Into the Locker Room: Peace Keeping and my “Man Hamster”

i feel bad about this. but i felt i’d share anyway.

i was at my local last night and there was someone sitting in my spot *sigh* well there was a VERY drunk guy going at it verbally sparring with a guy sitting 2 seats from me. drunk dude was being a DICK. and it was clear the guy sitting next to me was a tad drunk and supplicating, but TRYING to give back what he was getting. now ladies (because guys get this)….

it is NOT my place to intervene. i felt bad for the guy next to me- YES, BUUUUUUT… had nothing to do with me. so i just sipped my beer.

finally when drunk guy (talking to someone i know) was talking to his buddy, i leaned over and said quietly, “dude, let it go.” he replied, “yeah danny, you’re right.” WHAT THE FUCK!!!?? this cat KNOWS me. um…sorry, but unless you have a cute face and a vagina, i’m probably NOT going to remember you. look, i swear to God, i’ll ask the bartender that works there to comment to verify this is true. stay posted. so, as i’m telling this to the guy next to me, drunk guy chimes in, “yeah, go ahead and form your little alliance.”

oh hell fucking no.

this douchebag had made a HUGE error. now i was a part of the fray. and i’m sure by now most of you readers know I.DO.NOT.BACK.DOWN. game on.

so apparently, drunk guy knows my name too. i continued listening to drunky-mc-drunk’s verbal assault on mr omega. and tbh, i was disgusted at omega boys weakness. but at the same time, i felt bad for him. but….things being what they were, i stayed to of it. finally, as my anger steadily built, drunk douche made a crucial mistake and mentioned to mr. omega that they should settle it outside. FUCK YEAH!!!!

i pounded the bar, looked at mr drunk and said, “GOOD FUCKING IDEA, OUTSIDE SOUNDS GREAT!!!! LET’S DO IT.” i took off my glasses, watch, and chain, and told the bartender, “steve- please look after my shit, i’ll be right back.” and walked outside.

i waited. i watched the 2 doors. NOTHING. i walked back to the door, opened it and said, “I’M WAITING GUY!!!!!!!!”


i finally walked back in and the mood in the place was WAAAAAAAY different. before, there was an uneasiness. now, it was a tad more mellow. i could hear drunk douche apologizing to steve (the bartender) about he was “out of line.” mr. omega was trying to have a conversation with me and i finally told him, “look dude….i’m too fucking pissed to talk. please leave me alone.” which i’m sure you all know he did. the guy that i know that drunk man was talking to chimed in after mr. drunk went outside to smoke. “danny, look, he’s wasted, and out of control.” i told him, “look jim, i don’t care. he’s being an asshole and he made a mistake of bringing me into it when i just told this guy to ‘let it go.'” jim nodded in agreement. finally omega boy leaves and walks past me and says, “thanks danny.” i didn’t even reply. look when i’m in the red……i’m in the red.

call it a “man hamster”. i cannot think rationally when i’m pissed and itching to fight. all i can think is, “let’s go mother fucker.” NOTHING any male can do will calm me. at the most, they can just attempt to restrain me. now a WOMAN, can totally bring me down. the only cure to my rage is leaving me alone, or pure femininity. the last gf (a 9 bartender) was getting hit on by guy while she worked. no biggie. i know 99% of women can handle guys like this on their own. so i wasn’t concerned. BUT….he was drunk; so i monitored the situation. dude had NO CLUE her bf was watching, which probably emboldened him. scratch that, i KNOW it emboldened him. lol. well, dude finally crossed the line and called my gf a “fucking drink slinging cunt.” i IMMEDIATELY replied, “that’s MISS drink slinging cunt buddy.”

now, we were in my hometown of kenner. dude’s swing on each other REGULARLY. there was a real possibility this was going to blows outside. but…..dude backed down when he learned she was my gf and his friends restrained him. didn’t matter. i was ready to go. lyssi left the bar, grabbed my hand and drug me outside. once outside, she hugged me, thanked me, then kissed me. she pleaded, “baby, please calm down. PLEASE let it go. ok baby. PLEEEEEASE.” then she wrapped her arms around me and buried her face into my neck. i could hear her whispering, “please calm down baby. please let it go. please.”

i could literally feel my rage fade. and yes, when it comes to me and fighting- RAGE is the only word to describe how i get. as i posted on ST’s comment section-

When I body slammed the guy that pushed my gf in Japan; her attitude towards me changed immensely.

She was more calm, relaxed, feminine. Never met a woman that was turned off by a man that would protect her, or be able to survive in the wild.

Seriously- drop me off in the middle of the woods and I’ll be just fine. If I have my gear and a rifle….I’m safe as a kitten in a 15 year old girls bedroom.”

dude that pushed my girl got TRUCKED for getting physical with my gf. my gf in NO was WELL SCHOOLED in how NO men react to aggression. and she knew just how to calm my storm. the gf in japan was a LAMB with me after she saw that side of me first hand. i’m curious if the ladies will offer some insight as to how they feel when they know their man will fight or step in to defend or protect them. and do they know if their man WOULDN’T do so. and if not… does that make them feel? personally, i don’t care what any man or woman thinks of me for fighting. but i can tell you the women in my family are VERY appreciative knowing that the men in our family will tear down the sky to defend them.

you know…if it ever becomes necessary. lol.

my baby sister had her husband….uh….cross a line. i won’t go into details but my mom went HAYWIRE making sure i never found out about it until after my sister’s divorce was finalized. and she was right; had i found out i’d have driven straight to NO and beat the fuck out of my brother-in-law. i ran not the BIL at the house of shock (he worked there) and when he saw me he called my name and walked towards me holding out his hand. i said, “DUDE, if you knew what was good for you, you’d turn the fuck around and walk away.” and i had my fists balled, and was posturing.

he walked away….he might be an asshole, but he’s not stupid. ok. i think i got that out. lol. stay up.

oh, happy anniversary Jacquie

26 Comments on “Into the Locker Room: Peace Keeping and my “Man Hamster””

  1. Dick Balzac says:

    You body slammed a Japanese person? Must of been a good fight.

