Repost: How to Set up your Pad

posted this last year, but figured i’d put it back up since i know i’m getting some new readers. the video below is an actual walk-through of my house. no bullshit. PLEASE tell me of another blogger posting video’s of how he set up his house to make girls tingle? i’ll wait…

lol. stay up.


alright. you’ve approached, you got her number, you’ve had 3-4 dates. eventually she’s going to end up at your house. now i know personally, from female friends, that your crib can be a deal breaker. now, i’m an older guy. but trust me i learned in my early 20’s the rules for a single guys place.

i was 22 and living in Charleston, SC. my 3 best friends were top-notch players: Aaron, Alex, and Ray. i had just got my apartment, a second-hand sofa and coffee table, and i bought a queen sized bed. i had VERY basic furniture, very little wall decor, and posters on the walls. the guys came over and Aaron IMMEDIATELY went to work. “Damn homes, this is NOT good.” i was shocked, i was THRILLED to finally have an apartment, “what the hell, what’s wrong with it.” Aaron replied, “oh no, the apartment is fine. but this place is very unfriendly pussy wise.” i was stunned. “first off, bro….there’s nothing on the walls, there are no books, this place is just not sexy. the kitchen is nice. you can cook can’t you?” i nodded and he said, “good, that perfect. that’s your angle. mention being a good cook and invite her back to your place. let her watch you cook. that shit’ll work kid.” Aaron and Alex were from california; Aaron was a model from san diego, Alex was a graffiti artist from northern cali. Ray was from texas, he was the oldest. i was 22 and still very raw when it came to game, hanging out with them for 2 years was like girl college. Ray told me i had to have some books, then added. you need at least ONE book that’s sexual in nature. when a girl comes over, she’s gonna nose around your pad.” then Aaron jumped in, “Fah real (he’s black-puerto rican), and when she sees a book that’s about sex and she goes through it, she’s down bro.” Ray added, “go to antique markets and get some framed pictures, ANYTHINGS good. but have a reason for buying it, because she’s going to ask you why you got it.” over the next few months i was constantly adding things to the apartment.

soon i was in Sicily, i had an 2 bedroom apartment. nothing much to report there other than i bought a lot of cool shit from italy and i travelled all over Europe.

then i was in New Orleans. i had a TINY one bedroom 450 sq ft apartment. all my crap BARELY fit in it. but it had character. i had a few paintings Will gave me, cool shit from italy. Pics from all over Europe. i had a bigger tv, a nice stereo, DVD player (they were pretty new then), and i made a great discovery: gay men. i had at least 2-3 gay friends back in NO. and they ripped my decor to shreds. Paul told me something pretty profound. “danny, a man’s place needs to tell his story, it needs to express what’s important to him, and as a man…WHAT he is. figure out what you want you place to say about you, and work that.”

well, i finally figured out what i wanted my place to say about me- that i’m well-travelled (my place is littered with things from all over the world) and that i love my city. i have fleur-de-lis’ in every room. and well…’ll see soon enough. i’ve had a LOT of women over and they all swooned over my place. here are a few of my own tips-

1. cleanliness is key. now….a woman might be creeped out if the place is TOO clean (think american psycho), she might think you’re trying too hard. girls know guys can be messy, so they’ll usually cut you some slack except for one area….the BATHROOM. i personally know women who have quit a dude because his bathroom was filthy. so make sure you keep that on point.

2. play up your strengths. we all know i cook, so usually a woman wants to see my kitchen. also you need to have pictures put up. especially pictures of you in a group. i have pictures of me as a kid, and pics with my family. on the side of my fridge, i have a bunch of pics of me in my 20’s when i rocked hair. those ALWAYS get comments. in a way, the pics are letting her into your personal world. and they are excellent topics for conversation. so make sure you have a cool story to go with the pic. are you artistic…have a sketch book lying open. are you a writer…have a journal out. i’m sure you get the picture. also, remove her options to NOT stay the night. you need to have spare cheap tooth brushes, a hair dryer, and contact lens solution. trust me….Aaron taught me this.

3. make the bedroom VERY personal. i have my bedroom as a tranquil sanctuary. now, i LOVE sleep. seriously, sleep is VERY important to me. i wanted my bedroom to be a place that’s peaceful and tranquil (thus the Buddha on my bedroom bookcase). i have my antique book collection (i collect antique books) there. and my master bathroom is a woman’s paradise. every woman who has come into my house has gushed over my garden-tub. i know, you might not have one, but….see #2. knowing that women LOVE soaking in a tub led me to sprucing it up and making it woman friendly. i have 3 types of bubble bath, and bath salts there. guess what……i’ve NEVER used the tub. i have wee, thus….i use my shower.

4. books. as one woman told me, “BIG PLUS if you’ve actually read them.” so don’t try to show off, let your books show your personality and interests. i have quite a few books. read most of them. i have a lot of poetry and philosophy books. and, just like Aaron suggested, i have Lou Paget’s “how to give her absolute pleasure” at a woman’s eye-level on my living room bookcase . on the coffee table book set, i have “the ultimate sex book”, and my “New Orleans: before and after Katrina.”

5. women and gay guys are your best friend when it comes to decor. when i bought my sofa, i had at least 4 female friends give opinions on my sofa. i ran into a classmate at mission valley mall and drug her into macy’s to check out my sofa. she sat on it, layed down and gave her approval. “no sweetie, i KNOW it’s comfy, would you be ok having your face smooshed into the armrest while being pounded doggy-style?” she laughed and said, “ok, i gotcha, yeah, yer good with this one.” filled out the paper work that day. gay guys have a MUCH higher standard than straight women and they tend to be BRUTALLY honest. if have gay male buddies ask them for help (they’re usually VERY happy to lend a hand), if you don’t….befriend some. sers-lee.

i hope this has helped some you. stay up.

18 Comments on “Repost: How to Set up your Pad”

  1. Chewie says:

    Excellent post. This is what the Manosphere is all about: helping men improve themselves.

    I didn’t see this the first time around. You and your friends have some excellent advice here. “Play up your strengths” is the bit that stands out to me. It’s not only a good thing to do in interviews (thanks, Dad), it applies to most every area of life. As a big reader and record collector, I’ve books, albums, and posters all over the place and they’ve never failed to impress men and women alike. Still though, it seems that one can always make improvements.

    One question: how far should you go with decorating and personalizing a place when you’re overseas or in a job posting? I’m going into my second year as an ESL teacher in Korea and though a 3rd year could happen, I could just as easily pack up and move somewhere else. Anyone have any ideas here?

  2. Senior Beta says:

    Cool place. So that’s in JAX? Definitely not military housing.

  3. That’s nice for a guy place. 🙂

  4. Spacetraveller says:

    Very nice place you’ve got there Danny. It looks homely 🙂

  5. ASF says:

    Bro hold that phone sideways! We need widescreen.

  6. Phoenix says:

    That’s a really cool pad. Very friendly and positive in nature. I wouldn’t mind coming over and shooting the shit with ya.
    Seriously though, any girl would have a good time hanging out at your place. She can’t say anything bad.

    Brodi is a cute addition too.

  7. […] nesting goes a long way. Having your place be comfy and inviting, with some tasty foodstuffs and interesting reading material on the table, is not going to turn on your typical American woman with burning desire. It is, however, going to […]

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