Never Say Die

After I left Sicily I was stationed in New Orleans and attending UNO. There was a girl in my Ethics class who I kind of had a crush on. I think I was about 26-27 at the time. Well me and this girl just made small talk during the course of the semester. After mid-terms we leaving class and I asked her awkwardly about her boyfriend. She kind of smiled and told me she had just become single about a month ago. My reply was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!

“Oh, cool.”

That was it. I blanked out. I couldn’t think of ANYTHING to follow up with. Well, girl gave me ANOTHER attempt when she asked, “Why, did you ask?” I was on auto-pilot, I answered stupidly, “I dunno.” That was it. She simply told me, “Oh, well now you know.” Inside my head, there was a voice SCREAMING at me, “WTF, TALK TO HER, GET HER NUMBER AND TALK TO HER LATER!!!! ASK ASK ASK!!! But I didn’t. As I walked back to my car this was what I heard in my head-


I told myself, as I started the car, that that would NEVER happen again. I WOULD NOT CARE if she said yes or no, but I’d ASK. Fast forward to next semester; there was a girl in my Psychology class that I knew from base. Sweet girl, but not really my type. Then SHE walked in- she sat next to the girl I knew (whom I sat behind). As the semester went on the girls became friends. The girls name was Elizabeth. I kid you not she looked just like Angelina Jolie. Now, I’m not a huge fan of AJ, but this is just for a frame of reference. She was about 5’6”, black hair, green eyes, petite, GREAT body. Seriously, she was banging.

She had a bf. Thusly, when I did talk with her it was pretty informal. Our mutual friend dropped the class and Elizabeth asked me to sit across from her. But it’s not what you’re thinking. She wanted me to sit next to her so she could cheat off my tests. Silly Wabbit, and she used to routinely ask to borrow a scan-tron’s for our exams. I gave them to her once, and then started charging her for them. No biggie.

As the semester came to a close, we were finishing our…

I was finishing OUR finals sot surprisingly she was done when I was. We turned in our exams and as we left the class I did it again. “So, are you and your dude still an item?” she shrugged her shoulders, “Yeah, I guess so. No. I don’t know.” Then she glanced at me coyly, “Why?” I happened again. I blanked out. When it came time for us part, I told her, “Alright….guess see you around.” Elizabeth replied awkwardly, “I guess so.” I walked back to car, started it, and something hit me.

I drove over to where she was and she was loading her stuff into her SUV. “Liz, I need to talk to you.” I got out and walked over to her and said, “Sorry I must have eaten a brain tumor for breakfast, I meant to get your number, but I blanked out.” She didn’t let me off the hook that easily, “Why do you want my number Danny?” Had it not been for a slight grin, I might have back-pedaled. I just kind of laughed and said, “Because we’re meeting up sometime in the near future.” or something along those lines. She took out a notebook, wrote down her number and grinned, “That wasn’t too difficult now was it?”

It never really materialized into anything other than a FWB situation. She was a club girl. What did help me out was that the clubs she frequented where about 10 minutes from my pad. So I typically got phone calls from her on Friday/Saturday nights when the clubs we dwindling. She was usually on X, I’m sure you know what that means. We NEVER met anywhere but my house. And the sex was EPIC. That’s usually a good indication of a psycho. After about 3-4 months she started dating some other dude, I’m going to assume it was a drug dealer. But honestly it didn’t matter. It was what I needed at the time since girl back in Sicily was still a sore spot for me. I need to have the palate cleansed so to speak. Lol.

But it NEVER would have happened had I walked away. It’s nothing new, nothing that hasn’t been written about before. But I think at times the reiteration and seeing others jack it up, and then come back swinging helps. I mean, it’s one of those “yeah yeah yeah, I know” things that you hear all the time, yet so many guys make the mistake of falling into. I mean, honestly…who gives a fuck if she turns you down. You never know what’s going to happen.

That’s the part I like the most. It’s just like hunting.

My boy dropped a sick line that I totally plan on using. If you’re talking with a girl and she asks you about your diet or what are some foods you enjoy tell her, “I’m a strict vagaterian.” Lulz.

Also, YES- the family is fine. I appreciate the thoughts and well-wishes for the family. My relatives all split from the city. No clue when they’ll be able to go back home. My house looks like a tornado hit it. When my mom called to let me know she had arrived, the first question was, “Where’s the beer? Paw had a long trip.” Gotta love my family. I’ll keep you posted as things develop. Stay up.

10 Comments on “Never Say Die”

  1. aneroidocean says:

    Rad on the family, good story too.

  2. Slightly anonymous says:

    I’m in this situation right now.

    Don’t know how it’s going to end (could be painful TBH).

    What I am glad for is that when the ‘opportunity’ came along (smacked me sideways in surprise), I grabbed it with both hands. She’s killer sweet, but there are a couple of issues (one of them ‘we’ share). But fuck it, I went for it

    The old me would have said little, let it slide away without comment…

  3. Athor Pel says:

    What you realized in regard to women is actually a core life lesson that applies in many other situations. That being, go ahead and ask the question, whatever it is, the worst thing that can happen is they say no.

    A corollary lesson is, find the person that can say yes. This mostly applies to dealing with a bureaucracy.

    Example, I needed to transfer some tech school class credits to my university after I got out of the Air Force. The registrar didn’t know what to make of it, their default answer to things they know nothing about is no. I asked whether they would accept the hours if I got someone knowledgeable at the university to ok things.

    I went and found the head of the foreign language department. He knew all about DLI, which is the Defense Language Institute. I showed him my transcript and he drew up a letter right there. In the letter he gave instructions to the registrar’s office in how the class credit transfer should occur.

    With that letter I went from 0 hours transferred to 22 hours transferred. That was worth a chunk of change. 22 hours of classes I wouldn’t have to pay for, all because I found the person that could say yes.

  4. Urban Counselor says:

    This reminds me of the part in the movie “Indecent Proposal” when the guy that bought Demi Moore’s character told the story about the girl on the train that he never approached and how he said it would never happen to him again. About one year after digesting the red pill I thought of that scene. Very Sobering…

  5. The Navy Corpsman says:

    Fortune does indeed favor the bold, but a caveat: make sure the rewards are worth the risk. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen boldness rewarded with flaky, aberrant and unstable mind games. Too many times guys fixate on the sex, and forget to check for potential stalker behavior, or borderline mental breakdowns.

    The Navy Corpsman

  6. Phoenix says:

    What kind of game did you use on her?

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