Into the Locker Room….Ethnic Game

ok, say you have a girl, she’s open, but she’s not sold on letting you close. IF she’s of another ethnicity than you, you have a POWERFUL play you can use. i have a TON of ethnic friends: asian, spanish-speaking, black, european…. you get the picture. well, say you’re chatting girl up. say it’s going well….at some point lean over and whisper to her, “i wanna tell you something, but you’re gonna laugh at me.” she’ll BEG you to tell and will promise she’ll never laugh at what you’re going to tell her.

this part is key. you’re making yourself vulnerable and women LOVE when a man makes himself vulnerable. they cannot resist. it’s tingle crack.

you my man, must act reluctant then lean over and whisper, “i’ve never been with a ********** girl before.”


never had this one fail. of course, i can’t use this line anymore. except with asians. never been with an asian girl before.

stay up.

6 Comments on “Into the Locker Room….Ethnic Game”

  1. dem says:

    bro, but in a city where the guy is from a minority , i think this would work against him…

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