Repost: Cookies

one of the things i like about intimacy is that is the bond it creates. there are things i know about a gf that most other people never get to know about. might explain a lot of adoration of Mexican wimminz. they’ll fire off something in Spanish and it’s cool. we’re speaking code. lol. well go ahead and label me a softie if you’d like, but REMEMBER….i’m still pretty much a pervert. but i can’t be pervy all the time……OR CAN I? enter the euphemism. BIG FAN!!!! well, i like to refer to orgasms as “cookies”. oh but it doesn’t stop there. oreo’s= oral, chocolate chip= nice at home hi-jinx, and milanos= quickie. lol. so let’s just say me and the woman are out in public with friends, and someone might ask me, “damn, it’s getting late….what do you think Danny?” i’ll say, “yeah, i know…..i’d kinda like some cookies.” the gf will IMMEDIATELY turn my way and TRY not to grin, or she’ll smile and blush slightly. i KNOW you ladies this are grinning as you read this too. DON’T LIE TO ME!!!!!! the guy’ll say, “COOKIES!!!!! we just ate.” and i answer, “yeah, i don’t know. just suddenly had a craving for oreo’s/milano’s” you get the picture. it’s great when SHE chimes in. “you know Babe, i just don’t think Oreo’s are the right call atm.” i’ll look at her, “it’s ALWAYS a good time for oreo’s Baby.” lol.

that’s all it takes, she know’s what your thinking and you’ve done a little bit of flirting under the Radar. now her engines running a little and she’ll be a tad closer to being primed for bidness when you get home/to the car/to a bathroom/etc. lol.

11 Comments on “Repost: Cookies”

  1. aneroidocean says:

    Well, fuck. I want some cookies right now!

    Actually, a girl just texted me and I remembered that my euphemism for sex with her is library time. I don’t even remember where it came from, but I couple it with my code word for another activity, then we do both. They go well together!

  2. MissMarie says:

    Hmmm… Double Stuf Oreos or Original?

  3. MissMarie says:

    Trying, number no bueno

  4. Random Angeleno says:

    Off topic: drove thru Louisiana yesterday on the 20. Thought about Danny for all of two seconds…

    Srsly, good luck hunting the boars. I’m thinking bacon. Lots of bacon. Do bacon and oreo’s mix? Bacon and chocolates?

  5. Spacetraveller says:


    Ah! What you describe above is a perfect example of ‘sending someone up’ that INTJs love to indulge in, with their (usually) female accomplice and a third party who has no idea what’s going on…
    This type of conversation can go on for hours ad the third party is still none the wiser, and the INTJ and his accomplice ramp up the innuendos to their own mutual amusement 😀
    Very naughty…lol.

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