Closing a 10…By Keeping Her in Play

I’ve been posting about flirting lately and I remembered the time I closed a playboy model. You never heard that story? Oh, well settle in.

I ALWAYS flirt with women, cute, ok-looking, hot- doesn’t matter. Well, back when I was living in San Diego, I was friends with this girl that worked at the Hooter’s in Mission Valley. Now, the C squad at this place is all 8’s. lol. Well, I met this girl while I was studying some x-ray crap and eating lunch when she walked by and notice my LSU shirt. She asked me if I were from Louisiana and when I replied I was from NO, she excitedly announced she was from Baton Rouge.

“Cool, I won’t hold it against you.” The joke being NO peeps makes fun of BR for being kinda country.

She laughed and from then on we flirted when she was working. NO ONE else flirted with her. She got hit on all day, so when you flirted with she usually just smiled but NEVER reciprocated. All my friends notice this as we all watched a Saints game one day. I was the only guy she kino’d or reply to with more flirtation. “Bro, you could totally hit that.” one of my friends told me.  Well, she had a bf- OF COURSE she had a bf. The flirtation between us went on for a few months.

One day I came in and she looked like shit. Her bf cheated on her and she was in Love. I felt awful for her, she really looked down. After 2 weeks I saw her working and as she walked past me, I took her hand and told her to sit down.  I talked to her and could see she was still sulking. I asked her if she’s gotten out of the house lately and she said all she had been doing was work and school; that she was too upset to go out. I answered, “Nonsense, give me your number and address, I’m taking you out for a drink tonight.” I handed her my phone with the keypad open. She was hesitant. I looked her in the eye and said, “NO, this isn’t negotiable, I’m taking you out. You need to smile again.” She told me her address and gave me her number. I told her, “Be ready by eight. I’ll text you when I get to your place.”

When I got to her place, I texted her and about 5 minutes later she came out. OMFG, did she look fantastic. Honestly this girl has it all, face, body, personality. She was dressed in a dress, the bottom was about 4-6 inches above the knee, and the top of the dress showed off her perfect breasts. She got in the car and we kissed each other’s cheek.  “How do I look?”, she asked. I shrugged my shoulders after looking her over, and answered, “Cool, I was hoping you’d go with ‘slutty so-cal girl’ “. I grinned and winked at her. She slapped my arm, and I hit her with, “I kept my expectations low; you ARE from Baton Rouge and all.” She giggled and thanked me for understanding. She picked a place for us to get a drink and as we headed over there she thanked me and mentioned having a rough time with the breakup, and the fact that the bf cheated…

I stopped her RIGHT there. I looked at her seriously and responded, “Tonight let’s NOT talk about things that didn’t work out.”

This line IS MONEY. You MUST use it anytime you’re with a woman and she mentions an ex.  Whenever I’m out with a recent break-up lady, it has NEVER failed to make her smile demurely. When we got to the place, I escorted her inside. I help the door open and placed my hand on the small of her back and ushered her in. we sat at out booth and we talked. She bought me my first drink and used the can line about playing me with drinks wasn’t going to get her anywhere and she laughed. I should point out that on 2 separate occasions; guys came over and tried to open her. She told both guys, “Uuuuuh, can’t you see I’m with someone.” I just stared up at the guys and smiled. When the second guy left, I asked her how often that happened to her, and she rolled her eyes.  “All.the.time.” I told her it must be pretty frustrating and she told me that she’s used to it by now. “When‘s the last time you went dancing?” She told me it had been a while. We left the first place when I told her I wanted to watch her dance. She brought us to a place and this time I ordered the drinks. We talked (we were sitting closer by now) and there was more kino. We talked about me moving to Spain and she talked about finishing school. I finally cut her off and told her I wanted to watch her dance. Then she told me I HAD to dance with her. When I informed her I was awful dance she didn’t budge, she grabbed my hand and walked me out on the floor. My plan was to dance as HORRIBLY as I could. So, of course guys are trying to dance next to her, she simply ignored them and got closer to ME. Finally she had her ass in my crotch and she was grinding into me. That’s all it took. I soon, uh, “had a condition” that couldn’t be hidden. I turned her around, we locked eyes, and I hooked my finger inside the loop of the sash around her waist. I pulled her close slowly. When we finally kissed she lunged into me and we were making out on the floor. After a minute I walked her back to our booth and we continued kissed. I glanced down at my penis, and he was giving me an excited “thumbs up.” By this point it was almost midnight. I told her that the place was lame and suggested we leave.

She looked at me with her head tilted, she bit her bottom gently and purred, “Where too?” I answered, “My place, Brody wants to meet you.” She smiled, made a face like she was thinking about it and said, “Mmmmm, I dunno.” I stood up, took her hand and led her outside. I paid the valet and we continued kissing while waiting for my car. We got inside and we were off to The Canton.

As we headed home she was shifting in her seat, and kept playing with her hair. I looked at her and smiled, “How wet are you?” She replied, “You tell me.” and took my hand. I think you can guess where this is going now. Once back at my place, the second we got inside we were tearing our clothes off. I’m pretty sure you can fill in the blanks now.

