Into the Locker Room. Women….Walk Away Please.

posted a few days ago about the PUA and MRA guys putting their agendas down and trying to find common ground and work together for the movement. i have NO CLUE how it went over, and for whatever reason, i just hope we have more solidarity among the bloggers. well Keoni put up a post along the same vein and i have to agree with him 100%

i don’t have much else to say here since i’ve already posted about this, but having it validated by one of the heavy hitters like Keoni gives me some hope that hopefully guys will see the big picture.

God do i hope we can get the bloods and crips to make peace. both sides are legit and both sides NEED to quit shitting on the other. we NEED to work together, not nit pick each other. that’s what WOMEN do. there’s a bigger goal at stake. i’d much rather support a blogger that i may not agree with than give credit to some feminist cunt-nugget that hates all i stand for, yet doesn’t even know me.

thanks for the post Keoni.

8 Comments on “Into the Locker Room. Women….Walk Away Please.”

  1. Jim says:

    Keep believing in the farce. We not only allow this garbage to vote, we as taxpayers subsidize it. Hence why MRAs that assume government will equalize the laws are only fooling themselves. Progressive government, and I don’t give a shit what anyone says, the 19th Amendment to Constitution is the reason why the Republic is now heavily influenced by Marxism. Politicians aren’t deriding these moonbats like this POS below guys. They are putting in huge amounts of effort in vying for their votes.|topnews|text|Frontpage

    Maczka still believes ‘Woman Is Power’

    New YWCA executive continues the YW’s mission to eliminate racism and empower women

    Maczka considers herself a feminist, from “perhaps even before I knew the term

    • Jim says:

      Here’s another paragraph that is telling of what modern feminism represents:

      “I believe nonviolence and local economic self-sufficiency are the paths to peace — and peace requires equality,” Maczka said.“White privilege and sexism are huge causes of inequality, and I believe it is our work to recognize them and address them in our relationships and institutions.”

      These are the people in the institutions that MRAs are trying to compromise with. There is no compromise with people such as her.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        ok. fair enough. so i guess learning game and bowing out of traditional relationship with women is NOT the path to take.

        you can never win or lose if you don’t play the game. i’m not really sure what you were trying to accomplish with this, but i think i’ve pointed out how skewed society is towards men now-a-days. so i guess….thank you for the reiteration.

        the fact of the matter is THIS.

        i like women. i do. and while i’m 100% aware of what feminists are trying to do to us. i choose the path of “adapt and overcome” rather than “kick the can and be bitter”. and you know what, i HAVE over come. i blog with the intent of helping other men over come by using what i know.

  2. Right on Danny. If I only linked to people I agreed with. . . well Sunday’s would be rather droll.

  3. Keoni Galt says:

    Thanks for the shout out.

    I’m sick to death of all these men fighting amongst themselves to try and define a movement. To claim that only certain guys are doing it right, anyone who does not do it like them is wrong and needs to be purged.

    I think you’re right about this sort of discussion is “Into the Locker room.” When you’re in a real locker room, you get a spectrum of males with different backgrounds, viewpoints, experiences and capabilities.

    Just because one may be a religious person striving to remain chaste, does not mean he must shun all contact or conversation with the other guy in the locker room that has banged a hundred sluts…and vice versa.

    Right now, it seems like a few folks are far more worried about telling others what to think about a topic like Game, who they should talk with and who they should not.

    Thanks my Brethren, but I’ve learned to think for myself. I’ll read your MRM advocacy or I’ll read your Game experience, and I’ll take your viewpoint under advisement as I make my own way.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Mahalo Brudduh.

      i linked you because you are FAR more eloquent than i when it comes to expressing in the written word. i appreciate you stopping by.

      men that go on blogs and bitch and moan are men i’d never want to associate with. the men i know and respect, when we disagree; we state our opinions, and move on. WOMEN bicker. the male version of bicker is going to fists. when it’s over…the discussion is DONE. there’s no winner and no loser. we settled shit the way men settle shit. sadly-

      that really doesn’t happen these days. men resort to back stabbing and gossip now. FUCK THAT. where i come from, we take things outside.

      i respect both sides of the Sphere. but i’m very capable of thinking for myself.

      stay up Brudduh.

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