Into the Locker Room……A Young Man Needs a Hand

was going to post something else, but i recieved this email this morning. i’ve already answered him, but i thought maybe the readers might like to offer some advice. give him credit, i wish i had the blogs back when i was 17.
“Just a recap I’m not sure if you remember my address, but I’m ******, 17, and have just recently discovered the Manosphere within the last 4 months. I’m familiar with Delusion Damage, your blog of course, and U-Man.
Anyway, I’ve recently come across a girl whom I feel is a 10. She’s cuban, nice and short, exercises, great rack great ass, wonderful personality, etc. She’s got it all and this isn’t me putting her on a pedestal I follow the “4th Important thing in my life” rule that you have. So anyway, I’ve been talking to her a lot and we have a whole great lot in common and she has expressed that she has feelings for me, but she “loves” her boyfriend. I don’t know what to do really I’d like to have a shot at dating her not just fucking her. What do I do Dan? I can give more information if needed.”

16 Comments on “Into the Locker Room……A Young Man Needs a Hand”

  1. Infantry says:

    Go find another girl. I know this one will feel special, but I guarantee that you will be able to find another girl that makes you just as happy and is just as attractive as this one and she won’t have a boyfriend.

    Tell her you like her, but she’s in a relationship so she’s off limits. Then get busy doing something else (like finding another girl). Keep in distant contact with the cuban and when she breaks up with her boyfriend she will let you know she is single. Then you’ve got a green light.

    The above will sound a bit mainstream, so let me explain. First I’m fairly sure if you play your cards right (and thats a big if) you could sleep with this girl. Another argument could be made that you’re both young and that none of the usual boyfriend/girlfriend commitment is worth the paper its not written on, so you might as well get the experience where you can.

    I don’t think its a good habit to encourage girls to monkey swing from one guy to another. I also think there’s a good chance if she swings to you, she could swing to the next guy which would leave you bitter about women (which you don’t want). Lastly, ‘stealing’ (I know girls aren’t possessions ok) a girl from another guy is a recipe for drama (which you also don’t want).

  2. LongLostFriend says:

    I’m with Infantry. No promises of “If you leave him…” or anything like that. And definitely no Oneitis on your part.

    You are in a pretty powerful position. The fact that she is voicing her feelings for you, while at the same time talking about her boyfriend, is a sign that she wants you to make the decision for her and let her know “it’s okay” to dump him for you or to cheat on him with you. Just know that if you bang this chick under these circumstances, you will have fed her hamster a huge, delicious meal of “It’s Not My Fault.”

    My advice? Keep her in play, but consider “I love my boyfriend” to be her final decision for now. Make her decide on her own to break up with her boyfriend, and make no indication or any guarantees of what will happen if and when she does.

    And go find other girls to distract you, young man. Make us proud!

    • Suz says:

      “Keep her in play, but consider “I love my boyfriend” to be her final decision for now.”

      Perfect. Require her to make a decision and live by that decision. Don’t promise a thing.

  3. Professor Mentu says:

    The other commenters are right. Step 1, go find another woman. If you orbit her, she’ll lose all respect for you, and LJBF your ass faster than you can imagine.

    My experience with Cuban girls, though admittedly limited, is that they are often loyal to their men, and are dedicated to their ideal of love. She’s not likely to pull an American girl stunt and just leave him for you; he’ll likely have to *really* step out of line – and even then, she’ll probably take him back.

    The two I dated were good women, and you’re right, they’re usually drop-dead gorgeous.

    If you really have your heart set on this one, harden your heart and find another girl. Keep in contact with her, but show her that you won’t wait around.

    If she likes you, leverage that notorious Latin jealousy.

