Mentu posted recently about getting his vasectomy, and i have to admit- i’ve thought of getting it done. when i was 28, the clinic i worked at started performing them. i actually assisted my Medical Officer with the procedure. now this was back in 2002. i asked about possibly getting one and my MO told me i was a poor candidate since i was 28. well, now i’m 38, and the idea of getting it done has been swimming in my head for a while now. Mentu’s post solidified the idea. look, I’m almost 40, i don’t think i want to be raising a kids in my 50-60’s.

funny thing is, Tia once commented on my site, “Danny…your gene’s MUST be propagated”. lol.

i don’t know, i like kids. i do. but raising one- i just don’t know. i don’t feel that’s in the card’s for me; i don’t feel i want that responsibility. i can’t wait to hear what Mom says about this since i’m her only and eldest Son. my sister gave her her grandchild, but i don’t know how my mom is going to react about my decision. i guess since i have mom’s reading, i’d be interested in hearing their perspectives. there’s ANOTHER angle.

i’m talking with a girl now. she doesn’t know i’m thinking of this. i’m hoping to talk with her about it soon enough as i’d like to get her opinion on the matter. we’ll see.

Mentu’s post really resonated with me since it’s something i’ve contemplated for a long time. if i get it done…..i’ll be posting about it as well. the good thing about my job is that i have access to the urologist’s and can get an HM hookup. all i need to do now is talk with the urologist i’m cool with.

which leads me to post this meme from 2007.

stay up.

29 Comments on “Snipped”

  1. BC says:

    IIRC that “meme” was The Private Man.

  2. Shade Zero says:

    Dan-o, I have a kid. And I thought I would never have one. And the Kid is the most awesome thing that has ever happened to me. Now, I’ve been thinking about getting the snip done, but to be honest, I wouldn’t mind having another kid.

    I know this isn’t a popular idea in the ‘sphere, but I cannot explain how amazing it is. It defies words.

    But, I have to be honest, I’m so down on marriage, I’ve thought about getting the snip done, but I also have contemplated just renting a womb.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i completely respect your POV. and i have no doubt your a great, involved father. but guess what.

      i just don’t think i want a kid. and to be honest, i don’t feel i’m missing out on anything.

      • Shade Zero says:

        I get you, Bro. And I certainly wouldn’t slight you for getting it done. I just like to caution people before doing something so permanent. You’re still a young cat at 38. It is better off to not reproduce and then end up being a shitty dad (not that I think you would be). I do think that in this day and age that real men need to reproduce so that they can teach their sons and daughters how it should be instead of dealing with all this feminized crap that is going on. I obviously don’t know you beyond the limited exchanges we have had and what you have posted. But, I do think you have knowledge that should be passed on to the next generation. Even if you have midget genes. Kidding aside. I do think that kids are the legacy in which people are meant to leave their mark on.

  3. I’ve been debating the old snip-a-roonie for a couple of years and keep coming back to the same conclusion – I don’t want kids.

    I’d need the perfect storm of the following factors in order to reproduce:

    An attractive girl who is in good shape and likely to stay that way
    + a personality that I can enjoy for at least 18 years
    + a good mother figure who can cook, clean, properly raise a child, etc
    + not stoked on Jesus
    + the eugenic qualities that I would desire in order to produce a decent looking and physically successful kid
    + No family history of severe disease/cancer risk
    + Won’t divorce me and steal half my shit
    + Doesn’t want me to bust my ass for material goods that I don’t give a shit about
    + I’m in a financial position to provide for myself, a kid and the wife
    + Kid doesn’t suck

    The math just isn’t adding up in my favor. Of course, the doc will try to argue me out of it. They may not even do it since I haven’t cranked out a kid or two and added to the American nightmare. My totally made up excuse will be “Hey, I’ve had 5 abortions with 5 different chicks. Let’s just put a stop to this, huh?”

    • 3rd Millenium Men says:

      What’s the end game Bronan? I’m genuinely interested. When you’re in your forties, fifties, eighties… What will be the meaning of existence? Without kids to support and focus on, personally I think I’d have a meaningless and completely empty life. I’m in my twenties but nothing I want more in life ultimately.

  4. 3rd Millenium Men says:

    When it comes down to it, I don’t think anything matters as much in life as reproducing. We are each the product of tens of thousands of years of evolution and hundreds of couples coming together to make us. Why on earth would you want that to end with you? No man can fulfil his mission on earth without having kids.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Brother, i respect your opinion, i do. but times have changed. i’ll die how God intended me to die. it’s that simple. i have no fear of death or aging. every day is a gift. when it’s my time….Lady Death will do her job. PERIOD. and i will go willingly.

      i just prey for a good death.

