Chicken Fricassee

Chicken Fricassee’ is an old school Cajun dish. It’s essentially poor people food. Which we all know is the best food. I’ve watched Maw-Maw Leblanc make Fricassee’ too many times and it’s seared into my recipe-rolodex. It seems complex, but it’s actually VERY easy to make, and fucking delish. You’ll need-

1 cup med brown roux

2-3 chicken quarters (I prefer 4 drums and 4 thighs)

1 cup chopped trinity (1/2 med onion, 1 stalk celery, ½ bell pepper)

2-3 cloves chopped garlic

2 bay leaves

1 cup chicken stock

1 tsp cayenne (optional)

2 TSP thyme

1 cup rice (uncooked)

I med Dutch oven

Dredge the chicken in flour and sauté over med heat until the flour browns (about 3-4 minutes per side), then remove from pot and set aside. Add the trinity and sauté until translucent. Add roux, then add chicken stock, bay leaves, thyme, garlic, and cayenne. Bring to a boil then drop heat to low and cover. Let cook for about an hour, then add chicken. Bring to boil again and once boiling, drop heat to low and walk away for about another hour. Cook rice. Remove bay leaves once you take it off heat. (or else it will get bitter). Ladle the fricassee over rice and enjoy. I typically don’t use salt but I’ll add a dash of Tony’s- see pic.


C’est si bon!

the finished product.

it’s basically seasoning salt. but every house in louisiana has it. as do i. lol.



Patrice Oneal (RIP) was my first real venturing into “game”. TBH, it wasn’t really game as much as it was internalizing his philosophy about women. Which in summation is: He comes first, then his career, then his family, then his women. If you’ve been on this site long enough you’ve heard me often hear me mention how I tell women I’m involved with, “You’re fourth.” I discovered Patrice around 1999-2000. Patrice was the one that helped me to internalize my core of belief and trust in my myself- ALONE.

A good friend of mine (and a sold 8 with an epic rack) went to see him live in Michigan. Patrice loving women of course singled her out and asked her a question (I don’t recall what it was, and it really doesn’t matter). She giggled and responded and Patrice asked her if she were nervous. Well, yes of course she was but she was also reeling with tingles. When she answered yes, Patrice asked her if she were a tad star struck and she nodded. He said that that was kinda cute and then immediately addressed the crowd-

“I like my bitches to be a little retarded.”

The audience erupted in laughter and and my friend said she was pissing herself laughing. She said she covered her chest and she was VERY turned on. Then Patrice landed-

“It makes me not feel bad when I don’t call them back.”

Again, the crowd roared. I asked my friend (who admittedly is a goer) if she would have run into after the show would she have gone back to his hotel. I didn’t even get to finish the question as she said, “Totally”. Of course it helps when you’re on a stage and semi-famous. lol.

I can’t stress how far a good sense of humor will get you with a woman. BUT, simply being funny isn’t enough. Women can sense weakness in men. you HAVE.TO.OWN.YOUR.FRAME. And that frame needs to be, “You really are lucky to be receiving my time and attention.” If you get caught up on her looks and get nervous a woman KNOWS it. My boy runs Gorilla game. I could NEVER run Gorilla game. I use confidence and humor. Once i make a girl laugh a few times, I escalate. If you’ve been reading long enough you know my go-to escalation.

“Damn girl, you keep giggling like that and you’re gonna end up pregnant.”

I’ve never had it fail. And most of what I do to make her laugh comes in the form of light negs that I follow up with a MINOR compliment. And I never mention her looks. I take that out the equation from the get go by telling her she’s, “kinda cute”. Another GREAT follow up to that is (after she laughs of course, and TRUST ME, she’ll laugh), “I mean, you’re no dime, but you’re sportable.”


In case you didn’t know, laughter is simply an audible tingle. So when a girl giggles at a neg or when you tease her, you know what’s up. And you know how I can PROVE I’m right? I’d be willing to bet most of the girls reading this blog agree with what I’m advising you guys. I know David DeAngelo does the “cocky funny” thing, well there’s a reason he emphasizes it. Confidence is one thing, but without the funny it could come off as arrogance. Tingle kryptonite. Humor alone could make you come off as too aloof and doesn’t build attraction aside from making her comfortable around you. Always remember, you are qualifying her. Not the other way around. Once you can see she’s enjoying the interaction you MUST escalate. Personally, I escalate sexually within 2-3 minutes of the interaction.

