Stars Earn Stripes

i just finished watching the “stars earn stripes” finale. well, before i had seen the finale i had only seen the first episode. i kind of liked it. so when i noticed the finale was on me and the Gutierrez clan watched it. honest to God, had my family not been into it, i’d have turned it off. half way through, i KNEW it was going to come down to 2 women. i KNEW the guys wouldn’t qual out.

for those of you that don’t know, the show takes TV celebrities and teams them up with SPECOPS guys to train for military style missions. each mission they accomplish, they “earn stripes” and $$$$$ to donate to a military charity. cool.
well, it DID in fact come down to 2 women.
now………this is where i got peeved: we all know how biased the MSM is. well, what you civilians DON’T know is that there is a HUUUUUGE push to get females into the infantry. all i could think while watching the show was how much of this is a dog and pony show to “prove” that women could hack it in combat. one thing i noticed was that the guys did ALL the physical shit on par with the SPECOPS guys, the women COULDN’T. the guys could have sandbagged the physical crap but they kept up. BUT, the guys got DQ’d on SHOOTING. and both girl’s were OBVIOUSLY struggling with some of the more physical tasks. the SPECOPS guys basically pulled them over the obstacles. watching the guys get booted seemed VERY scripted.
let me tell you something- i’m NOT a big guy. i’m 5’4″ and weigh 130 lbs. in full gear i have an extra 100 lbs PLUS medical supplies (i’m smart though, i divvy it up among my guys). humping and having to drag a Marine in full gear is a BITCH. i’m not saying there aren’t women that couldn’t cut it; but the infantry is NOT a social experiment. and the show left me thinking it was just another MSM feminist “girls can do anything men can do” advert.
fuck that show.

eve torres of WWE. one of the finalists. i KNOW she hooked up with the guy she was teamed up with.

another finalist. she’s a figure skater.

9 Comments on “Stars Earn Stripes”

  1. Stingray says:

    I can’t even BEGIN to say how much this pisses me off, and I’m a civilian. I can’t imagine how this makes you, the Navy Corpsman and Dogsquat feel. It puts you in direct danger from the people in your own squad (forgive me, I can never remember the correct vocabulary that goes with the different branches of the military). These women are more concerned with showing themselves off and getting the ensuing attention that they are with protecting their own. Dammit.

    Also, WTH Danny? Aren’t you hunting? Where are those hogs?

  2. Random Angeleno says:

    I can’t imagine a 5-4, 130 lb woman doing what you describe. Heck I can’t imagine a 5-8, 155 lb woman doing it either. Unless she was a freak of nature.

    I remember that scene in the movie 300 when Leonidas is explaining to the cripple how every soldier in the phalanx had to use his shield to protect the man next to him. Even in modern warfare, the unit in the field is only as strong as the weakest man. God help them if that’s a woman.

  3. Shade Zero says:

    That figure skater reminds me a young Meredith Baxter-Burney. Man, that shows my age.

    I hate “Reality” TV. I don’t watch much TV anymore because eventually a scripted show I like goes off the air and they replace it with Real Wives of Hell or crap like 90210.

  4. H man says:

    Picabo Street is a downhill ski racer actually. And yes both are above the norm in phyical
    ability. But when you’re dealing with hundreds of thousands you need to go with the odds. Which means young guys. Dean Cain is in great shape for 46 but he is 46. In short the women did great for what the show was but in the end it is just a show, the missions averages less than 10 mins. and is not indicative of anything really.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      were you ever active duty?

      • H man says:

        No, wouldn’t have been able to get into the military even if I wanted to. I have a congenital hearing defect. Why do you ask?

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          Because I am active duty, and I have friends in the SPECWAR community, I have friends that DO sit on the front lines.

          And this show did them a great disservice by pushing a social experiment. These men will tell you having a woman on the mission will be to the detriment of the mission and make their difficult job even more difficult and dangerous.

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