It was about 1:30am when finished. I told her we needed to have a shower. She mentioned she couldn’t because she needed to dry her hair. I told her I had a blowdryer, tooth brush, and contact lens solution. Then I told her she could take a cab in the morning. Ok look, I LOVE showering with a woman. That’s kinda my thing. I HAD to see this girl nakie and wet. So, of course we showered. She gave me uuuh, “treats” in the shower. AMAZING.

She left around 5 the next morning. Never happened again. As she left we kissed and she thanked me. I told her, “Now you’ll be just fine- watch.” She looked at me puzzled. “Sweetie, you just needed to cleanse the palate. The best way to do that is a dose of NEW vitamin D.” She smiled, shook her head and said, “Oh THAT’S what I needed, huh?” I looked at her, and asked, “You worried about the ex now?”

She looked at me and replied, “Who?” and with that she walked away.


HOW did I pull this off? Firstly, she KNEW I was leaving for Spain so I wasn’t going to get clingy. She NOT the type to hook up BUT, I was what I’ve heard some women call “throwaway cock.” I’d NEVER be added to her “partner count”.  I’d be surprised if she even mentioned it to her friends. The next few times I saw her at work, she’d smile at me, but we didn’t talk like we used to. Before I left for Spain I found out she had a new bf, and she’s STILL with him today. We don’t talk anymore, and I nuked my FB page. But when ever she’d post pics of herself on FB, I’d neg them. All the other guys are kissing her ass with compliments; well, I’m the only guy whose comments she’d reply too. I was KEENLY aware of her kino and IOI’s, and I was all FRAME FRAME FRAME. She wasn’t ALLOWED to say no. TBH, I had no clue whether or not she was going to put out. BUT, I didn’t care. I was just out to have fun; I escalated when I needed to, and paid attention to her body language. Girls of this caliber have heard EVERY thing guys can throw at them. Humor, push pull, and negging is the way to go. Humor being the most important.

The point of this post is to remind you guys out there how to avoid the friend zone. Just because a woman has a bf, doesn’t mean you DON’T have a shot. You never know what hand fate may lend you. In a sense, you’re just “spinning a plate” while she’s attached. Most women LOVE that kind of attention from men, even if she does have a bf. Well the woman in last night’s post- Boyfriend. Do you think that’s going to keep me from keeping her “in play?” HELL NO. If woman from last night ends up single- she just might end up in my bed. AMIRITE!!!!!!?????

Stay up.

Oh, and next time a woman, ANY woman asks you to do something for her that’s a pretty big deal and you don’t wanna do it because you know she’s playing you, all you do is politely decline. If she persists, look her in the eye and say, “Hey we’re cool, but we ain’t fucking.” The look you’ll get is PRICELESS.

18 Comments on “Closing a 10…By Keeping Her in Play”

  1. Professor Mentu says:

    The one time you link to me, and it has the word “blow” in it.

    Thanks, man.

  2. aneroidocean says:

    “I glanced down at my penis, and he was giving me an excited “thumbs up.””

    If I’d been drinking anything while reading this line, it would’ve ended up all over my keyboard/monitor. Jesus that’s funny!

  3. resrieg says:

    Props on the 10, first of all. 🙂

    To be honest, I’m still trying to wrap my head around the “throwaway cock” idea and when that rule applies. But two other things you said totally stood out to me.

    First of all, the whole thing about keeping women with boyfriends in play. As I’ve (mostly jokingly) said to many friends, “just because there’s a goalie doesn’t mean you don’t try to score.” Meaning you’re still going to set yourself up for an in if the goalie steps away from his post.

    Also, just last night I was telling my guy friend the importance of being a bit more firm with the direction you want things to go in when you’re with a girl. Escalating appropriately is key, because most of the time the girl sure isn’t going to do it.

  4. rivsdiary says:

    “I ALWAYS flirt with women, cute, ok-looking, hot- doesn’t matter.” killer advice. simple but brilliant. like yohami says too. game everyone.

  5. “Tonight let’s NOT talk about things that didn’t work out.”

    Great line. Will be utilising that one!!!

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      The look on a woman’s face when you say that is pure tingle bliss.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Love it.

        Another favourite (from Kezia Noble) is when she tries to tell you about a problem or an ex, touch her on the arm and say “I appreciate this is really important to you, but it’s something you need to talk about with your friends. Not me”. I had one chic blow up in my face once and storm off… then come back soon after seeking forgiveness. And sex.

  6. Stingray says:

    I grinned and winked at her. She slapped my arm, and I hit her with, “I kept my expectations low; you ARE from Baton Rouge and all.” She giggled and thanked me for understanding.

    You really are just that good. Completely took the pressure off of her and let her relax so she could have a good time. not just with this line, but in asking her out as well. You didn’t give her a choice and she didn’t want one. The last thing she wanted after her boyfriend cheated was to think and make decisions and you wouldn’t let her. Talk about building comfort. (I know you know all this, Danny. This is just in case others didn’t see this).

    and placed my hand on the small of her back and ushered her in.

    I wonder . . . do men know how utterly amazing this move makes us feel when we are into you? You have to be careful because it is such an intimate move that if she is not sure if she is into you she will balk at this, but if she is . . . . it amazing. Again, Danny I know you know this stuff, but for you other gents out there this is one of those things that will make a girl melt when done right.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i’m ALWAYS up for making a woman melt. i took her picture down, but trust….she’s SLAMMING beautiful.

      the hand on the lower back thing. i do this with ALL women in my company.

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