It’s kind of odd posting this shit since, to be honest, I’m not really looking for a gf or to have any kind of LTR anymore. But I guess I keep the site up and going for the guys that don’t necessarily want to be a PUA, but want to understand women and be a better dude in general. The world is you oyster fellahs. Women are NOT some impossible mystery creature. Quite the contrary, with the right knowledge women are actually pretty predictable- in terms of attraction.

I mean- if my short, bald, dumb ass can do it. So can you.

Ladies, I shall bed you all before the night is through.

Stay the fuck up.

Tomorrow I’ll drop some food porn and give you Clan LeBlanc’s recipe for Chicken Fricassee’. But, I’ll be providing pics of what I’m ACTUALLY cooking: pork tenderloin, stuffed with boudin and wrapped in applewood smoked bacon. It’s a pork porno. lol.

Bill Fucking Burr

Stopped off at Athol’s place and saw a GREAT bit that Bill Burr did. As we all know I’m a coat-tail riding unoriginal hack, so BOP!!!!!! Now it’s mine. Besides, Bill Burr’s TITS!!!!

The Psycho ExGirlfriend

i was talking with a reader who was telling me his woes and transgressions from an ex that’s nuts. he’s never posted but he asked me a question in email land. and i can tell you, girl fucking RUINED this dude’s life. we’ve all been there. i had mine. you find yourself dating this SLAMMING hot girl, things are great. she fucks like a porn star, is ALWAYS down to initiate, you suddenly start telling yourself, “damn, i really fucking hit pay dirt.”

then it happens. call after call after call. “where are you, why haven’t you called me back”

“you’re spending way too much time with your friends!”

slowly but surely she starts encroaching herself more and more into your life. she starts getting WAAAAAAAY to clingy. she begins accusing you of seeing other girls. you start to withdraw from the relationship. the shit get messier, then you realize.

She’s bat-shit fucking crazy.

you tell her (politely, calmly) that you think it’s best if the 2 of you quit seeing each other.

houston we have nukage

we know the drill. the phone calls, the texts, she might even stalk you. she shit talks you to everyone. sigh. if you only have ONE psycho-ex, you know PRECISELY what i’m talking about. Psycho chicks all share common traits. the 2 main being.


2. they fuck phenomenally.

if you’re a man that’s relatively successful with women, we talk about psycho ex’s like war stories, usually over a beer. the following video is a series of call that a guy posted to make his ex stop calling. i get douche chills listening to them. this originally came out around 1999-2000. proceed at your own risk. and please note the time between call. there are actually 63 call. i know because i have them on iTunes.

5 and 6 are the most telling. she’s DESPERATE. she innocently asks for his help with something. and the with 7th- WOW.

i can now tell fairly quickly if i’m dealing with a possible psycho. she’s very pretty, she’s PERFECT- at first. the sex is super-fantastic. but….you MUST dig beneath the surface. you MUST be a detective. but you have to be subtle. you must find out her relationship status with her dad. if she talks shit about her dad. YOU MENTION YOUR DAD’S AN ASSHOLE AS WELL. let her go on and on and on. listen to every word she says. then find out why she broke up with her last bf. it’s unlikely she’ll tell you she was dumped. the more shit she talks about him, the crazier she is.


obviously the longer you’re with her, the longer it’ll take to end it. quadruple the normal break up time. honestly, the SECOND i have sex with a girl, i go on high alert to look for psycho traits. and utilize the above quals. having a pyscho is almost a rite of passage. lol. so grab a beer, kick back and listen to 53 rambling, nut-case voice mails, and count your lucky fucking stars.

stay up.

this reminded me of this song. lol.

Doggy Game

Yesterday I posted about the joys of raising a pup and having a loving, goofy, four legged comapnion. I wanted to cover this as well, but the post was pretty long, so i decided to break this into two parts.

So, what’s one of the best things about having a well trained, furry, four legged companion.


