Into the Locker Room: Fight Night- Almost….

i almost got into a fight tonight. i WANTED to get into a fight tonight. i’m writing this with sheer aggression coursing through my veins.  here’s the tale.

i was at my local. there were people sitting in my section, so i sat where i could fit in (well away from my section). there were about 4 guys and 2 women. all persons were in their 40’s. well the guys were totally kissing the women’s asses. seriously. it was sickening. i couldn’t help but overhear the comments from the group and most of them (from the guys) gave me douche chills. now- what got me, was the fact that “game ” was being thrown around by all the guys. as in- “i got no game” blah blah blah.

well eventually the women left and i, feeling bad for the guys, mention the website. what ensued was a relentless goading from them over about 5 minutes about anything and everything “having a website”. well, before they started this they mentioned “we’re good, game is just an inside joke for us.”

cool. have a great night guys.

but that wasn’t the end of it. they kept up with “there’s a website for that” jokes relentlessly over the next five minutes. i finally chimed in after one of the jokes came out (and it was one guy basically making all the jokes), “yeah, there is a website for that. it’s ‘’.” AAAAAALL the guys responded with “WOOOOOOAH!!!!! easy guy.” i looked over at them and said, “you wanna be funny, i’ll be funnier.” they responded that they never used profanity.

WOW. typical passive aggressive shithead omega men. they goad a man with ridicule and when they’re met with REAL male aggression they cower. i left it at that and went back to my food. well, that kept making “there are website’s for that” comments. i had had enough. i pounded my fist into the bar, took off my glasses and chain and stared right at them. by this point the Bartender (a friend btw) walked over and asked me what was going on. i explained the situation to him and told him i was one comment away from tell dickbag that we need to discuss websites outside.

well, after the glasses came off…the jokes ceased. but it was too late. i was WELL in the red, i wanted blood. i wanted to fight. i can only be pushed for so long before i react. and i was reacting. i tried to collect myself as i noticed they were leaving. look they were drunk, i get that so i REALLY tried to let it go. and they left without any incident. but that didn’t quell my anger.

i didn’t even finish my beer. the Bartender was cool and got my story and attributed it to them being drunk (he knows i blog btw). he was doing basic peacekeeping. well, i don’t shit where i eat, so i WORKED to not escalate to an actual fight but…..

i fight. where i come from, it’s EXPECTED from a man to fight. that’s the world i grew up in and exist in. BUT….most men nowadays, DON’T fight. it’s not “socially acceptable”. i’m not surprised the guys (and there were 4) backed down. all they did was comment on my using profanity (when there were ZERO children in the establishment) rather than escalating. and trust me i upped the ante BIG TIME. what did they do?

nothing. they backed down. and please note, ALL THE GUYS were WAAAAY bigger than me. it’s kinda sad actually. these guys would never be welcome at my camp.

songs that stoke my aggressive side….


the black flag shirt in the first pic (first video), is the same one i own. rollins owns. i should note that i also adore the smiths and many shoe gazer bands. the vids above just speak to my “fighting” side. and said side is very real. i need it to protect me woman and resources. i’ll fight to the death to protect mine. oh, the song “war zone” was always one a have of my Marines.

23 Comments on “Into the Locker Room: Fight Night- Almost….”

  1. Vicomte says:

    It wasn’t until I spent an amount of time around certain less-than-privileged members of society that I realized that some people actually take ‘mother’ jokes very seriously.

    I always thought it was a sort of meta-joke, as in making fun of the idea that ‘your momma’ jokes were actually offensive (because no one takes that seriously, right?).

    Some people do. And they will fight over it.

    I rarely speak of mothers anymore.

    I don’t have to. There’s a website for that.

    im sorry

  2. Phoenix says:

    A guy who doesn’t swear has to ask where he left his penis.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      the thing is, i’m sure they swear. but when i used profanity, they backed down. they KNEW i had escalated. and none of them were up to the fight.

      and i was READY to fight.