  5. Fidel says:

    Just had mine done about three weeks ago.

    I’m 48, in a committed relationship, never married or had kids. ( Her – also never married or kids, really doesn’t want them.).
    The main motivation is that her coil is due out now, and gives her a hard time each month.

    For me to have kids now would be a truly selfish, stupid thing.

  6. Jacquie says:

    Can I be honest? I read Mentu’s post yesterday and I cried. I completely respect any man’s decision to not be a father; the post just made me sad. As I read I remembered back to the years Mr. D and I were raising our children and the interactions between he and them. He has always been a great dad. I was also sad because reading the comments that followed made me realize how many men are seriously considering this route or have already done so. I’ve read a lot of good men on these parts of the internet who get it, and they are the ones that need to pass it on, yet our world has gone to such shit that they are opting out. It’s good for them, I agree that we need to look out for ourselves and not care what others think, just do what’s best for us, as an individual. And maybe it’s because I’m a woman, and I have grown kids, that it hits me the way it does. I don’t know. My head is spinning with all I’ve learned over the last year and I know I’ve only just scratched the surface.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      What are you alluding to Jac?

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Jacquie says:

        I don’t know if I’m alluding to anything. I spent too many years believing in some dream world and that world has recently collided with reality.
        Some things have been difficult to read, and Mentu’s post was one of them. The way he wrote about what was going through his mind, it makes me a bit angry that a person has to feel put in such a position. As I watch my son read MMSL and take in the blog sites I pointed him to he shares with his dad and I about what he’s now seeing around him in the world. He talks about how much it upsets him and I feel like I’m helping tear down the dreams and goals I helped instill in him as he grew up. I could not blame him if he chose the same route as Mentu, but I think the post hit me hardest when Mentu spoke about his mom fighting back tears for his decision to not have children. His description about his family and the interaction between his mom and dad, it sounded so much like our home. And yeah, my son’s ex gf acted much the same way Mentu described in his post about the girls he introduced to his family.
        So I think it just hit a little too close and slapped me in the face with too much reality about what I may be facing not too far down the road. Maybe it’s just that my own hopes and dreams are crumbling. I need to let it all go, understand and accept whatever my children decide is best for them. The Red Pill is indeed a very difficult one to swallow. Some days it just hits me a little more than others. Maybe I’m just being too much of a girl, or is it too much of a mom?

    • Spacetraveller says:

      Jacquie, thanks for the heads up. I now know NOT to read Mentu’s post. 😀
      It’s bound to have the same effect on me…

      • Jacquie says:

        It may just be a girl thing, Spacetraveller. The thing is there are two more parts to the story and I know I won’t be able to not read the next two parts.

  7. MissMarie says:

    You could always freeze some baby-makers before you get the snip – win/win 😉

    • Rico says:

      Not a bad idea, really. Storage is not terribly expensive (a few hundred a year); though actually fertilizing the eggs and implanting – now that’s going to run you $10K and up.

  8. jaunty says:

    look at the side effects. Google “do not have a vascectomy.” Id been planning on it for years. Its very easy to freeze sperm and cheap too. $300 to freeze first batch, $300 for each batch following, unlimited batches. Then abt $2k to freeze for 10 yrs. Not to mention hwo cheap vascectomy is to get… If I cant afford to artificially inseminate then I cant afford kids… period.

    Problem is side affects that come with it. Here is a mental picture:

    woman ties tubes: 1 egg/ month gets clogged and has to be reabsorbed into the body.
    man does snip: millions of sperm/day get clogged and have to be reabsorbed into the body

    THERE ARE SIDE AFFECTS and they arent pretty, just google yourself I have no time to post testimonials.

    I do wish I could do the vasectomy, I had been planning it for YEARS~! just cannot face the risk involved….

  9. M3 says:

    May or may not do it, not seeing much point since i don’t forsee any relationships developing where i’ll get to the trust point of going in raw.

    But of one thing i know for sure. I don’t want to have kids. For multiple reasons. I’m too selfish. I enjoy my freedom. I have no want of ‘legacy’, not that having a child is a legacy anyways. I’ve lost faith in this world and humanity enough that i don’t care to add to it’s continuation. But i think most importantly is that i feel i have time i need to make up for, the lost years of my incel youth. I don’t feel any urge to jump right into trying to enter into a a legal quagmire of marriage to knock up some chick who’s got baby rabies, watch any chance of sex dry up for the next couple of years while working extra jobs paying for baby stuff and changing diapers at 3 in the morning. Maybe if i had ‘sowed my wild oats’… i wouldn’t have had that reservation, but now i have no desire to become chattel for the state or any woman after having missed out on so much.

