Fuck you Frito Lay

Saw this ruffles commercial a few times. I’d NEVER have these four douches at my canton. And the guy that fetches girl a beer is a total pussy-dick wad. “i love you so much right now.” I wouldn’t even punch him if he crossed me-
I don’t hit girls.
Supposedly, the premise is that as the girl eat’s each “macho-man” chip, she get’s more manly. Nice try Frito Lay.
of course since the ad was geard towards men *OH NOOOOOOEZZZZZZZ!!!!!* so huff-po had to chime in. Look, i really could care less that 99.99% of advertising is geared towards women- seriously. but ads like this that ridicule and mock men under the banner of “women are superior” can eat a bowl of dick. first off- ANY man bringing a woman to a “guy’s night out” needs to be bitch slapped. i’ll bet a paycheck he’s BMOG’ing her and she’ll NEVER sleep with him.
sorry this shit pisses me off, but it does. that’s the beauty of hosting a blog, you can vent to NO ONE, and everyone. lol. stay up.

19 Comments on “Fuck you Frito Lay”

  1. Vicomte says:

    Give the admen some credit: this is reality for most men.

    They want a girl to be a man with a vag. I don’t go much for the MRA feminism-is-the-root-of-all-evil schtick, but one place you can really see it is in the glorification of masculine women as a male ideal.

    Guys think girls who pound beers and talk football are ‘hot’.

    I have seen dis. In my reel life.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Same here. That’s why I posted it. This particular ad really rubbed me the wrong way.

      Though it may be the reality for most, I REFUSE to let this permeate in MY reality. Masculinized women are never allowed in my camp. You’re so tough, make your fire, build your own shelter, kill your own meat.

      Once you get past the social stereotype, what does a Masculinized women have to offer besides being “cool”.

      I prefer feminine anyday

      Sent from my iPhone

      • JustYX says:

        “I prefer feminine anyday”

        Count me in. I have no problem with a strong manish woman, but I’m not attracted to them in the slightest. Feminine women for me too.

    • MissMarie says:

      I continue to see this, and noticing it where I live led me to think that was the way I needed to be. I remember being absolutely *dumbfounded* when I found the blogs and I think I read for a solid week. Explained a LOT of what I was seeing and why.

      That commercial is absolutely awful.

    • Phoenix says:

      What’s the best way to de-masculinize a girl? I run into masculine-acting chicks all the time and usually … I treat them like shit for it and it seems to work most of the time. The girl backs down and starts being nicer.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        Women usually crave male attention. But like with shit tests the best thing to do is simply ignore her.

        She’s not one of your boys right; so don’t treat her like one.

        Sent from my iPhone

  2. Monad says:

    Problem is, when shit hits the fan with these “one of the guys” girls, their superficial caricature of masculinity will collapse and you’ll be left dealing with them as with all other girls, but without any of the positive benefits derived from default femininity. At least your mates don’t have an excuse when they act like a pussy when things get a bit hard.

  3. deti says:

    Some men want — or are at least used to — masculinized women. But women don’t want feminized men. IOW, masculine women are OK but feminized men are rightly ridiculed and ostracized.

    One of the worst ideas EVER was couples baby showers. I went to one of these once with my wife. After 15 minutes the men couldn’t take it anymore. En masse we all walked out, and hung around outside and smoked and drank. We all vowed we would never, ever attend another one. And we haven’t.

  4. The Navy Corpsman says:

    Now, I have to admit I found the ad hilarious when I saw it the other day, for the first time. Not funny as in ZING! boy that female turned into a guy, but funny in that some marketing moron thinks Frito Lay will garner more sales from men by making fun of them.

    What these advertising geniuses do not seem to understand, is that men (that is, traditional men) are more than aware of the war on masculinity, macho and who it is that makes the war. Even worse (for them), Madison Ave DOES read Huffington, and believe all the bullshit that the Post spews out in favor of feminist theory. I’ve never actually considered food items to be either male or female, and I doubt seriously that there are large numbers of humans that do. Sure, you could say they’re trying to tap into the Gender Wars, but generally you don’t market well when you make fun of your target demographic.

