Training a Future Wife

I just ran into a 17yo girl that knew me back in japan. I was a pal of her dad’s on the ship. She knew my gf from back then. I told her I dated ET3 C***** (she worked for her dad), and the girl squealed, “OMG I KNEW HER SHE SPONSORED US ON MY FIRST TIGER CRUISE!!!!”

A tiger cruise is when a sailor can bring his family on the ship for 3-4 days. My gf was the sailor responsible for showing the family around. The girl said….



aaaaaaw. lol. This girl was in 5th grade at the time. She was about 10-11. 

She asked what happened between me and the ex. Oh, boy. I told her-

“Sweetie, she had 3 more years in Japan and I was going to San Diego then I ended up in Spain. It just couldn’t work. And, to be honest, she just wasn’t right for me. You’ll learn as you get older; sometimes it just isn’t right and you have to let it go.” To which the young lady informed me.

“Well, she was still chasing after you after you left.” I told her, “I know. I had to let her know I was getting back together with an ex in order for to move on. And once she realized I was moving on, the guy she was ‘messing with’ became her boyfriend. And now that same man is her husband and she’s now a mom. So it all worked out, seriously…..I couldn’t be happier for her. “

But what got to me was how starry eyed she was once she realized who I was. I’m always amazed how people remember inane things like that. This 17 year old girl remembered my dumb ass from back in 2005 when I was busting some guys balls and I was gunning down a girl she became friends with. You girls really are something. Even mom nodded in agreement when I explained the reason and HOW I ended things with the ex. I told mom, “She wasn’t going to move on until she saw I had moved on.” Mom of course understood my rationale.

I was living in Spain, she was in Japan, we had been apart for 3 years and the girl was STILL holding out for me. She drunk emailed me a few times in Spain and that was, well….awkward. Thankfully things turned as they did for her. But honestly…..I never had any doubt she’d get to where she is now. And no, we haven’t spoken since.

The way I see it, I taught her how to be a wife. She should thank me sometime. Lol.

Stay up.  

My ship in Yokosuka, Japan


the GF and the Photo-Wrecker. i’m as photogenic as a bucket of stillborns.

9 Comments on “Training a Future Wife”

  1. Marellus says:

    … she looks like a good woman …

  2. Panama says:

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  4. Vicomte says:

    That dude looks just like his elephant.

    And they say people don’t look like their pets.

  5. Spacetraveller says:


    I always assumed your ex was actually Japanese, but from the photo it seems I was wrong.

    You not only trained your ex but also the 17 year old girl.
    Having a crush is often the first step in getting young pre-adolescent girls to think about boys (in a good way).
    You are a significant part of this young girl’s memory bank now. It is NOT inane, trust me 😀
    And thanks to your good nature, she has a positive memory of one of her first crushes.
    That’s good karma for you, Danny 🙂

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