Cajun Lobster Rolls

I’ve been a bad boy.

I’ve neglected you guys of your food porn for quite a while now. Time to make amends. I’ve been OBSESSED with having a lobster roll recently. I dated a girl from New England and she used to talk about them all the time. Then I had an epiphany.

“I have crawfish tails in the freezer.”

That was all it took. My brain went into over-drive concocting my own take on the dish. Let’s begin. You will need-

1 12oz package of crawfish tails. (Substitute peeled shrimp or….3-4 LOBSTER tails)

1 cup Remoulade  sauce. Recipe linked does NOT have to be exact. But it’s a good reference. I bought the Remoulade I used.

 1 cup trinity (diced bell pepper, onion, and celery)

2 TBS lime juice

2 TBS hot sauce (to taste)

2 TBS Cajun mustard (or any coarse brown mustard)

1 pickle chopped

I unsliced hoagie roll that’s soft inside

Add the tails in a bowl and rinse. Some people find the un-rinsed tails off putting so rinse them and it makes them milder. Then add the remaining ingredients (except the bread) to the crawfish and stir. Don’t cut the roll completely in half. Instead cut it deep enough to form a hot-dog style bun. Stuff the crawfish into the roll. Should be enough for 2. Enjoy.

nommy nom nommers

  For you Paleo Types- serve it on top of some romaine lettuce.

5 Comments on “Cajun Lobster Rolls”

  1. Rojo says:

    I made this tonight, using romaine instead of a hoagie, and damn, it was delicious. Used scrimps too as not much available crawdads out in Cali. Thanks!

  2. MissMarie says:

    Ooooh, this looks good! I wonder if you can get frozen crawfish up here…

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