    Here’s the scary part, depending on your point of view. I actually LIKE it when a woman tries to act manly… not because I like masculine women, but because it gives me instant validation to my theory that most women think that being manly is GOOD. As Monad pointed out above, that mask collapses the instant someone actually calls them on it in a macho manner. This allows me to dismiss these women as wannabe posers attempting to prove something that has already been proven, namely that women can act just as asinine as any given man.

    Wow, newsflash there. That might work on Wall Street (I mean the actual investment firms in New York) or Madison Avenue, but here in the rest of the world, we’ve already got enough assholes, thank you. If a female wants to take Donald Trump or Bernie Madoff as a role model, hey go for it. Hope that works out for you.

    I read an interesting post (with many links) by Susan Walsh last night, about Hillary Rosin and the elitist East Coast snobs that populate the big financial firms and other aspects of American ‘intellectuals’. The thing that puzzled me throughout the entire post and commentary, is why America is supposed to look to these train wrecks as some sort of inspiration. It reminds me of a post I read elsewhere, a review of the movie Eat Pray Love. The reviewer declared himself sick of people who feel the need to tell the world how great they are, by dint of their travel experience and pathetic attempts at SWPL, visiting Indian gurus to fake a spiritual awakening.

    Considering the number of blog posts, articles in magazines, books and sociological research attempting to explain WHY women are less happy, WHY women cannot find any good men, and WHY women are lonely at 45 with a newly minted alimony payment, is it any wonder that men are dismissing marriage, and indeed, dismissing women as irrelevant to their lives? Women are claiming their sexuality and men are taking advantage of that, and again, that empty womb crisis is always the fault of men. Twenty years ago, no self respecting feminist would have said, “Man Up!” to marriage or anything else, for that matter. The law of unintended consequences, I suppose, but it’s more than that.

    Gloria Steinem is famous (or infamous) for saying, “Women need men like a fish needs a bicycle”, or something akin. The funniest part is not that women are realizing that they want a man, but that men are realizing they DON’T need a woman to be happy. Men instinctively know that they are capable of living without a woman in their life, and in most cases, they are better off. Were I 22 years old again, in 2012, there is no chance I would want to wade through 10,000 grrls to find one womyn, knowing the statistics on divorce. One comment on Susan’s post claimed that California has stopped publishing divorce statistics because the numbers are outrageously large. Seems a no brainer to me…. of my ten closest friends from my college daze, ten of them are divorced, two of them twice divorced, and one (female) has three ex-husbands.

    I say, keep it up, Frito Lay. Keep on poking fun at your targeted customers. Meantime, I’ll make a special effort to find another company that makes good chips and markets them based on ANYTHING other than macho posturing bullshit.

    By the way, any bets on the gender of the marketing idiot responsible for this ad?

    The Navy Corpsman

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      “By the way, any bets on the gender of the marketing idiot responsible for this ad?” I think that’s a given. Sent from my iPhone

    • Just1X / JustYX says:

      I’d love to see you HUS btw.

      Susan isn’t anti-MRA if it’s done analytically and without hate – like you’ve just done.

      You could really add to the discussions that interested you.

  5. The Navy Corpsman says:

    Oh hell.. not Hillary Rosin, Hannah Rosin.

    The Navy Corpsman

  6. aneroidocean says:

    The only funny part of this commercial is the black dude obviously wanting to kill her.

    I actually find a female poker pro quite hot. Her name is Isabelle Mercier and yes, she could totally kick my ass at poker. She doesn’t act like that bitch in the commercial at all. She plays what some people consider a man’s game, but she’s feminine, friendly and very sweet. She will take your money, though. I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with her on more than one occasion, and her feminine energy is awesome. Frito Lay could learn from her.

  7. A♠ says:

    Thanks for this post:

    It saved me a great deal of typing.

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