I was living in San Diego when Brody was growing up, and I used to bring Brody to the dog park at Balboa. I don’t know how he managed it but EVERY damn cute girl there would have him running up to sniff and play with. Talk about breaking the ice. It really was the only time he’d break camp and leave my side. So, yesterday we talked about choosing and training a dog. Normally, we’d play “throw the ball” until he was worn out and just stroll around the park. Most of the patrons were regulars and I soon came to be kn…..scratch that, BRODY became a well-known fixture there. For those of you that don’t know: Brody’s a functional, albeit lovable retard. He’s the goofiest bastard on four legs. Yet, Brody opened more women for me than I could ever have done alone. Remember, this was 2006. One girl, and GOD I can’t remember her name was a slamming brunette with 2 dogs. Now Brody didn’t typically play with other dogs, but he got along really well with her one rescue. Her other dog was a Chihuahua named (I shit you not) Leelou Peopli. Extra credit goes to the reader who knows where she got that name from. Well, whenever Brody saw this girl he’d run over to her and sniff and run round her excitedly. Then at some point, I kid you not, he’d eventually pee on her. I swear to God. Once I found out her bf and her were on the outs, I asked her out to lunch. I think we dated for a 2-3 months but considering I was heading to Spain in April, we both knew it was a fling. And my in was knowing where her little doggies name came from. “OMG, YES!!!!!! LIKE NO ONE EVER KNOWS!!!!!” *smh* 

Now….EVERYONE at the Dog Park commented on how well behaved Brody was. I was already doing the sit, throw ball, and he waits until he’s allowed to go fetch trick and that blew people’s minds. I can’t even begin to tell you how many girls would approach me to “talk to Brody”, and comment on how good of a dog he was. Hamster 101 (though I didn’t really know it at the time), but I did know that Brody was the reason these girls were approaching. I number closed a few, and actually went on a few dates with a couple.

If you’re a guy with a dog, you have a big leg up with your game. And the dog does most of the leg work. Girls have ZERO problem coming over to “play with the dog”. From there all you need to do is run basic day game. I always ran the “Brody is a sucker for brunettes/blondes/mexicanas”, then I’d squat down and say, “Are you serious?” I’d shake my head and say, “He wants to know if he can be your bf. Sorry, he’s a pretty direct guy.”. The girls always reacted the same. They knew what I was doing. They’d fawn over how cute he was and how his Daddy taught him so well. *rolls eyes*. You get the picture I’m sure. I know damn near every girl reading this is smiling because they know it would work on them.

Having a dog will help get you in. But having a well trained, and socially trained dog is MONEY.

I tried to cover this back when I first started blogging, but didn’t get into it that much because I didn’t know how to cover the subject without coming off as offensive. Having a dog that is obviously trained and listen’s goes straight to a girls head and down to her girly bits with tingles of pure bliss. They can’t help it. I’m assuming it’s the fact that not only are able to nurture another living creature, but you’re obviouly a dominant, yet loving indivual.

I have yet to meet a guy that had a dog and knew how to raise it properly, that did poorly with women. Guys good with dogs are typically laid back and have a confidence that’s easily picked up by the female of the species. Now here’s the key: dog’s feed of their owner’s energy. They can tell if you’re angry, happy, sad, scared. They SENSE it. Women are pretty much the same. I can be OBLIVIOUS to a woman’s emotional state, but you bet your ass that your women knows when something is “off” with you. Brody is the same with me.

I’d posit that the same qualities exhibited by dog guys are the same qualities that attract women. Confidence, stable minded, calm, assertive; all these are necessary to keep a dog confidant in your ability to lead the pack. I’m not trying to be sexist or suggest women are like dogs, but you have to admit….these examples do parallel each other. Brody trusts me 100%. I DO NOT lose my temper with him, I always praise him, I respect him, and I absolutely love him. In return, he has submitted to my authority. This DOES NOT mean I’m pushing him around and yelling commands 24/7. In fact, 90% of the time, I leave him to his own devices. I feed him, take him for his daily walk, play dumb games of fetch, scratch his belly, and we have a very symbiotic relationship. He’s my companion, he’s MY responsibility, he’s (in a sense) my son. Every decision I make, I need to take into account how it will affect Brody. I know what he likes and dislikes. And I never abuse the authority he’s given me as pack leader. In return he loves, trusts, and protects me.

Gee, what does this sound like? lol.

Brody ALWAYS knows and understands my state of mind. Most people that have dogs that have “issues” have said issues because the human is not leading the pack well (be it male or female) and the dog realizes the human is of weak character and has taken over the pack. Let’s think about this: what happens when a man fails to assert proper confidence and leadership in a relationship? What happens in a relationship when a man fails to be decisive and leaves the woman in charge of 100% of the relationship?

Look, I’ve dated some ball busting girls. Lawyers, teachers, bar-tenders, basically- women who are in charge of shit for 8-10 hours a day.

