Can’t We all Just Get Along

Ok. I’m asking the women that read this site to leave for a spell. The locker room is closed, sealed, and welded shut. GOT IT!!!! Good.

Hello. If you’ve never been here before, welcome. I’m Danny. I’m from New Orleans and am currently serving on Active Duty in Jacksonville, Florida. I’m a Hospital Corpsman (HM1 to be exact). I’ve been doing this job for 18 years now. But that’s enough with the humble pleasantries. I was hoping to address the blogger’s and readers of the Sphere. Specifically, the MALE blogger’s and readers.
[edit- of course as I finished writing this is head over to the Spearhead and Mr. Price has 2 MUCH better posts on my diatribe below. If you’re smart, you’ll head over there and give him a read. He’ll be linked below though.]

I stumbled upon the Sphere the way I think a lot of guys do. Some feminist site that was dumb enough to link  Roissy , I went to his site and spent the next 7-8 hours of a night shift fascinated and relieved. FINALLY, someone telling the truth. I was already red-pill minded but reading it reinforced it I way that was profound. From there it ballooned to the other sites. Finally I became a fixture on “Becoming Alpha” around March 2003. After a few months of posting, I became friends with            Yohami and Rivelino. Eventually I found my way to Badger’s site, then Privateman . The first 3 bloggers finally talked me into starting a blog. Then I met and started talk with Tia (and GOD KNOWS I catch shit for that) and Athol .Well, I was commenting openly so I decided to post openly.  The last thing I really wanted to do was be a “game” blog. God knows we have enough of those. I also didn’t want to host an MRA site. I’m no PUA, and I’m not necessarily an MRA guy. But I believe both sides have solid merits in their perspectives. I’ve been to most of the sites and there’s only one thing that bothers me about the Sphere.

Could we please stop the fucking bickering on the sites?

While I don’t necessarily agree with the opinions of some of the bloggers, I absolutely respect their opinion. In the end, we all have one thing in common: we recognize the disarray and plights men have in our society. We recognize how skewed the world has become towards men. And we ultimately want men to take the red pill and be more successful in life in general. There’s no saving everyone, but for one know what I get an email (and I usually reply to EVERY email) where a guy is needing some advice and I get a follow up-email where the guy had a great outcome from talking with me. Hell i helped a guy lose his virginity. When I get an email asking advice from a woman I typically get the same opening sentence, “I really need a man’s perspective on something but I’m too scared to ask on the other sites.” We definitely have some red-pill women out there. And to me that’s promising.

I’d really like to see more solidarity and less division among the blogs and commenters. Is that too much to ask? I hope not. To me, the best thing about the blogs is that everyone has their own unique voice. If you go to Dal’s  site, you know exactly what you’re going to get, same goes for SpearHead, Roissy,  Keoni, Badger,  Mentu. I guess in a sense this is more towards the reader’s. Why a man would go to a site where the opinions are pretty consistent and bitch and moan. I’m sick of the “game is bullshit” no “game is legit”, “MGTOW is a cop out”, “PUA’s are the problem, no MRA’s are the problem”. The stupid “alpha and beta” interpretations. You know what the REAL problem is-

Feminists brainwashing women AND men.

Can we all agree with that? It’s no new discussion that the state of affairs for men is pretty bleak. Don’t you think we can get more accomplished by NOT being at each other’s throats? Fortunately, that isn’t a problem on my site. I’m under the radar enough to where I can police my site fairly well. But I stay away from most of the other sites because it just gets to a point sometimes where it feels like you’re back in high school. If you’re an MRA guy WHY the fuck would you go to Roissy’s site and bitch and moan. If you’re a Game guy why would you get on and MRA site and shit talk about how game is the key. Every guy has to find their own path, and whatever works for them: God bless. Seriously. I’d LOVE to see the Sphere as a Castle, not a house of cards. I think we’ll get MUCH more accomplished if some of us agreed to disagree and remember we have a bigger problems to address rather than compare dick sizes. Seriously, you know what my sick fun is? Overhearing a bunch of divorced soccer mom’s talking shit about men and launching into a full-on Paul Elam MRA “game” tirade. When they find out I’m 38, never married, and have no kids and I have ZERO intention of getting married because it’s so easy to get their over-entitled princess daughters into to bed,  that I’ll never get married because of the family court system, how marriage is antiquated and pointless since it’s easy to access sex, how as I age my SMV goes up and theirs goes down. Then I tell them how more and more men are realizing this. I LOVE watching their faces either turn to depressed realization or absolute fury. I.FUCKING.LOVE.IT.  

Look I know it’s a pretty lofty expectation on my part to (Heaven Forbid) think there be a tad more unity within the Sphere. But we can all dream right? And from here out, any more “game is worthless” comments run the risk of moderation. I think our community is important and one more that I wants to see it thrive. Besides, I’m made some pretty good friends in the Sphere. And please, stop asking for deet’s on the behind the scenes of the gendersphere and it’s writer’s (male or female), I’ve been given a privilege that I will NEVER betray.

Thanks for stopping by the Trailer Park. As you were.

Stay up.

20 Comments on “Can’t We all Just Get Along”

  1. Jim says:

    They won’t get along because they don’t follow this simple rule: bros before hos.

    Some openly brag about knocking up married women and laugh at the chumps who are paying for it. Those guys are not an ally to any man. No honor.