  3. sosweet2362 says:

    Sounds like that happened right about the time I was making cookies. Chocolate chips make everything better. You’re not allergic to pecans are you? I’ll pack some up for you.

    Sorry about those assholes Danny. I’m glad you kept your cool. They wouldn’t have been worth the effort.

  4. Jim says:

    What we’ve got here is failure to communicate. Some men you just can’t reach, so you get what we had here last week which is the way he wants it. Well, he gets it. And I don’t like it any more than you men.

  5. Marellus says:

    Just how pervasive is “Game” in your area nowadays ?

  6. Not sure why you bothered getting angry with them. They were morons. Must be a guy thing.

    • Vicomte says:

      It’s the repetition.

      Anyone can shrug off one or two jabs. But four rounds of constant jabbing will mess you up.

      Danny was going for the liver.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      You push me…..I push back. And that guy knew he was being a dick.

      I just called him out on it. And he folded. YES….it’s a guy thing Dear.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Infantry says:

        And because he folded, he had to have those last couple of jabs where they kept making the website joke AFTER you called them out on it.

        Its like the guy that backs down from a fight and runs off down the street before shouting out further insults. They can’t just let it go. Their self esteem and manhood is at stake so they have to have parting jabs which flare things up again. From the outside its moronic, buts its a reflexive irrational response.

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          Dude, had I done this in NO, the guy would’ve rushed me.

          Sad thing is….most “men” are total pussies when it come to fighting. I HATE fighting, but I realize it’s something that I must embrace.

          It’s part of the protective side us men provide. Call it what you want, but a woman ALWAYS feels safer and more comforted when she knows her man can/will defend her if danger arises.

          Sent from my iPhone

  7. ASF says:

    “well eventually the women left and i, feeling bad for the guys…”

    No good deed goes unpunished. Most guys do NOT want help with game because to want it is to admit that they may not be as good with women as they think they are.

    Only guys who seek out help on their own are worth helping.

    • aneroidocean says:

      Damn, the truth hurts. This is something I have to remind myself as a guy that has been taught all my life to be nice. You have to be very choosy about who you’re nice to.

  8. The Navy Corpsman says:

    Just wanted to say, I saw Black Flag back in 1981, just after Rollins joined the band. They had performed in a bar that was very strict on carding for 21 year olds, so I could not get in, but then my buddy saw Cardena behind the bar, and we told him we could not get in. He got the other band members outside, and they asked us if there was someplace they could play that would allow their younger fans to see a short show. My buddy volunteered his house, his parents were gone on a trip.

    Long story short, we squeezed 200+ people into the house and had the greatest time of our lives. Rollins let people sing with him who knew the lyrics and I got to play guitar with Black Flag on Nervous Breakdown! They were touring to support the album they had just released, Damaged, which is now considered a punk tour-de-force.

    I was mostly deaf for three days afterwards, and could not wipe the grin off my face.

    The Navy Corpsman

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  10. Pip says:

    You seem a little brittle. Tough as stone and can take a tremedous beating but fracturing too easily from tension.

    On another note, try Slayer’s cover of “Sick Boy.”

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i remember you from Deti’s site. how long how you been reading my blog Dear?

      but let’s cut to the chase…..

      how am i brittle girl? please explain. i don’t claim to be perfect or indestructible; but brittle? please…..details.

      • Pip says:

        “i remember you from Deti’s site. how long how you been reading my blog Dear?”

        Dunno. A couple of times in the last week through the links at other mano(war)sphere sites or on Susan’s site. Puttering through the manosphere is this season’s Six-Month Obsession for the Red Queen. Something else will replace it soon enough.

        “how am i brittle girl? please explain. i don’t claim to be perfect or indestructible; but brittle? please…..details.”

        You’re not a brittle girl. Just negging you with a sh*t test. You failed. Let it go. 🙂

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