Krav You Very Much and Game without Game

i’ve written before about learning krav. all the FMF (Marine Hm’s) i work with know it. they’re actually better at it than i am. well one of our civilians started taking krav a few months ago. since his son is taking tae kwon do at a dojo that teaches krav he got 5 free lessons. he signed up after the second lesson. lol.

i’ve spent the last year on nights so i never really saw him. well. before, he was jumpy, always hyper…cool guy. seriously. i saw him for the first time in AGES this afternoon. we’re talking a

now he’s laid back, his movements are deliberate. he’s not jumpy, he’s calm, he moved MUCH slower. i know EXACTLY why he’s changed. i asked him how the krav was going and he’s rocking it. his last test was fending off 3 men with knives- he only go slashed once across the arm. i told him, “if/when you feel there might be a threat……you REALLY practice restraint to NOT fight.- right?” he nodded and said that he’s MUCH more aware of his surroundings now, and he’s ALWAYS keeping abreast of his surroundings. i wasn’t surprised.




about 2 weeks ago So-So went to the ER. i called her at work to ask her a question and i learned she was being seen. i called her and she asked me to give her a ride home. i rushed to the ER and she looked pretty rough. now So-So is like a sister to me. so let’s get that straight, but she FUCKING BEAUTIFUL. serious. when they discharged her i shelled her to the ER and it was very apparent i was concerned for her. “come on sweetie, let’s get your meds.” when we came back to the ER i told her, “ok baby, let’s get you to the car. i ended up following her home, walked her to her door, gave her a hug, and left.

fast forward to the next day, i’m at work and my boy Anfernee pulls me aside, “dude, one of the ER nurses asked me if you and So were dating. i told him ‘no, they’re just friends’ “. the nurse mentioned me calling her “baby”. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! my boy laughed and told him that that’s just me and how i talk to women.

well, i ended up in the ER to drop off a patient i had just scanned. a nurse that was sitting next to one of the ER HM’s i was talking to looks at me and asked, “are you dating anyone in the hospital?” *sigh* i told him no and he asked if it were a secret thing. ok, let’s play this little game. i motioned that i was “just fucking her” and he said, “OOOOOH. ok. ok. gotcha.”


i looked at him, shook my head and told him, “dude, seriously? NO, she’s like my sister.” then he said the way i interacted with her gave the impression that she and i were a couple. i simply told him that knowing how to treat/talk to a woman often leads to guy’s that AREN’T good at it to thinking there’s something going on when there isn’t.

i actually thought about continuing with the charade, but i don’t wanna sully So-So’s rep. she’s DEF not a slut. when i told So-So about what went down she laughed and rolled her eyes. one of the guy i teach game to in the ER (he’s got some pretty tight game for a younger cat) and he laughed about it. he KNOWS my relationship with So-So. then he hit me with, “you know you have mad game when people think you’re banging a girl just by how you talk to her.” lol. say word. i though that was funny, but there’s a good bit of truth to it as well.

stay up.


i’m going hunting this weekend. wild boar, deer, turkey’s. guess who’s excited?


THIS GUY!!!!!!!!!!!

18 Comments on “Krav You Very Much and Game without Game”

  1. The Navy Corpsman says:

    Already got a muley tag filled, now for an elk! I’m skipping pronghorn this year, drought killed too many already. Didn’t get a whitetail tag either.

    I got a Merriams’ on neighbors place first day of the season, (Sept 1) and I let him hunt on my place in return. Saw a dozen Rio Grandes, but no shot. Fast little turkeys, too, I swear they’re part roadrunner.

    Good luck, stick ’em good and trail well.

    The Navy Corpsman

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Brother- I’m conflicted on killing wild boar, we NEED to, but I won’t be eating them all. We doing population control. I wonder what the Great Spirit thinks of that?

      I’ll still honor the kill, I have to.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • MissMarie says:

        Are there any large cat sanctuaries anywhere near that could use the ones you don’t eat?

      • The Navy Corpsman says:

        Donate the meat to local foodbank, and the conflict is solved, and you help people.

        By the way, boar shoulder blades make EXCELLENT scrapers for tanning. Remember to clean up VERY well afterwards, you don’t need trichinosis.

        There’s too many damned non-native hogs… they’re causing problems for humans and other wildlife alike. I don’t speak for anyone else, but I consider population control as a means to restore what man has already screwed up.

        It’s not like javalinas in Texas, European hogs are introduced. Honor the sacrifice of life, donate what you won’t eat yourself, keep the shoulder blades if you tan hides and watch out for the tusks, they’ll cut you like a razor, clean to the bone.

        Be well, hunt well, live well.

        The Navy Corpsman

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      we’re going to a hunting camp on 12,000. no rifles. pure bow hunting. one of the members is a warden…..

      no tags needed.

      • The Navy Corpsman says:

        Did I mention to avoid the tusks? Where I grew up, hogs were a serious problem, especially for farmers. The state only recently recognized the problem that hogs cause other wildlife, destruction of habitat and killing calves/lambs/dogs etc

        Stay safe.

        The Navy Corpsman

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          the danger is the appeal Brother. you know that. i’ve done javelina hunts in Texas. funny thing is, i tell people “when a hog is close, you’ll know. VERY distinct smell.” they smell putrid. i think i’ll be ok against one. more than that, i’m up a tree. lol.

  2. MissMarie says:

    What?! I thought that was a legitimate solution to the problem of excess dead murdering swine…

    Meanie… 😛

  3. MissMarie says:


  4. Wudang says:

    What you wrote about your friend made me think of this post:

  5. Jake says:

    Dammit, man. One thing I miss about previous living countries, Krav. Nobody here to practice with … it’s my own little meditation.

    Found other fun bits in random countries, like Kali. Not quite the same, but the sparring (with hard foam sticks) is super fun – and painful.

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