Carolina Tells Women How to Win a Man

Carolina posted a series based on a 45 yo woman that posed a list of the qualities a man needs to have to win her over. carolina….being red pill minded, informed the woman that SHE needed a man more than a man needed her. it was quite a debate. start at the bottom post and work your way up.

10 Comments on “Carolina Tells Women How to Win a Man”

  1. Spacetraveller says:


    The sad part is that the woman who contests Carolina’s post KNOWS deep down that Carolina is right. That’s the saddest part.
    Introspection is your friend.
    You reflect on why things are not working out for you and listen to other people who are more successful than you in whatever you wish to progress in, and you are onto a winning streak.
    But some people refuse to do that.
    And yet wonder why others are getting ‘lucky’.

    Never is this truer than in the feminine dating world.
    I see this everyday.
    Sad, sad, sad.
    Especially as time flies…for women.

  2. The Navy Corpsman says:

    Asked my wife to evaluate me, vs this list of non-negotiables…. I apparently scored quite highly. Luckily for me, I’m already married.

    What the original list reminded me of, was quite simply a fourteen year old girl’s list of romantic ideals, without a single shred of experience in the reality of life. But, I still find the list to be reasonable, that is, she isn’t asking for unreasonable behavior. Taken as a whole, however, the list is wholly unrealistic. Any man who ticks all her boxes and tickles her box, is almost certainly married. I also agree that the original lists author spends an awful lot of time delineating her non-negotiables while barely touching on what she brings to a potential relationship. Our society has already pushed marriage from a sacred bond into a legal contract, cheapening its value immeasurably. Given that 99% of women would POUNCE on a man with such a ‘Super’ personality, the author should really start by listing HER assets, rather than demands from a man with whom she is considering a merger. I’m still trying to figure out how she can determine compliance with the list BEFORE she has entered into a relationship.

    “Here, fill out this questionnaire, preferably before we agree on a second date…”

    I’m also wondering if she believes that she meets all of her own requirements. Note that I did not personally assess my own score on this list, I asked my wife. Granted, she has a bias as well, but is probably far less blind to my faults than I would be. If the original author feels she is all of those things, and maybe more, perhaps she should get a second, unbiased opinion. Otherwise, I might suspect narcissistic personality disorder should be added to the list as a negative non-negotiable.

    The Navy Corpsman

    • Spacetraveller says:


      I am pretty sure my ‘list’ was shorter than this when I was 14 lol. Sadly, I think so was hers. Perhaps her list has grown LONGER over the years? It happens like this quite a lot. Counterproductive, but there we are…

  3. The Navy Corpsman says:

    It’s not for me nor anyone else to rain on her parade, but I do agree that putting yourself out there on the net with this kind of personal information is inviting critique. There is no real need to be harsh, and I don’t think Carolina’s critique is overly harsh, because she points out constructive ways to modify what is perceived to be unrealistic/unreasonable.

    Spacetraveler, your list was probably shorter at 14, and is possibly shorter now, than it was at 14. Sure, her list has become longer, because she has recognized that she has selected poorly in the past. People change, and so do their lists, for any given issue, because of personal experience and environmental pressures. At the very least, I give her credit for recognizing her past mistakes in selecting men for relationships. At this point, however, I don’t care if she is 21 or 49, the list she published was unrealistic. I don’t care if she is a 10 in looks and personality and owns her own liquor store, her list is unrealistic… if only for the fact that it will take her 10 years to find this perfect man, at age 21 or 49. She does not want to ‘settle’.. fantastic, for her. Except that 10 years from now, she’ll be bitter and angry at men for their natural shortcomings re: her list, and IT WILL BE THE FAULT OF THE MEN.

    Maybe she’ll be a crazy cat lady. Maybe she’ll find her superman. I honestly believe Carolina was attempting to point out the issues that such an attitude can create, for all females, regardless of age. I’ve not got the list right here in front of me, but if it’s not on there, I’d add another, for every woman and every man:

    Must have the ability to examine oneself honestly, when issues are pointed out, even if the point causes some upset.

    The Navy Corpsman

  4. Vicomte says:

    A single fifty year-old woman, regardless of upkeep, is completely and utterly fucked.

    She has nothing a younger woman couldn’t provide better, and the desirable man can easily get a woman younger than that.

    A woman’s only chance is to marry a man that loves her when she’s young, and use the collective inertia of twenty-plus years of loving marriage to inoculate against the ravages of physical time.

    Fifty is too late. You lose, madam. Good day.

    • wbotb says:

      A have one client who got married at 61 and several others who got married to quite handsome men when they were pushing 50.

  5. Senior Beta says:

    See you have her blog on your roll now Danny. Great find. The male response to the cat lady’s list of non-negotiables is the funniest thing I have read on the net in months. Will follow her like ST and others you select.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      She’s one of the good ones. I don’t really read a lot of the guy blogs, because well….I don’t need advice on women.

      But the married women blogs….YEAH. They provide a perspective I’m not familiar with.

      Sent from my iPhone

  6. Random Angeleno says:

    She can marry someone 60+, that’s about all she can hope for now.

  7. The Navy Corpsman says:

    Now THAT’S harsh.

    The Navy Corpsman

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