Ok. Sorry, but as I was typing this a VERY hot Latina came to my desk to schedule a procedure and plopped her tits right on my desk, at eye-level. The epic bronze orbs of deliciousness really have thrown me off. Give me a moment to recoup. WHY do you ladies do this shit to us? *sigh* I’m really dicombobulated now.


Ok. Where were we? OH, yeah. The ex’s. Interesting thing about these women is that in their personal relationships, they NEEDED me to take charge. They relished the fact that they could count on me to take charge. Again, I always stress to guys that they can be decisive, but being dictatorial will get you nowhere. If anything, it’ll just land you a bitchy, moody, SO. However, a calm, assertive, in control attitude is VERY easily detectable to a woman. I ALWAYS stress the below link as a guide for first time dog owners. Notice anything there? There are quite a few good articles to click through when you finish the article.

Just as it is with Brody.

So you want to improve your game and be a better dude in general. Get a puppy, read yesterdays post, and raise a companion that will add a rich, lovable, goofy layer to your life. If you decide you’d prefer a cat- die in a fire. lol.

Stay up

Brody’s old stomping grounds



me and my son.

Owning a Dog. Training a Dog

So, you decided you’re ready for some companionship. You’ve decided to invest in the ultimate wingman. You wanna buy a dog. I can’t even begin to tell you how great it is having a dog. I’d honestly recommend a guy getting a dog WAY before he has a kid. And by having a dog, I mean raising one from puppy through its entire life span. There are a few considerations before getting a dog. Does your apartment allow dogs; do they have breed/size restrictions? All factors to consider.

First off- rescue or purebred? A rescue is going to obviously be cheaper and make you feel all warm and fuzzy and altruistic. Good for you. You’re a Saint. I chose purebred. Why? I wanted to know EXACTLY what I was getting in a dog. I ended up dog sitting for a friend and KNEW I was going to get this same breed when I could. I settled on and  English Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Never did like the small toy breeds. But, I couldn’t get a really large dog since I’m military and move around a lot. The ESBT is absolutely the best breed I can think of for a single man. They’re relatively small, don’t weigh much, and have GREAT temperaments. Want to go jog for 2-3 miles, your ESBT will run right next to you. Want a dog that’s NOT all hyperactive and crazy in the house. Brody sits right beside me when I get home. ESBT are also quite easy to train, which I feel is a requirement if you going to own a dog. Nothing fancy. Just: sit, come, stay, down, and move. I did manage to teach one trick, but it was VERY easy to do. Oh and he picked up “shake” on his own. More on that later.

First I will explain what I did and what I learned in venturing into the Dog-owning world.

I already knew what breed I wanted and I decided on a female (ESBT bitches make better watch dogs and are more wary of strangers- Brody loves everything that walks on 2 legs). So I found a breeder and when I got back from Japan on 1 month of leave I called the breeder and drove to her house; 4 hours away. Most dog breeder and people who know dogs in general will tell you, “The dog picks the owner”. My mom used to breed shi-tzu’s, so watching people buy her pups I can verify this.

As I sat among the 3 pups (1 bitch, 2 dogs), the female wanted nothing to do with me (like most women. lol). I’d pick her up, she’d lick my face, I’d set her in my lap and off she went. Right off my lap and into something else. Same goes for the other male. A white pup who was the biggest of the litter. He too didn’t give a shit I was there. Brody however, walked up to me, crawled into my lap licked my arm, sniffed me, then walked away. However, he approached me 3 times. The other two never walked onto my lap or even bothered with coming to me. The rest is history. Brody cost me $1200. And I don’t regret the money I spent.

Brody sat silently in my lap for the entire 4 hour ride home. He didn’t whimper or bark. When he got home, he sniffed the new environment and had the typical puppy curiosity. He was six weeks old, and had just been whelped. The first 3 nights I had him he slept beside me. I usually toss and turn, but for those 3 nights; I slept and brody stayed in a small ball against my chest. We had bonded. This bond is CRUCIAL. Now it was time for his next lesson: crate training. This is best done during puppyhood as it tends to make a more even tempered dog later. I placed his crate beside my bed and slept. He’d whimper and cry and I’d place my hand down, let him sniff and lick me, then remove my hand. After 2 nights he slept without crying. After he had slept two days without crying; I moved his crate downstairs. The first night he howled, and cried, and howled. When my mom woke, she’d let him out. After 3 nights he quit crying. Crate training complete. It’s important to remember, wild dogs live in dens. The crate should NEVER be used as punishment. The crate is your doggy’s personal dog retreat.

