Lesson Learned


Since there’s been a running theme of fighting and whatnot, I thought this would be apropos for tonight’s post.

At work a few nights ago I had a kid come in around 4am. He had obviously been in a fight. His nose was smashed. The following will be an example of when NOT to swing. And I’ll beg the reader’s opinion- white knight, or not? Kid was at a club with a woman, a “friend”. Point being she WASN’T his gf. Well, at some point a drunk guy grabbed her ass, and she got pissed. He let it go, but he let it stew and he finally confronted the guy. Well, guy had 3 friends with him and he got smoked.


normal nasal bone exam

Bad form. Firstly, when in a club environment, this crap happens and unless the guy keeps up the harassment……let it go. I have yet to meet a woman that hasn’t has some drunk asshole do something inappropriate.  Once is a pass, continuation….step in. And when I say step in I don’t mean escalate a fight, I’d simply play “pseudo bf” and get her away from the drunk guy. I’d feign the sign that she and I are together. Hell most women gladly welcome feigned affection from you in said situation.

In a club/bar environment there are too many factors against me to warrant fighting unless ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. Read- last resort. Honestly, it’s always best to get her, and walk. Now back to kid.

First and foremost, I’d bet money he has a crush on her, and was looking to impress her. Secondly, IF he had beef with drunk dude, it should have been addressed on the spot. My guess was, she had dropped it and HE let it get to him because he probably felt his pride was bruised because he didn’t defend her. In THAT sense….

Dude went bitch. And as far as I’m concerned got what he had coming to him. Which brings us to the final part of this post. Self defense-

“The basic principle behind Krav Maga is to incapacitate your opponent as quickly as possible and continue with the battle. “ Staff Sergeant Gonzales, USMC, Hand to hand instructor.  

For you civilians that means drop the opponent and flee. First thing he taught me was using my size to my advantage. As a smurf (short Sailor) I have quick and easy access to the throat, groin, knees and metatarsals (bones in the foot). You see, krav is NOT about fighting fair. It’s about fighting to win and survive. One of the easiest moves involves quickly planting the top of your forehead into an opponent’s nasal bone. That’s what I did to guy 2-3 months ago. When you do this 2 things will happen- they will hyperlacrimate (excessive tearing), and they will drop. Expect a LOT of blood. The follow-up move involves grabbing the head as the go down (and they ALWAYS go down) and deliver a series of knee kicks just below the eye to the zygomatic arch. This bone breaks VERY easily. After that, an opponent is usually down for good. And most people NEVER expect it. Fight’s over in 2 seconds.

Class Dismissed. Stay up.

The kid I saw that night


13 Comments on “Lesson Learned”

  1. Andrew Medina says:

    I just saw your comment about hair dryers on Uman. I thought I was the only person who used one to dry off post shower.

  2. Jim says:

    Did she even go to the ER with him or was she out screwing around?

  3. Bob says:

    You put your arm around her and walk her away. I’ve done it and never had a problem.

  4. Phoenix says:

    I put my hand on her quadricep to let her know she’s not going anywhere.

    One time my friend Kristen was approached by some drunk dude in the back and I didn’t know it was happening. So I walked right to her, put my hand on the small-of-her-back, asked if she was ok, and walked her back to the other side with my friends. The moment I retrieved her, the dude stopped everything. My wolfish fierce-eye look dominates other males. And if it doesn’t, my straight eye contact without breaking it for minutes definitely does.

    I practice the eye contact with my guy friends and they always cave in with a joke or a sudden silence.

  5. MissMarie says:

    What a, erm, lovely young lady? Poor kid…

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