    I can understand being in the red. As a kid living in a predominantly Muslim neighborhood I got into a lot of fights.

  2. Phoenix says:

    If you wanna be a lover, you gotta be a fighter too.

    Gimme my bartender license and I’ll be cutting the douchebags/bitches off the moment they cause some major drama.

  3. sosweet2362 says:

    Hmmm how would I feel having someone fight for me? Honestly, I don’t know. I think NOT being the person the rage is focused on might be enough for me; different anyway.

    Yeah Danny, you’re right about it not going away. It either finds it’s way out on the intended target or someone or something else. Your BIL should count himself lucky you didn’t know about it earlier.

  4. MissMarie says:

    Knowing who you’re with will not hesitate to protect you is simultaneously calming and a huge turn-on. My first boyfriend was a total pansy, bless his heart… There was always this low level of anxiety, but I never knew what it was at the time. Then, when I was with a guy that actually *did* throw down one night, there’s just nothing similar. I was *very* motivated to please him.

    I think that may be part of why a lot of girls like to instigate the “let’s you and him fight” thing.

    • Spacetraveller says:

      I know what you mean, Miss Marie 😉
      It is perhaps hardwired into the female brain to be ‘turned on’ by a protective male. Knowing he is protective of her, or at least capable of that, helps a woman to become the ‘submissive’ being that the men want lol.
      Now, whilst I myself would never advocate the use of violence, I can see that it is really not my business how a man ‘practises’ his protective skills. All I need to know is, he can deliver when the time is right. In the same way that a man need not know how I beautify myself. All he needs to know is that the ‘results’ will be pleasing to him when he takes me out on the town…
      Danny, I am perfectly sure you know what you are doing, so I won’t judge you for body slamming someone.
      But…would you at least let me tend to his wounds after??

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      the “let’s you and him fight” thing will cause me to break up with a woman.

      i’ll throw IF/WHEN i NEED to. but if my woman instigates a fight. i’ll drop her. STFU, and let me handle the situation once it looks like it might go to blows. NEVER shit talk a guy just because i’m there. i’m not your personal terminator. the gf in japan learned this one the hard way when she talked shit to some drunk marines in a train station. after i defused the situation her and i had a little talk and she was informed that if she EVER did that again, i’d walk away and we’d be done.

      uuuuuh no. i grabbed my gf and ran to a cab station and took her home. she was speechless and “revved up” at the same time. she gave it to me good when we got home.

      • MissMarie says:

        I’m not saying I agree with a woman doing the “let’s you and him fight thing”, just that maybe that’s where it comes from. Be darned if I’d ever want to do it!

  5. The Navy Corpsman says:

    Yeah.. um.. Been there, did that, got arrested. Make sure there are witnesses who vouch that yours was not the first punch. Also make sure yours was the last punch.

    The Navy Corpsman

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      the entire restaurant saw it and management sided with me.

      • The Navy Corpsman says:

        One thing I never have understood, is why drunk POGs want to talk shit, then pussy up when you take up the challenge. Ah well, the fun people have in public places…

        Glad to hear they were on your side, in my experience, bystanders usually say “I dunno what happened, I wasn’t watching” so they can stay out of it.

        The Navy Corpsman

  6. Gwen says:

    My husband is former SOF soldier, which freaked out everyone I knew when I announced our engagement. Even my brother in the military gave me the, “But he’s a trained killer!” lecture. I blew them all off. I liked that my guy was someone I could count on to protect his family if need be. I also knew that I could trust him. I grew up with a dark triad dad who knocked his family around, and of whom we were all terrified. I got to know my guy well before I agreed to marry him, and I already knew that he was one of the gentlest, calmest men I’d ever met. He is NEVER out of control.

    But I didn’t realize just how dangerous he had it in him to be. He’d never had reason to unleash that side of his nature in front of me. One night, a few years into our marriage, we woke up to loud crashing noises outside. Before I was fully awake, he had me crouching in the middle of the safest room of the house, clutching the baby. He stood in the doorway, where he could see all approaches, holding a gun while he talked with 911. The look on his face! I’d never seen him like that. It sent chills through me. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not complaining. It was, however, quite the flight or fight response-provoking, with a heavy emphasis on flight. There was nothing of the loving, gentle, patient husband and father I was used to. This man could kill, and he wouldn’t even think about it first. If anyone had come into our house right then, he’d have shot without a second thought, and with no more guilt than I feel about killing a spider.

    As soon as the situation was taken care of, that side of him went away again, and he was all over the baby and me, giving us lots of MMSL style beta comfort. I’ve never forgotten, though. He acts like a lamb, but there’s a wolf underneath. And yeah, I really like that he’s got that. He’s my perfect man.

  7. Marellus says:

    … if you were a Corsican, your surname would have been Bonaparte …

  8. Most women are turned on by a guy who will fight to protect them. (See Gwen’s comment above.)

  9. deti says:

    Hulk SMASH!

    Don’t make Danny angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

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