    Danny, what advice did you give? You’re the Latina slayer in these parts, though I suspect Private Man probably cleans up with the Latinas too.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      this was my reply.


      even if you DO land her, can you really trust that woman? secondly-

      i’m guessing if you’re 17 she’s probably 15-17. any woman telling you
      she “has feelings for you”, but REALLY loves her bf, has SERIOUS
      issues. maybe she’s getting something from you that she isn’t getting
      from the bf, but that’s not your problem. back off, and next time she
      contacts you, be cool, but shoot down any attempts she makes to spend
      time with you. if she pushes, you need to reply-

      “i’m not comfortable hanging with you, while you have a bf. you should
      be spending time with him. ESPECIALLY if you have ‘feelings for me.’
      that’s def not cool.” don’t be a dick when you tell her this, wish
      her the best, and tell you you have stuff you have to do.”

      right now, you are her GIRLFRIEND. got it. she’s dangling a carrot and
      you’re nibbling. stop nibbling. make every effort to talk to and spend
      time with other girls. dude, you’re 17….have fun and don’t chase
      girls, learn to make them chase you. keep reading the sites and you’ll
      be WAAAAAAAY ahead of where i was at 17.

      hope this helps. stay up.

    • Definitely…do NOT orbit. Stay away from her, man. She’s not worth your time. Like Professor Mentu and Danny said – you’re 17 (I’m only 22) – and you already found the manosphere. Fall out. Don’t just find a new girl…find new girls. Find some “older” girls 18-20. Handle their stupid comments about how you’re not even 18 and bang them anyway.

      I like the comment about leveraging “that notorious Latin jealousy.” Straight up truth. He’s right. I’ve dated 2 myself…very loyal but very jealous. Her expressing feelings for you isn’t anything more than teenage lust, IMO. Take it as such, and find the lust in your upcoming relationships.

      I want updates.

  4. Sis says:

    You’re 17, way too young to pay attention to words like boyfriend. If you want her, treat her like she’s already yours and let the boyfriend deal with the repercussions.

  5. ASF says:

    Classic oneitis. Bang 10 other women. The end.

  6. Ahh young compitition. Should make this spirited.

    My advice next time she says “I have a boyfriend” you reply “I have a goldfish”. She goes “what?”. You “oh I thought we were talking about things that didn’t matter”

    She has a bf and she treats that as a reason not to hook up. Ignor his very existance and move on her like you would any other girl.

  7. Vicomte says:

    Leave the girls with boyfriends alone. This is called integrity.

    Stop being her ‘friend’. You owe it to yourself not to waste your time on being platonic BFFs with a girl you like. This is called integrity.

    Could you leverage this into the infamous ‘boyfriend relay’? Yes. Younger girls do this all the time. But is that how you want this to go down?

    Now, imagine her sucking that guy’s cock. She’s probably done it in the past 48 hours. She swallows and smiles. Imagine her bending over and taking him inside her. She loves it. This happens every day. They don’t use condoms. He doesn’t pull out, except for that one time she got a little drunk and let him bust on her face. She liked that, too.

    Imagine how she waits all day to see him. He comes over to her house, she’s a little nervous and excited. They make out a little just inside her door. She takes his hand and leads him into her bedroom. Her parents are gone for the night.

    They fuck.

    Actually, that’s pretty much all they do.

    She loves him.

    Now, imagine she’s texting you. She likes you, and tells you this. Imagine how, just ten minutes before, her boyfriend roughly fucked her and blew his load inside her. Maybe she squirms a bit, sitting at her computer. You text back that you like her, too. She gets up to go to the bathroom for a quick clean-up. She changes her underwear. It was getting a little messy. She kind of likes the sticky wet feeling.

    She texts you again. She can’t hang out tonight. Her boyfriend’s coming over.

    ❤ 🙂

    Still feeling the love?

    This is called integrity.

  8. Senior Beta says:

    Way too old to be giving advice to a 17 year old but good practice for force feeding my two sons the red pill. Kid, if you have read this stuff; you know that hanging out with other chicks will give you a “preselection” vibe. See CH. She will hear about it. Then see what happens. You are far ahead of the pack of other HS seniors . Enjoy it.

  9. Chewie says:

    I don’t know how much more I can add to this, but Danny’s got it right. Here’s what I’d say to him:

    GO AWAY and other girls. Don’t waste time with her. Don’t fall into the friend zone, don’t bother talking her through any fights she has with the BF. And even if she says she likes you, stay cool about it, because you’re both quite young and these thoughts are often fleeting. The comment about teenage lust is right. Let it go and find some other girls to flirt with, but stay away from chasing them. This may seem hard to do–I was there and chased the girls too–but it will work in your favor.

    Go forth and kick ass, young one.

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