    Every woman who has seen me interact with children laments my decision and thinks i would have made an excellent father. In terms of playful interaction, handing down wisdom and advice, being stern and not allowing them to get away with stuff, making sure they follow parents rules, come down to their eye level when speaking to them, just all round great with kiddies. One married woman i chatted with seemed very teary eyed when she said it’s horrible to contemplate that guys like me opt out while people who shouldn’t be having kids are having kids. Doesn’t bode well for the future.

    It just boils down to the fact that it’s too little too late. No woman wanted to bother with my in my youth because i couldn’t display instant douchebag awesomeness enough to partner up with. Couple that with the wisdom i have learned from the manosphere regarding the Redpill, marriage 2.0, unfair legal burdens.. i’d rather just live for myself than devote to the family thing. I don’t feel like ‘manning up’.

    The future is my world. The future is my time.

  10. The Navy Corpsman says:

    I’ve communicated with several young men on the net, as well as in person, and I’ve advised them all to get some sperm frozen, and get vasectomies. At this point, in our society, instead of women being ‘sperm receptacles’ as the womyn call it, men have become ‘sperm donors’. Anecdotal evidence is quite easily found where men donated sperm and got caught on the child support hook, even when there was an agreement that the donor were to have nothing to do with the children they fathered. One amazing case in California, a boy of 14 was raped by an adult woman, she got pregnant and delivered the baby in prison serving time for statutory rape, and when she got out, applied for welfare to support herself and the child. The state of California came after the ‘father’, now 18, and took every dime that he had saved for college, in order to pay for the welfare the state gave to his rapist.

    This isn’t just about NOT fathering a child, it’s about your personal freedom for the next 20+ years. You might just find a special woman in the next five years, and decide that children would be good, but the real key to understanding your options is realize that any sex with a female has a much better chance to produce a child, than sex with that same female (or other females) after a vasectomy. Google ‘pregnant after vasectomy’ and realize that you’ll have to be very careful for up to 40 weeks after the procedure, to keep your little swimmers from making a superhuman effort, that is after all, what they evolved to do. As with any surgery, however minor, complications can and do happen to some men.

    But the most important lesson of all this discussion, is the simple fact that while womyn have claimed their own reproductive rights, men have none, except abstinence or vasectomy, that gives them the choice of having children or not. Danny, I have absolutely no doubt that you would make a great father, but just knowing that is not grounds for becoming one. I’m not so humble to mention that I would make a fantastic lawn mower for a gardening business, but I have no intention of ever applying for the position.

    And ladies can weep all they want to, over the lost opportunities of men in general and Danny in particular, but all of human history is full of examples of such lost opportunities. Time keeps marching on, regardless of how emotional we get, over such things.

    Viewed with a cold logic, your future is YOURS, and no one else is going to step up and promise you a damned thing. Even if they did promise you a wonderful marriage and many blessings, you know damned well that those promises can be broken so easily that they are worthless on their face. All a woman has to do, nowadays, is CLAIM that you’re the father of her child, and your ass is in a legal bind. Show the papers that prove you’re shooting blanks, and any competent lawyer would get a paternity suit dismissed in a heartbeat. Keep some swimmers frozen for a few years, and you can have a kid if you want to, and the price of in vitro keeps dropping every year.

    And unlike Bellita or Spacetraveler, I have few reservations about men hiring a surrogate to become fathers of their own children, without a wife. Sure, there are a few examples of people who should NOT be allowed to reproduce in this manner, but I suspect those people should not be allowed to reproduce at all, much less without a spouse to help raise the child. I’m not going to quote studies or statistics, because I know at least 100 married people who should not have had children, and of whom I believe did a worse job than you can, even if you raise your child yourself.

    Danny, I have no doubt at all that you could father, support and raise a child to adulthood. The question is, do you want to be court ordered to do so, without regard to your actual financial and emotional willingness to do just that?

    The Navy Corpsman

  11. nshsgirl says:

    Danny, there is still a chance that the male birth control could be on the market in a few years. That’s an option.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      this isn’t just about the procedure-

      i just don’t think i want to have a child. the family court system will have me in chains. to me, it’s just not worth it to have a kid.

  12. Athol Kay says:

    Make sure you Google the hell out of vasectomy side effects before you go for the chop.

    I’ve also had some emails with a fairly direct link between the vasectomy and the demise of the relationship the guy was in.

    Not for me.

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