being a native new orleanian i’m frequently asked if i know how to cook: gumbo, jambalaya, and red beans and rice. of course i can, check under “food porn” and see get the recipes for latter 2 recipes; gumbo’s coming soon enough. my gumbo recipe spans back to the Leblanc clan of port sulphur, la. maybe i’ll post about it later. Etouffee (eh’ TOO’ fay) literally means “smoother” in French. once people taste my etouffee they immediately want the recipe. it’s quite easy to make and is one of the most decadent dishes in my arsenal.  now……it’s not the most healthy dish, so i don’t make it often. you will need-

1 12oz package crawfish tails. or 1 lb peeled raw shrimp tails

1 stick butter (per 12 oz. crawfish)

1 bell pepper. chopped

2-3 stalks celery. chopped

1 med onion. chopped

4-5 TBS flour (use 5-6 TBS for a thicker roux)

4-5 TBS thyme

2 bay leaves

2-3 TBS cayenne (more or less to taste)

1 1/2 cup seafood stock. (buy whole shrimp and boil the heads and tails in 2 cups water for 20-30 minutes. pour the stock through a sieve, viola) or use 1 1/2 cup chicken stock. 1 can of stock covers 2 servings. i’ve never made this in one person serving.

1 1/2 cup uncooked rice.

said proportions can serve 2-3 people. follow the proportions based on the number of people eating.

melt one stick of unsalted butter (not margarine, BUTTER) over med heat.  once melted add 4TBS of flour and mix until it turns a somewhat burnt yellow. you’re basically making a blonde roux here. once the flour is added DO NOT LEAVE THE ROUX UNATTENDED. if you stop stirring it for more than 10 seconds, it will scorch and thus be ruined. you must stir this mixture constantly, which means, the spoon should never stop moving. once the desired color is reached, add the chopped bell pepper, onion, and celery. this is called trinity in Louisiana since we add it to basically everything we cook. once you add the trinity, you can no longer burn the roux. cook the trinity until it’s translucent. then add the stock, 4-5 TBS thyme, 2-3 TBS of cayenne pepper, and bay leaves.  bring mixture to a low boil, drop the temp to med low, and cover. let it cook for one one hour. then uncover, and cook for another 30 minutes. then add one 12 oz package of crawfish tails, crank to med hight till it has a slow boil then drop to low. allow 30 minutes to cook. remove from heat, and take out the bay leaves. let sit for 10 minutes and ladle over the cooked white rice. do i need to give instructions on cooking rice? i usually allow those dining with me to salt their own food (i recommend Tony’s), so you’ll probably need some salt and a few dashes of some hot sauce. enjoy

c’est si bon.

this should be the color of a blonde roux
the finished product

heaven in a pot. most people have never had étouffée, so add it to your cooking arsenal and be excellent.

7 Comments on “Étouffée”

  1. Stingray says:

    OMFG, Is it wrong to drool on one’s computer?

  2. Scrouds says:

    I’m with stingray on this, there has to be an alternative, a work around for flour in a roux. I think I’ll try glutinous rice flour and see how it goes.

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