A Special Gift to SpaceTraveller….

since she’s so into “auditory cues”, i thought i’d throw her this little bundle of ear goodies.

my families native language. enjoy Love. welcome to cajun country. oh, and a fais-do-do is a Cajun dance party.

and finally…..throwing myself under the bus. and yes, NOW you know why i say i have the sex appeal of rectal cancer.

that’s where i come from love. french and mexican. and YES…..i do have family that speaks primarily french.

22 Comments on “A Special Gift to SpaceTraveller….”

  1. Vicomte says:

    ‘Stop licking me Brody’ plus angle of camera



    I was waiting for you to say ‘dem gatahs is bitin todee’.

  2. Just1X says:

    I spent a few years in the south of France. A couiple of guys laughed at me, saying that if I got good (never did) other French people would find my regional (PACA) accent strange. I told them that if anyone ever said I had a southern French accent it would make my millenium. En effet, j’ai un accent catastrophique. Heureusement, un accent anglais marche bien pour les femmes francaises. En plus de quattre-vingt percent des gens francais qui me parle sont amusant, c’est un truc tres efficace pour trouver les amis.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Yeah. I speak Spanish and Italian. Lol

      I don’t speak French. But I have many family members that do.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Just1X says:

        I was watching a film in french some months ago, using the english subtitles but listening to see if I could reconcile what I heard to what I read. After a few minutes I was scratching my head, what’s up with the accents? something not ‘right’ here…I checked and it was a french canadian movie. Unfortunately it wasn’t a very good movie (for plot reasons) so I didn’t watch much. The accent was somewhat of a draw for me, it was interesting.

        It was the first time I’d heard a quebecois accent, big kick in the ear. The Canadian girl above is right about her accent, (I’m no expert, but) I can hear that she’s speaking in her second language (the word flow is off a bit) but the accent isn’t far off french French (to my tin ear).

        I’ve caught a few swamp people episodes and loved catching a few words in French (a father saying to his son that he made him proud IIRC), if I ever get over that way, I’ll be seeing if I can find some locals to have a conversation with, preferably over beer and shrimp. Alcohol lubricates a foreign conversation (up to a certain point).

        The other thing that surprised me was their ability to reliably (that I saw) kill the gators with just one shot. Their brains aren’t very big and the rifles weren’t either, plus the target was moving a lot. Do they use expanding ammunition, or are the rounds of a higher calibre than I realise? (which doesn’t sound like a great idea when using in a boat) – enquiring minds and all that

      • Just1X says:

        I notice that the lady above says, “je veux que tu” to her father, which given her age wouldn’t be likely in France, “je voudrais que vous” would be more polite and more respectful. I guess living a hard life in rough country causes a few fripperies to be discarded… πŸ™‚

        I love the switching between languages and accents within sentences shown in the vids, it’s what happens when I torture la belle langue francaise.

    • Just1X says:

      oops I meant amused by me, then they smile and have a conversation ensues. My accent acting as a social lubricant.

  3. Spacetraveller says:

    Thank you Danny, this is such a nice collection of French accents.
    Way to go with the Cajun accent too.
    You totally got me with the auditory thing. Stop, I am CATHOLIC!*

    Just1X, you are absolutely right about the Quebecois accent. Over in Suisse Romande (the french-speaking part of Switzerland), there are lots of Quebecois and the local Suisse people either love or hate their accent. Me, I have grown to love it simply because I hear it rather a lot (they are the coolest people around – a bit like young Aussies and South Africans in London).
    But you think, ‘huh, what’s THAT?’ when you hear it for the first time. Mind you, the French always complain that the Swiss french accent is not exactly pretty either. Which is sadly the accent I have acquired lol. If you think Norfolk accent, you’ll know what I mean…

    Danny, you know how I feel about your voice and your glasses πŸ˜‰
    See above *

    Did Brody put you up to this?

    • Marellus says:

      …. mind elaborating on the Aussies and South Africans in London ? How are they alike ? And how do they differ ? What makes them so cool then ?

      • Just1X says:

        My guess is that Quebecois sounds to the French in a similar way to how the Aussies and South Africans sound to the English. Understandable but a bit exotic, the vocab can vary a bit but is usually comprehensible from the context. Dunny, Chook, Ga-la (sp?). To me it isn’t a love or hate thing, but it is noticeable YMMV

        Hopefully I’m not putting unwanted words in ST’s mouth

      • Spacetraveller says:

        Marellus, they are cool because they are usually young people travelling round Europe and stop off in big cities like London to work in bars/hotels/hospitals/clubs – usually people-orientated jobs. They are usually care-free and slightly ‘hippy-like’ and yes, their accents, as Just1X says below are ‘exotic’. They are also usually outdoor types and fit-looking compared to the Brits lol. The Quebecois youngsters seem to be the french equivalent.

    • Just1X says:

      yeah, I toned down my actual initial reaction for the comment, but I did find it interesting to listen to. The cajun accents in the clips were more attractive, even though the audio quality was a bit variable. I live in the oo-arr region of the UK, maybe that’s why it resonates better with me?

      At the end of the day I’m not criticising any of the accents, just reflecting on them. I have no right to criticise anyone else’s accent as I believe that I sound rather like Officer Crabtree in French. I suspect you get the ref.

  4. Vicomte says:

    Accents are interesting in how difficult it can be to understand two people speaking the same language.

    I ran into a couple guys from New Zealand once. If it was a movie, I would have needed subtitles. South African accents are somewhat nauseous.

    I can’t encounter anything Quebecois without thinking David Foster Wallace and les assassins.

    I met a guy from Quebec and tried to explain to him what I knew about Quebec en francais. Which went like:

    Oui! J’ai un…uh…livre? C’est un David Foster Wallace. Il ecrivent avec le Quebec des choses. Il est tres bonheuresement. Je pense a la ce il avec le Quebec. Voila les terroristes en les fauteil rollents. Ils sont tres mal.

    Uh, mon francais est tres….uh…pauvre. Je regrette.


    I probably sounded like Danny in his cajun accent.

    • Just1X says:

      The French I talked to had particular problems with the South African accent – just didn’t work for them. I’ve never had a insurmountable problem, but could see how others could.

      It takes a fair amount of guts, or a good sense of humour, to try a foreign language. Bon courage!

  5. dannyfrom504 says:

    by the time i left spain, i was speaking with a slight Castillian accent. and it’s the GAYEST accent ever. you really sound like a spanish hair dresser. i guess i’ll have to post a vid of that as well.

    funny thing is….when i speak to my mexican family, i speak in a mexican accent. i’m an oddity i know.

    i reread your post in french, and for the most part i understood it.

    • Just1X says:

      well…it wasn’t perfect in the first place, so no probs. I meant to say >80% of people I talked to were amused by my accent, I think I said that they were amusing – doh!

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