Next up, collaring. Do yourself a favor and buy 2 cheap ones; you’re probably going to need them as a puppy DOES NOT WANT TO WEAR it. And they paw it and mess with it. I had to replace Brody’s first collar. After a few days, he was fine with it. I NEVER took it off either. He ALWAYS has a collar on.

Next stop: leash training. Buy a simple leash and put it on the collar. Here comes the fun part: watching your puppy fight the collar. It DOES NOT LIKE IT. Keep it on for about 10-15 minutes until the pup gives 2 shits that it’s on. Then start applying it when you take him outside for brief periods, take 7-8 steps, turn around and take 3-4 more steps (don’t forget to praise him when he walks beside you). Eventually he’ll get it. Leash training complete.

Puppies poop and pee. No getting around that. But here’s a tip I got from mom: mother dogs teach their litter to poop after she feeds them. So to make things easier on you….keep doing that. Lol. I can’t begin to tell you how important it is to provide structure and stick to routines with puppies/dogs, they STRIVE on consistency. I fed brody in the evening. ALWAYS. After he ate, I’d take him outside and stay with him till me “made potty”. I ALWAYS said, “make potty” when he started to poop. To this DAY, if I look at Brody and say, “make potty”, he’ll walk to the door id he has to go. Once the puppy has poop’d: PRAISE PRAISE PRAISE PRAISE PRAISE. Got it. NEVER scold a dog pooping or peeing inside. If you see them start, pick them up and quickly run them outside. DO NOT LET THEM BACK IN TILL THEY POOP/PEE. When the go, praise them. Rinse repeat. You can typically tell when a puppy as to pee by him circling a certain spot a few times, turning in small circles, then they’ll squat and pee (even male pup pee squatting until they reach doggy puberty. So if you notice him sniffing and making small circles, he probably has to pee. 

This is all you need to do at first. I didn’t start “training” Brody until he was about 3-4 months old. During puppyhood, when I went to bed, I crated Brody and would say, “go seep” for go to sleep. You want commands to be quick and once you start using a command ALWAYS use the same command. Again, puppies need structure, consistency and routines. Changing shit up makes your job more difficult. Something I learned along the way, if you plan on being out the house when your pup is 2-4 months and he starts teething, he will chew EVERYTHING. Brody ate my kitchen table. Seriously. I didn’t want to crate him while I was at school, and I came home one day to see he chewed the legs of the table, and the sheet rock of my wall. OK. So I placed him in a pen in the spare bedroom. He ate the carpet all the way down to the foundation. OK. From then on he stayed crated until I got home from school. Now, puppies WILL NOT poop/pee in their den, so I took him out IMMEDIATELY when I got home. This helped TREMENDOUSLY. Still brody wasn’t “house broken” until he was 7-8 months old.

Once Brody was 3-4 months, his formal education began. ESBT learn VERY quickly. I started with “sit”. I’d utter the command and push him bottom down gently. Then praise him and offer a treat. We’d do this for 5-10 minutes at a time. Took him 3 days to get it. Then, did the same with “down”. Again, took about 3 days. Once he had “sit” and “down”, “come” was next. Place him in the sit position, walk about 5-6 steps away and say, “come”. Now I ALWAYS said Brodys name followed by the command during training. When Brody would come to me, I praised him. Again; 5 minutes session are perfect. But do not move onto a new command until you do LEARNS the command you’re working on. This is key. Es llave. Lol. The last command was “move”. I’d say, “Brody, move”. And gently push him away. As he walked away I praised him. I NEVER put him in the sit or down command then did move. I didn’t want to confuse him. By the time he was 5 months. He was fully trained in all 4 commands.

Next up was walking. I started “walking” training around 3 months as well. I’d leash him and start walking. If he pulled on the leash, I’d stop, and make him sit. Then I’d walk again. These sessions lasted for about 5 minutes. Then the walks got longer. Then once he quit pulling the leash (also called “leash leading”), I stared training him to sit when I quit walking. During the walk, I’ll stop, look down at Brody and give him the sit command. Then take 5-6 steps and do it again. Rinse repeat. Eventually, I’d stop walking and he’d sit on his own. The first 15-20 times he did it I praised him. To this day, if I’m walking him and I stop to chat to someone, he’ll stop and sit.

