need to bring it back for them.

Then there are the dogs that were born to good breeders with stable canine mothers. These pups are off to a good start until they get home with their new families who, with all good intentions, treat them like little babies. They do not teach the pup the rules or give them boundaries and limitations; everything the pup does is “cute” and laughed at. They are not taught to properly walk on a lead while they are young. They are not taken for daily walks. They are not taught to follow. They are not properly communicated with. They are treated so much like a human that they begin to lose parts of their natural instinct. These instincts are not lost forever, just unable to be used because the resources around them are all wrong for the animal, so the dog becomes unstable. However the owners still do not recognize that the dog is unstable; the dog is assumed to have these quirky traits, when really the dog is going crazy inside. Dogs were not meant to be little humans. They are little canines.

Even worse, there are puppymill pups that were never taught from their mothers how to be a dog, and then brought home to humans who toss more of the same onto them. Again, since it is instinct we are talking about, even these dogs are not necessarily lost forever, they can be helped if the humans take the time to learn what the dog needs as a canine animal and to provide it.

Our job as dog owners is to give the dogs back their natural instincts. Treat them like dogs, not like little humans, so they can be the mentally-stable animal they were born to be.

Do not push your dog around, be your dog’s calm, but firm and confident leader so it can look to you for guidance, and respect will follow. Bullying does not work. Anger does not work. Being pushy does not work. Learn a dog’s body language and what it means. Learn what they are telling you with their body language. Learn how to tell things back to them in a way they naturally understand. Satisfy their natural instincts. Give them what they need to be balanced animals. Your dog is telling you a lot, are you listening?

my Son….

Me and my Child. does he look oppressed? and his LAZER EYE is active. lol.



my Son crashed out next to me. he was playing with his ball, then he racked out. PLEASE TELL ME he’s not adorable.






21 Comments on “Alpha Humans”

  1. sosweet2362 says:

    Spot on again Danny. Keep it up!

    “Do not push your dog around, be your dog’s calm, but firm and confident leader so it can look to you for guidance, and respect will follow. Bullying does not work. Anger does not work. Being pushy does not work.”

    Respect = willing and happy submission

  2. Songirl says:

    A few things that your posts have made me think of since I “met” your blog so recently;

    Some background-I am a clinical therapist and former special Education teacher/guidance counsellor/social worker. I used to investigate child abuse and homicide. I help people. I’ve seen the best and worst of humanity. People rely on my advice about kids and human behavior. I need to be careful with this analogy, but sometimes, especially dog lovers, will get it when you explain the pack mentality and how your dogs behavior relies heavily on your unspoken energy. Dogs can teach us a lot about parenting.

     Any kid will tell you they size up the substitute teacher in the first ten seconds they walk into the room and decide who is going to be in charge, before they have uttered a single word. Some of this can be taught, but I suspect a lot of the qualities of an Alpa are innate. You have it, or you don’t. 

    The themes of submission are interesting as well, and weave seamlessly into ideology about leadership. Anyone who has worked on a team understands this. Alpha or not, if you are on a team somebody has to have the final word or move the unit in a particular direction. Even if you are naturally confident and self-directing, you will set aside this nature in deference to an effective leader and trust them to make the right decisions. I suspect this deep understanding is what helps you survive an organization like the military, Danny. You are clearly a leader, but submit your authority to your superiors in that particular environment. They didn’t take it from you- you give it, because that’s how it works.

    This example is how I understand submission in a relationship like marriage. It only works when the leader is worthy of that trust, and the led freely gives their obeisance. Not to get preachy, but there is a scripture that talks about how the husband should love their wife like Christ loves the church. Who could resist bowing down in front of such complete, competent devotion? It is no sacrifice. It’s the natural order when your are loved completely by someone you can trust who always has your best interests at heart. Similarly, a man of quality is not going to invest this sort of devotion (and potential offspring) to a vapid idiot. A quality woman is someone a man can come home to, and trust her wise counsel when elicited, because she knows his heart and he can lay his burdens in her arms, trusting she will hold him until he’s ready to pick himself up again. 

    Where this breaks down is when people pick and choose the parts they want to observe and selfishly hold back or take the authority without posessing the qualities that merit it. 

