Brody the Happy Pill

i don’t like leaving grim shit up for too long. while i don’t mind letting you guys in, i don’t want to be a complete downer. firstly, i appreciate all the support. i’ll be fine, i assure you. just trying to unwind. that said, you needn’t worry.

my son’s looking after me.

Brody is my 7 year old  English Staffordshire Terrier, and to be honest….best breed of dog for a single guy. read the link to learn about the breed, but let me tell you-

Brody is tits. it never ceases to amaze me how Brody is so keyed into my mood and his ability to bring me out of a funk. if you aren’t a dog owner, i don’t know how to explain to you how dog’s have a unique personality. they’re almost human’s with 4 legs. now, Brody is a total goofball lummox. he’s a 40 pound lap dog with a vice grip mouth. it’s funny how i’m taking one of my turns, i’ll be totally spaced out then suddenly he’ll be licking my face. lol. that’s my boy. it’s amazing how he knows just when i need his goofy charm. he’ll sit there, 3 inches from my face with his huge, toothy, mouth agape and his tongue pulsating as if to say, “hi daddy, i’m here, can we play, wanna throw the ball, can we go for run, milk bone…i’m right here ok.”

so for those of you concerned about me being quarantined in my house until friday, rest assured, i have GREAT company. trust me, i couldn’t get Brody to leave me alone if  tried. i’m VERY lucky to have him. don’t believe me, just look how he guards over his papa.

sitting at his daddy’s lap.

i really meant for there to be more to this post, but i think i’m too discombobulated to post lucidly atm. i just think i needed to clear the palate on the site from the gloom and doom. the funny thing is, is every Dr. i’ve seen in mental health has asked if i had dog, and when i mention Brody they excitedly reply, “ok, GOOD GOOD.” honestly, i’d probably be an even WORSE mess if i didn’t have him.

did i mention i can’t wait to go drop some arrow’s down range tomorrow?

stay up.

13 Comments on “Brody the Happy Pill”

  1. Spacetraveller says:

    As a former member of his (extensive) harem, I concur.
    That is one Red PIll dog. Nevermind Happy Pill!

    Look after him too Danny.
    I am waiting in the wings to get back into his harem lol.
    Could you put in a good word for me?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Oy Sweetheart. My former bird is currently in Pennsylvania, so I guess I’m a single Bloke at the moment.
      I’ve actually been dreaming of floating in your bed sheets and resting on your pillow scarf. Though I am a bit in diposed looking after me Master Danny.

      However a reaquaintance is quite long over do, inn’t

      Fancy a snog, you fit bird you?

  2. Jacquie says:

    He’s beautitul, Danny. Is that ok to say about a male dog? It was sad to read the last couple of posts but I’m glad you wrote this one. The fact that you have awareness of what’s going on and you have fight I know that all this will lead to better things for you. You’re in my prayers, Danny. I know I cannot do anything more, not like what you do for others, and sometimes a person like you who does put themselves out there for so many others just needs a time to step back and breath. Keep it going.

  3. ASF says:

    Bro if you want to come up here for a quick trip, I have space.

  4. driversuz says:

    I’m sorry for what you are suffering through, yet I believe you’re going to be OK. You have a spark that the darkness can’t touch.

    And I’m glad you and Brody have each other.

  5. rivsdiary says:

    hey danny glad you are doing better. dogs are amazing.

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