This was all I needed to do. His last trick was pretty easy but looks impressive. I’ll throw a ball and he’d fetch for me to throw again. Simple enough. Well, I’d put him in the sit command throw the ball and when he went for it, I’d make the noise I make to indicate I didn’t approve. Eventually he got it right. Then I’d mix it up by throwing the ball WITHOUT him in the sit command and have him fetch, then sit him and throw it. When I said, “god boy”, this was his cue to go for the ball. When he brought it back praise. Keep doing this until the dog realizes what you’re doing. And trust me, eventually, if you’re consistent, he will.

Oh, a few other things. Brody is not allowed to walk out the house first if he’s coming with me. I sit him; open the door, walk out the door, then say “good” boy. Same thing with walking INTO the house. Sit him, open door walk in, look at Brody, “good boy” and in comes Brody. You see, for dog’s, you’re the alpha of his “pack”, so the alpha walks in and out the den first. The alpha doesn’t walk around anything, things move for him. If Brody’s laying on the floor, in my way, I just walk over him. I don’t step on him of course, I just walk over him.

Brody’s not allowed in the kitchen either. You see, once you train a dog they will follow you everywhere you go in the house. A dog can walk beside you but NEVER directly in front of you. If Brody trips me up, I just stare at him and he knows he fucked up. Now, he knows NOT to get in front of me. If I’m in the kitchen and carrying a pot full of something, I can’t have him at my feet. So I trained him NOT to go into the kitchen.

The best website I know of is  Dog Breed Info

Now, one mistake I made was in not socializing him. I read that dogs should be socialized AFTER they’ve received their shots. This usually happens around 6-7 months old. Well, it’s actually best to let pups socialize with pups. I’m talking 2-3 months old. Pet’s Mart usually has pens where puppies can play. See Dogs at that age aren’t alpha/beta pack members. They’re pups, so they socialize as puppies do. However, once they turn 5-6 months, they begin puppy puberty. They know all too well what alpha a beta behavior is. Well, ESBT (actuallyAll bull breeds), tend to be dog aggressive. If ANY dog tries to assert itself over Brody…….FIGHT. And Brody has NEVER been beaten. I had a VERY large Presa Canario rush  Brody and Brody held his ground. It lasted about 20 seconds and the Presa’s owner had to rush over to control his dog. THIS is why Brody is trained, he WILL NOT leave my side when I have him out. Around humans I’ve NEVER seen him get aggressive. He’s actually VERY protective of women and kids. Seriously. I was wrestling with a gf and when I pinned her down, she acted like she was scared and Brody grabbed my wrist and tried to pull me off her.

BAD idea.

I looked at him and sternly commanded, “NO.MOVE”, and away he walked, head down… complete submission. BUT, I knew what he was doing. He was trying to protect the gf. Talk about impressing the shit out of the gf. I told her, “If ANYONE comes in here or get rough with you; he’s going to eat their face.” She said she NEVER felt unsafe in the house while I was at work and that she’d definitely be slightly worried if he wasn’t in the house.

This post went on kind of long, so I’ll wrap it up tomorrow with “WHY woman tingle around guys that own dogs” and how it related so well to game.

Stay up.

the day i got Brody home. notice, NO collar. lol.

doofus asleep at my lap. lol. tell me he isn’t adorable.

ITLR: Taking Action

Mentu’s made a call to arms. And I’m all in. The beauty of being almost 40 and looking like I’m in my mid-twenties, fucking OWNS. Knowing game, having a red-pill mind-set, and knowing how to flirt with women puts me in a unique position in this “battle”. Then I headed off to Terminal Lance and read this gem.

Being the resident Military male blogger, I’m going to urge ALL guys that live near military bases to marry a Military woman that has decided to make it a career. Follow Max’s example and role reverse: marry her, stay with her for 11 years (even if you catch her cheating), then as soon as you hit year 11, DIVORCE HER!!!!! You SHOULD have relative access to your kids and you are GUARANTEED half her pension, you’ll receive her health care benefits, and you’ll recieve tuition assistance for college. Then you can simply get a NEW, younger gf and ride off to new pussy bliss. I mean think about it, you’ll be in your 30’s-40’s and we now know how much more appealing you’ll be to women during that time. Just stay in shape, and keep the red-pill mindset.

Why should women be the only ones cashing in by using a Military guy as a personal EBT card. And as I’ve posted before, women do this ALL.THE.TIME.