Maw Maw Game

sorry, this one is more for the female readers. my maw-maw passed away last june. my maw-maw OWNED. she had so much spunk, and vitality and joie de vie that you couldn’t help but love the woman. she was 100% pure cajun, clan LeBlanc.



the fam is in for the storm in NO. me and paw-paw are pounding beers and watching “cajun justice”. he’ll usually chime in out of no where with little gems about my maw-maw. his latest-

“elaine asked momma how she could get involved with such a cad like me, she told her, “if i wanted vanilla, i’d have ordered vanilla.” lulz.

he told me the story of when her proposed to maw-maw at lee circle downtown. “i placed that tiny ring on her finger and asked, “will you marry me?” her response-

“why not?” this is CLASSIC maw-maw. you have to know this women to appreciate how laid back and nonchalant she was. RIP momma cat.

paw-paw had maw-maw on one of their early dates. paw-paw popped a piece of gum in his mouth, and maw-maw asked for a piece. she took the wrapper, crumbled it up and threw it at paw-paw. when he asked why she threw that at him she replied, “always throw your trash where your love lies.”

paw-paw had met maw-maw’s sister millie and when he finally met maw-maw he asked if she was millie (they looked VERY alike). maw-mawtold him, “no, but i’m next best thing…..millies little sister, the pick of the litter.” that’s some SERIOUS girl game. lol.

miss you Momma Cat. don’t worry, i’m taking care of paw-paw for you.

7 Comments on “Maw Maw Game”

  1. Awwwww, you’re such a good grandson…
    Rest in peace, Maw-maw.

    I wonder what Maw-maw would think of Paw-paw being used as your wing-man, Danny 😛

    I hope she REALLY is as laid-back as you say, otherwise, you’re in serious trouble, mate! Did you not know – dead Grandmas can still come back and hit you on the head with a saucepan! 😀

  2. Jacquie says:

    A beautiful tribute, Danny. You did her proud with this post. It’s just a shame that our current generations don’t turn out as many of the good ones as the previous generations did. Is that too cynical to think? Or am I just reading too many blogs and such these days? Thank you for such a posititive post as this today, Danny. You all stay safe.

  3. Angeline says:

    What a pistol! She sounds like a riot. Y’all take care down there.

  4. The Navy Corpsman says:

    All I can say is, the only other woman I ever seriously considered proposing to, was a Cajun/Creole lady who had every man in Lafourche Parish after her. She was pretty, not stunningly gorgeous, but she was the most feminine, vivacious, sparkling woman I’d met til then. Smart as could be, pre-med and could flirt the frock off of a priest. We were steady for months, til she realized that she wanted to dedicate her life to charity medical work, and as she put it, “Marriage and the Peace Corps don’t go together.”

    Last I heard from her, she was on her way to some African nation which was in the middle of yet another war. I tried to get in touch a year later, and all her mother would say was, that she came back a different person. That was 1989, I think. War screws up everyone it touches.

    The Navy Corpsman

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