White Knighting. By a MARINE. *smh*

i try not to post twice a night but i HAD to write this while it was still fresh in my head. i was at the local after my family had decided to crash and i posted up in my regular spot. there was a cute blonde being chatted up by a decent looking dude. the dynamic was (starting at me and moving to my left)-

me in my spot, guy (friend), girl, girl (regular, she knows me), girl (cute blonde), guy (decent looking). the scene-

guy sitting next to cute blonde is working his mojo. i find out he’s a Marine. well, cute blonde made a comment about something i said to guy that’s my friend to which i looked at her but didn’t respond (my neg). i finally got some backstory from my male friend. girl sitting next to him was the big sister of the cute blonde.


well, i knew then that big sis was not going to let marine close the cute blonde. well, once i found out dude was a Marine, i asked for his MOS (job in the Corps) and he said, “i have several.” and he looked away. aaaaaaw, classic alpha posturing. i knew the deal. a few minutes later is asked his MOS again, and he named them off. i’ll give the guy credit………he’s NOT a POG. he’s a grunt. RESPECT. seriously. he’s a front echelon warrior. cool.

well, the 2 sisters are Columbian and the started firing off in Spanish. i could BARELY hear what they were saying but could keep up. one guy wrangled his way in between big sis and regular girl and said, ” english please”. my male friend chimed in, “Danny speaks spanish btw.” everyone was looking at me. i commented, ” i lived in spain for 3 years and i’m half mexican.” Marine IMMEDIATELY chimed in, “the dialect in Columbia isn’t quite the proper spanish of spain.


kid lost all respect i had for him at that point. i was laughing my ass off.

ok. look, i have female friends. and the cute blonde called Marine “friend” SEVERAL times. she even high fixed him. *douche chills* now, she was a tad drunk and leaning towards him. but that means fuck all as latina women are usually touchy feely. but i DID NOT insult or threaten her, THAT’S when you step in when a woman you know is in trouble. he had NO REASON, to step in. columbian accent is different from proper spanish and i’m incapable of understanding the 2 girls.

again, posturing, and a PURE white knight move. he had NO reason to comment on that other than he felt compelled to defend girl from NOTHING. he just wanted to gain favor. sad. really sad.

i expected better from a Marine. i actually called DogSquat to tell him about it. to the guys reading this blog…..

DON’T be this guy.

i’m friends with MANY beautiful women, i’d have NEVER stepped in to this. i even called So-So to tell her this story, and i’m telling her to comment on it. BET.


stay up

7 Comments on “White Knighting. By a MARINE. *smh*”

  1. Jake says:

    It’s getting worse.

    I only end up in the U.S. once every year or two. Every time, I look forward to being an asshole (doesn’t work in most of the rest of the world), and be rewarded for being an asshole with easy, fun, no-effort pussy.

    And every FUCKING time I go out, there is some asshole trying to “save” a girl from me. All roided out, with tribal tattoos, baseball caps, usually. Who are these people, are they suicidal? Or … “alpha”? (Heh: http://www.cedonulli.com/the-alpha-male/)

    I blame Disney and all the princess-saved-by-prince shit.

  2. The Navy Corpsman says:

    It’s been years, but I can’t recall ever dropping out due to someone else trying to posture themselves as King of the Bar. I dropped out when it was plain that the female was WITH a guy, but just because someone fancies himself ? Please.

    Sometimes you just gotta leave enough rope dangling, and leave the rest up to them.

    The Navy Corpsman

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  4. anon dude says:

    Young Marine guys are sometimes the biggest and chumpiest white knights.

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