    The manosphere blogs are full of rules, and dissappointments, and games, and sadness I am relieved to see the absence of here. Quality women are raised by quality men and women (or we raise ourselves when our parents are broken, right?). I am an optimist, or I wouldn’t be a counsellor, but you cannot make anyone who approaches adulthood realize any of these things. They have to do it for themselves. So when I see posts that focus on explaining to men how many minutes they should wait for a woman they are on a date with to put away her phone before they leave, I just shake my head. They are on a date with someone with bad manners. This is likely the wrong woman for them. Bad behavior is a gift. It reveals a lot about someone you might not find out until much later otherwise. This is not a male, female problem. It’s a humanity problem. 
    While I am on a roll, can I tell you what terrifies me? The factions that observe human behavior in order to exploit it. Not everyone is taught to respect themselves. So when older guys aggressively seek out young women to bed and abandon, I feel sad. They might say these “stupid sluts” don’t deserve their respect…but there is a certain abuse of that natural leadership that is exploiting a vulnerability of character or situation and turning a woman into exactly what is despised. Just being a woman doesn’t make you better than a man, but respect for everyone preserves the humanity in all of us.  

    The holy grail is the virgin goodgirl. The “Game” is a belt notch. I suspect a lot of the negativity towards women is a natural side effect of hanging out with the kind of women who men have already eliminated as LTR potential anyway (maybe even because they WILL sleep with them).

    In the event anything I have said feels weighted unfairly towards women, let me say I am the mother of a son and a daughter. I spent many hours as a highschool guidance counsellor listening to adolescent boys sob about the treatment they have recieved from insensitive and cruel teen girls. No one taught them they were worthy and how to respect themselves. They lack, as a group, the social supports girls get from their nurturing, talkative peers. So they came to tell me in private, thinking they are all alone. Your blog creates a place for guys to support each other. That’s a good thing. Thank you for also welcoming a few good women to add some sympathetic insights, for what they’re worth.

    That is probably more than enough. Suffice it to say it is great writing that inspires you to think and respond. Thanks again,

  3. Jacquie says:

    Great post, Danny. Only those who read it superficially will want to trash you. The one’s that think and use their brain for something other than a filler between their ears will see the message and comprehend its meaning. A lot of truth in those words.

  4. Athor Pel says:

    I can personally testify to what a willful avoidance of a dominant attitude is able to do to a male-female relationship. I can definitely say it was the one thing I did, or failed to do rather, that led to the destruction of my marriage.

  5. Stingray says:

    Meh, to those who would disparage this post. Women should be thrilled if they get the same treatment and love as so many men give their dogs. The saying “A man’s best friend” is popular for a reason.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Thanks Love. I read and realized the wisdom in relationships a long time ago. I never posted it because I figured it would be viewed as so misogynistic.

      But I LOVE Brody. And I KNOW he’s content with being my dog. Matter of fact…..

      He’s lying on my lap now. I can’t even relate how much I love his goofy ass. Now imagine…

      How do you think that translates to my WOMAN???!!!! Hmmmm….

  6. Athor Pel says:

    I saved a comment I found on another blog, Vox Day’s blog to be specific.

    I won’t quote the whole thing just the important part.

    “E. PERLINE July 18, 2012 1:05 PM

    A real man always conveys the impression that he could guide a woman through life effortlessly, yet–although he adores women–he really doesn’t need them.

    That’s it.

    Sound familiar?

    Oh, and E. PERLINE is either 87 or 97 years old, I forget which. So he should know what he’s talking about.

  7. allamagoosa says:

    I can confirm from my work with horses (and dogs) that this is all true. Being firm, calm, and quiet does so much for an animal. Correcting out of anger achieves nothing but fear and resentment from the animal. Nagging and constant harassment will cause the animal to resent you as well. Correct what needs to be corrected, and praise what needs to be praised.

  8. Spacetraveller says:

    I am not sure how we lost the plot so much since the 60s/70s. But lose the plot we did. Any metaphors that help us find our way home are welcome. Even if they are not pretty.

  9. just visiting says:

    Aww, too cute. Great post!

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  11. Angeline says:

    Wonderful post. It is a wonderful, blessed thing to have a strong, calm, firm leader, who knows where he’s going and wants you along.

    And Brody is saying, “This is my ball. My pretty red ball. MY ball. Sleep now zzzzz”

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