The Art of the Three Way

A blogger I know recently had a 3 way. God bless him. Three ways and anal are for some guys this magic unicorn of the sexual world. I’ve never understood guys that were’t into it. I mean if she has a small arm/toy it’s not really that bad. Wokka wokka.

But 3 ways, I TOTALLY get that one. The visual of not one but TWO naked women servicing you- EPIC. However, when it comes to (giggity) 3 ways I have ONE rule: NEVER with a woman I have genuine feelings with. If it’s a “hook up” type situation and I’m not thinking “relationship” with either woman- game on.

There’s a very slippery slope (no, not like that) that comes with a 3 way. Yeah, it’s can be a great story to knock off your sexual bucket list, but can also completely torpedo your relationship. The 2 I’ve been involved in had 2 women that I was NEVER going to be in a relationship with. The first was just before leaving to go to boot camp and the girl I was sleeping with (notice- not DATING) had been gamed to the point where she knew sex was all we’d ever have. I was honest with her, but NEVER spent time with her outside the bedroom. Oh, you think I’m an asshole right. Well, I ran into her about 3 years ago and she called our “situation” PERFECT. “You lived next door, I could just come over and fuck you, it never got messy like with (she named one of our mutual friends drama-laden relationship)”. Once I knew her friend had a girl crush on her and I knew girl was DTF, I invited my neighbor over when the other girl was worked up and semi-naked. It went down PERFECTLY.

The second came about 5 year later when I landed 2 strippers in Prague. That was EPIC. Ok, I paid them. I admit that. BUT….shit cost me less than $80. When I converted the Krohn rate back to dollar I was STROKED!!!!! Look, I was 25…..single, and the 2 girls could have modeled for Victoria’s Secret. The great thing about the experience was that the girls were ALL ABOUT PLEASING ME. I was in control 100%. And it cost my dumb ass less most dates. I NEVER had to worry of one girl would get jealous that I was showing the other too much attention. And THAT is the major pitfall of 3 ways.

You run the risk of your GF thinking you’re enjoying the other girl TOO MUCH. And if she does, it could be hell for you. You WILL hear about it later. She will probably let it fester days, weeks, months. Then, one day, out of the blue, you’ll be having a disagreement. Then….


Out of nowhere she mentions the incident. And you are blinded-sided and dumbfounded. Good luck with that dude. Beth mentioned a 3 way. In retrospect I SHOULD have, but at the time I was super into her and gave a solid “no way” to her requesting it.

So guys, if you decide to venture in to the wild side of the sexual adventure, realize you may be getting into more than you bargained for. If the girls THAT into the idea just suggest she hook up with another girl, and you sit back and enjoy the show. But if you’re hell bent on trying a 3 way, there MUST be a “you can never hold this against me later” clause. You must INSIST she is the only woman that really turns you on and you just COULD NOT enjoy sex with another woman more than with her. Yeah yeah yeah, I know. And trust me, so does she, but she still NEEDS to hear this- a LOT. Lol. Next, your GF/SO needs to receive the most of the attention from you. I’ll say it again- your SO MUST got the bigger percentage of the attention. If this is going down on HER request, please establish what I mentioned as CYA material. CYA is a navy term for- “cover your ass”. Again, you can NEVER be 100% certain how your woman is going to react during/after the event. But let me save you a huge headache, and trouble.

Rent a movie instead. Or do yourself a favor and read  StingRay’s Post on how women should dress.

Stay up.

Or listen to music. Who DOESN’T like music.

8 Comments on “The Art of the Three Way”

  1. OffTheCuff says:

    Pretty good advice here. The other main point is to remember it’s not about you, it’s giving the women a safe place to play, and you’re the guest. Hang back, focus more of your attention on your partner, and they will both reward you.

    And, yeah, it’s not risk-free, you’re fooling yourself if you can think otherwise. You better discuss boundaries on what you can and can’t do, before going in.

  2. You are right once again. A three-way will come back to haunt a guy. It’s not worth it. Women are too jealous for this to work out. It’s best to pay for a menage from professionals.

  3. Stingray says:

    Thanks for the link love, Danny and sorry this is late.

  4. FFY says:

    Good stories man. I’m a tad bit jealous.

    I’ve only had one three way chance, sophomore year. My girlfriends friend had a major girl crush on my girl and wanted my d as well (she’s a basket case), and one night I suggested we try it, and my gf agreed.

    The other girl wanted it too, but was smart about it. Before she came over she asked my gf one more time if this was really what she wanted, and when she hesitated she said we’ll wait til my gf is sober. In the morning my girl cried that it almost happened, so yeah wise words here Danny.

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  6. Boy Toy says:

    Sounds like a fun experience with the strippers!!
    But I disagree with you – 3ways are AWESOME
    It all depends on your relationship with the girls…

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