  2. Ulysses says:

    There are ignoramuses on both sides. Since this is a peace post, I’ll hold my tongue regarding which side instigates more frequently. Regardless, it’s the impersonal nature of the internet. If we were face to face, we could disagree without arguing like bitches.

  3. The Navy Corpsman says:

    I understand and agree with the idea of unity, Danny, but the internet has little to do with diplomacy and tact… it has everything to do with the ability to post an opinion and then delete and ban anyone who disagrees. Put Roissy and Elam in the same room, with a moderator and an audience, they’ll debate semi-seriously with a modicum of respect. But, it’s human nature to want to win a debate, therefore on the internet, without a moderator, WITH an adoring audience on their respective blogs, they just want to WIN, to be CORRECT, any way possible.

    The other concept here is one of simple loyalty. Someone picks on your pal who taught you about game, or men’s rights, you’re naturally going to get pissy. MGTOW sites may be full of former betas who got screwed over by the women in their lives, but calling them names isn’t rare on other sites in the ‘spere. Thing is, because there exists these divisions within the ‘sphere, men are finding out something that feminists have known for decades… namely, that while people may share similar viewpoints on basic principles, arguments about small details ends up fracturing the entire concept of solidarity within the broad group of sites called the Manosphere. Look at feminist websites… a few of them actually advocate violence against men, for being men. Many more still quote tired cliches and studies that were proven wrong, years ago. Still other females disdain the feminist epithet completely, because of radicals, because they took the Red Pill, or because they have seen the damage feminists are causing our society. Whatever the reasons, there are huge arguments within the feminist camp, very similar to what you’re seeing in the Manosphere.

    It’s all the nature of humanity, regardless of the topic being discussed. I admire your willingness to point it out, and yes, a LOT more could be accomplished if we all got along, but it will never happen as long as people play petty games and insult each others opinions.

    And, in the end, these divisions amongst ourselves play a bigger role in denying men their rights, than the role that feminists play in demanding more rights for themselves by taking rights away from men.

    If you want my opinion, this is more tragic than the damage feminists are creating… because we are doing it to ourselves. The basic fallacy of feminist theory is that any gains made by women MUST be made at the expense of men. This ain’t a zero-sum game, our society can make women equal without destroying men in the process. Unfortunately, very few women actually realize this… and men are too busy arguing about sex and/or hypergamy or something like these.

    The Navy Corpsman

    • Eric says:

      It might be at some point that Elam and Roissy should address this issue together and take some steps to bring their own followers to some kind of truce. That’s probably going to be the best solution

  4. Lisa says:


    I snuck into the locker…sorry buddy. Nice post. Don’t sell yourself short; this isn’t a trailer park by a long shot.

  5. aneroidocean says:

    You make a lot of sense dude.

    Seems like the manosphere (ugh, that term sucks) is way too full of the equivalent of tough-wannabe dudes trying to start shit at a bar. Fucking christ, everyone just wants to get a drink and have a good time, nobody cares how tough or how cool you think you are.

  6. JustYX says:

    “Some feminist site that was dumb enough to link Roissy”

    You too huh?

    Yeah passing through a blog of some early thirties complicated woman (no recollection of how I got there). She mentioned ‘the blogger who must not be named’ and then proceeded to hamsterbate herself into a frenzy of horror and attraction! Took me a while in her archives to dig Roissy out – never looked back…

  7. JustYX says:

    And the thing about not visiting sites that annoy? that reminds me of the joke;

    “Doctor, doctor! It hurts when I do this
    “Well…don’t do that then…”

    I mean, how hard can it be?

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  9. Lol, I found the Manosphere through manboobz Dave Futrelle. It was like being a kid in a candy factory!

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  11. […] i posted a few days ago about the PUA and MRA guys putting their agendas down and trying to find common ground and work together for the movement. i have NO CLUE how it went over, and for whatever reason, i just hope we have more solidarity among the bloggers. well Keoni put up a post along the same vein and i have to agree with him 100% […]

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  13. deti says:

    To me, this all comes down to providing as much information to men as is possible. In this way men will be able to make their own informed choices about how best to live their lives. Danny, you’re one of the best examples of this. Your attitude incorporates the best of Game, MGTOW and advocacy while adopting little of the animosity and acrimony that we see a lot of.

    In the end, to me, this is all about telling men the facts and the truth about their own natures, the nature of women, the realities of the sexual marketplace and the US economy, and the legal landscape.

    The truth is that marriage is not a safe harbor from the SMP. A marriage can end for any reason or no reason at all. A woman’s character is paramount; and women of good character are exceedingly rare.

    A man must be able to rely on himself first; and that means he must get better than he is now.

    It means the old wisdom of “be nice, be yourself” and “you have to get married because that’s what everyone does” is out the window. Men are reexamining everything they’ve been taught about what a man is and what a man must do to be a man; and increasingly, marriage and fatherhood isn’t part of that picture. It still is for some men; but not for an increasing number.

    This is why I respect MGTOW and PUA both. The purest forms have surveyed the SMP the way it is, not how they want it to be or how ignorant people have told them it is (used to be); and made choices which best suit their lives and the way they want to live them. MGTOW doesn’t necessarily mean “celibate monk” either. PUA also doesn’t always mean N > 500 either.


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