You Can Lead a Horse to Water and Choking on the Red Pill

over at Uni of Man Ashur made a good point on how men can place too much emphasis on the V and loose sight of the REAL important shit: the quality of the woman you’re interested in. ok…..she’s got a vagina and a pretty face……..AND? that’s like appreciating your car because it has 4 tires.


look, i love pussy just as much as the next guy. seriously. well, one of the young guys i know at the hospital has recently been introduced to “game” and learning what truly attracts women. well, he has one girl in the line-up, and he’s not really feeling it. well, once he started trying to distance himself, the “crazy girl” came out. he asked me WHY she had made such a drastic turn? lol.

basic human psychology: if someone wants your attention, if they can’t have a positive relationship with you, they’ll settle for a negative one. as for women, when she’s attracted to you, if she can’t have “positive attention” or a “positive relationship” with you. she’ll settle for a negative one. it’s that simple.

as long as you’re attenshin-zings her, she WILL.NOT.QUIT. at least, the “crazy girls” won’t. decent women will walk. PERIOD. i was disuccing this with another blogger and he pointed out. “the crazy guys always draw in the crazy girls.” i mean seriously. i’ll FUCK a crazy girl, but once i learn she’s a nut-job, i’ll withdraw……even before the sex happens. look, i’m 38 and don’t need that shit. getting laid isn’t THAT important to me.

but younger cats seem  more prone to put up with a woman’s BS just to get the pussy.

not  i said Dan.

i ended up telling kid that he needed to quit responding to all her texts, voicemails, and calls. if he continued to engage her, he fully deserved the shit that was coming his way. he told me, “but Danny….she’s soooo hot.” i looked him dead in the eyes for a good 10 seconds and said, “dude, so.the.fuck.what. chick’s toxic, and she’s not worth the hassle. if you have a porsche that’s in the shop 350 days a year, what’s the point in keeping it. chicks bad news, you need to walk.”

i really can’t tell what he’s going to do, but i suspect he’s going to keep talking with her. he’s pretty raw at this point. we’ll see. trust me i know.

i talked about beth before on the site; how i ended things with her july 2010. she was my oneitis. long story short, the BS she was pulling on me when she was 24 was the same BS she pulled on me when i dropped her (she was 30 then btw). it’s just when i was 28, i couldn’t see the forest for the trees. when i finally ended it, i realized she was damaged. what she was blaming was her “issue” had existed WAAAAAAAY before she made PTSD clams to me (she was sent to iraq). when i finally realized i had to end it- when i realized that… made PERFECT sense. i asked myself is THIS was what i wanted to deal with on a constant basis in a LTR. when i told her we needed to end it, she went into the most vitriolic hamster babble rant i had ever heard. now…..i knew NOTHING about the blogs back then, i just had my gut. well….

the angrier she got, the calmer i got. i felt the utmost sense of calm, tranquility and peace. as if she were PROVING i had made the right call. in that phone call, during that moment….

i choked on the red pill.

as she screamed into the phone, i stopped her and said, “b, i never meant to hurt you and i’m sorry this didn’t work out. but i feel like you’re never really going to appreciate or understand me. i wish you nothing but the best, and hope you find every happiness life has to offer.” again she fired off more anger and i told her, “b, i need to go. again…..i wish you nothing but the best. goodbye.”

and with that i hung up. haven’t spoken to her since, and i don’t care too. i love her, i really do, always will. but i FINALLY realized i was in a situation that wasn’t good for me. and i walked away….and trust me girl is STUPID beautiful. but so what.

my self respect, my well being, my true happiness doesn’t bow to a pretty face. if she’s lacking substance but is topped out on looks….

i’ll pass. HAPPILY. stay up.


4 Comments on “You Can Lead a Horse to Water and Choking on the Red Pill”

  1. rivsdiary says:

    “my self respect, my well being, my true happiness doesn’t bow to a pretty face.”

    great stuff, danny. i am glad to be reading your stuff again. i need it.

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