Playing with Girls, and The Golden Rule

Back in Japan I was at the exchange with a girl I worked with. She was a VERY cute, phillipina-white girl. She had a thing for white-boys, I knew that. She ESPECIALLY liked slightly nerdy men. Well the exchange is just a Navy word for Department Store. Wait….hold on. Back track. When she was on the ship with me she was 23 years. She had a VERY cute face, B sized breasts, but a FANTASTIC ass. And she KNEW her ass was mighty. For her birthday one year, I bought her a t-shirt that said on the front “who need tits?” and on the back it read, “When you have an ass like this?”- and an arrow pointing down ward. When she opened it up she squealed in delight. I told her, “I really don’t expect you to wear that out in town….” She jumped right in with, “I’M TOTALLY WEARING THIS DANNY!!!!”. Lol. What a good girl. Same girl had all the girls in medical chip in and buy me a t-shirt that said, “I have a dick, so I make the rules.” lol. ok. I admit, I had a slight crush on her because I knew how cool she was, but she was forbidden fruit.

This was the same girl that would “cup check” me. This is same girl whose bewbie I “HONKED” after her first spin class with another girl I worked with. This is the same girl I had to console after her bf criticized her high libido by telling her, “What’s wrong with you?” after her attempting to initiate with him a few times.

Now, she LOVED to hang out with me after her and her bf broke up. I never really understood why. Now I realize what it was: I was safe. She KNEW I’d never hit on her, BUT…we still had a lot of VERY sexual playful banter. She was as big a perv as I was so she felt free to be pervy with me BUT knew I’d never escalate. At one point (while single) I got the distinct feeling she’d have put out. But I never tried. I NEVER fuck with girls I work directly with. EVER. Bad juju. Since starting the blog I now know why she liked my company. It’s the funny, slightly cocky, confident, assertive, calm side of me she simply HAD to have in her presence. I teased and negged her incessantly. All the guys on the ship kissed her ass, I NEVER had her on a pedestal. She even made a bet with a friend that I’d NEVER sleep with her. My co-workers friend told her next time I make a sexual remark, she should act like she really DID wanna bang me. So one day, I made a comment when her and I were on duty when she stood up, said, “I can’t take this anymore Danny.” walked over towards me and as she did she unzipped her cover-alls. They dropped to the ground and she walked seductively towards me. I was perplexed. FROZEN. I meekly asked her, “Cher-Bear, wha..wha…what are you doing?” She had on her white undershirt, bra, and boy shorts. I was standing at the medical records file, she sat down, rolled the chair over to me, placed her hands on my waist, bit her lip and said, “Besides, I’ve been dying to suck your cock.” and with that, she reached for the zipper on my cover-alls. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAH!!!!!!! I stepped back saying, NO NO NO NO NO NO, Cher. Sorry.” She let out a “I WIN!!!!!!” and quickly got redressed. She explained the bet to me and I told her she had to sleep on the floor that night. You see we shared a bunk room when we’re on duty. lol.     

So, this beautiful young creature and I are at the exchange. We were on one of the aisles when 4 white boys showed up. I could just sense she was looking at them and hoping one would open. Once I confirmed she was staring. I dropped this bomb on her.

“Babe, what were those condoms we used last time that you said you really liked?” lol. Her face was one of sheer terror. I noticed the guys kind of giggle. Then I replied, “I’m just messing with you Sweetie.” Then I turned and walked away. As I walked off I said-

“We NEVER use condoms! PFFFFFFT!!!!!”

I saw the guys later while my friend was looking at DVD’s and I approached them. “Yeah, that chick you saw me with was TOTALLY eye fucking one of you. She’s NOT my gf. I actually work her. She likes one of you.” The guys laughed and one high fived me. One said, “I couldn’t work with that. I’d be all over her.” I told him, “Look little shaver, with that attitude- she’d NEVER fuck you. And I’m going to give you a little piece of advice: NEVER fuck women in your Chain of Command or that you work with directly on a daily basis.” All of the guys nodded knowingly. Told them I’d been in over 10 years and the one thing I’ve seen fuck more dudes up is getting involved with women they work with. 

“Guys, never put your dick in the cash register.”

My Cher-Bear. YES. i would have told her no.

6 Comments on “Playing with Girls, and The Golden Rule”

  1. I love the way we get to see pics of the girls you talk about. It really helps with the story, most people don’t do that.

  2. Senior Beta says:

    Damn good advice HM1. Too bad lots of folks, including Admirals, forget it.

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