Repost: Text Fun

the young lady here is an early 20’s UCLA student . i ran some text/IM fun with her on FB for the purpose of proving the PUA guys rules for texting are BS. read and learn. and YES, the woman involved DOES know i posted this.

Privateman and I were talking and I mention my posting in the open and how I’ll tell women I blog, and talk with them about game. He wondered if it would mess up a man’s chances. I told it hasn’t screwed up MY chances.

I present to you: exhibit A.


This is a text string with a VERY lovely lady who happens to blog. She’s a facebook pal so I can tell you this girl is VERY attractive.

me: get yer cute ass out of the house and go have some fun.

Sent at 12:32 AM on Friday

Her:  haha I’m making myself finish an application first

me:  what are you going to wear out tonight. i want details corazon.

Sent at 12:33 AM on Friday

her:  Nothing too exciting is happening tonight, so it’s not fancy

Just a flowy orangish spaghetti strap with a bandage skirt

me:  i thought thursday night is the obligatory “ladies night”

her:  For some reason not too many parties are going on

And I still can’t go to bars, so that’s ruled out :/

Sent at 12:35 AM on Friday

me:  what’s a “bandage skirt”? kinda proud i don’t know what that mean.

yup. DEFINATELY proud.

i thought you were 21.

Her:  Nope, I still have a month

Haha and a bandage skirt is one of those tight spandex skirts that’s just a

straight line

me:  my boy parts just moved.

her:  Haha they tend to have that effect

me:  i double checked. yeah. we have movement. lol.

damn you ladies and your weaponry.

her:  Sometimes you just have to pull out all of the stops :]

me:  which is why i shove a roll of socks in the front of my jeans.

Sent at 12:40 AM on Friday

her:  Haha nice, the equivalent to the push up bra

me:  lol. pretty much. i really get angry when i remove a bra and think,


Leslie:  Understandable

I’m not a fan of padded bras for that very reason

me:  how tall are you?

her:  5’3″

me:  may i ask your measurements?

her:  34C

me:  WOW. very nice. you must be proud. oops, more movement. lol.

Sent at 12:44 AM on Friday

her:  Lol must be rough to have all of this happen involuntarily

me:  you have NO idea. and i’m in my late 30′s when i was 17-27/28. i might

as well have had my dick on my forehead.

the male libido (especially mine) is a raging tempest of lust.

her:  Oh, I believe that :]

Sent at 12:47 AM on Friday

me:  the ex (who had a similar libido) couldn’t keep up.

Sent at 12:49 AM on Friday

me:  lost my virginity at 14. that was it….i was on a mission. and girls

back home are goers. first time i went to san diego 1994, i cleaned up. i

fell in love every 10 minutes. lol.

her:  Haha it’s rough for sd girls, there are too many pretty ones and guys

like you just can’t choose

Sent at 12:51 AM on Friday

me:  oh no….i had NO PROBLEM choosing. lol. you could throw a dead cat in

the air at SDSU and it would land within 10 feet of at least 7 9′s.

Sent at 12:53 AM on Friday

her:  Haha every guy’s dream

How long were you in sd?

me:  want to know a secret.

her:  Definitely

me:  i know it’s not like that in california, but eventually. wanting to

fuck every cute face you pass…..

goes away.

Sent at 12:55 AM on Friday

me:  i’ve done damn near everything in the SMP i’ve ever wanted to do. my

next post is how to get a woman to ejaculate.

Sent at 12:56 AM on Friday

her:  NICE, that’ll definitely be a useful one

I look forward to reading it

Sent at 12:58 AM on Friday

me:  it’s not that difficult if you can get the woman to relax and get over

the fact that she’s going to feel like she’s gonna pee. took the ex in japan

4 times to finally squirt.

her:  Wow, very impressive

me:  but the orgasm you’ll get from it… will change your world.

her:  I can imagine…unfortunately that’s all I can do at this point

me:  nancy kicked me and i fell off the bed when she finally had one.

Leslie:  Hahaha nice

me:  you can ONLY squirt.

or you can only have clitoral orgasms?

her:  The latter

me:  that’s true for 90% of all women. you’d have to have a couple before

you could make yourself have one.

Sent at 1:03 AM on Friday

her:  Sad that I don’t even know what I’m missing out on

Sent at 1:06 AM on Friday

me:  whenever a girl tells me “i can only cum via oral” i roll my eyes.

hell a co-worker had me teach her bf how to do it. it’s not really hard.

Sent at 1:07 AM on Friday

her:  More people need to pass this information on to guys

Sent at 1:10 AM on Friday

me:  and this is why i blog. i just want to help guys do better with


i was talking with privateman about this. i don’t get NEAR the traffic he

gets . but athol kay commented on my blog. That’s a HUGE compliment.

Sent at 1:11 AM on Friday

her:  I’d say your blog is pretty popular

It always seems to get a good number of comments

And they’re not just from the same users

me:  nah, i don’t get as many comments as most other blogs. but i prefer to

stay under the radar. i average about 200 +/- 50 views a day.

but i noticed i get more traffic when i talk about my run ins with women.

but thank you saying angel.

her:  Of course

And I think anecdotes make things interesting

Sent at 1:15 AM on Friday

me:  well, i post examples since i don’t articulate or theorize well. i do

best with telling stories. i teach a lot of medical courses, and i think the

examples are easier for average guys to relate to.

Sent at 1:17 AM on Friday

her:  Ya, that’s a good way to explain

Learning from experience, in a way

Sent at 1:21 AM on Friday

me:  i was considering quitting the blog. but a few of the more popular

bloggers told me to keep at it.

privateman told me i’m a lot more well known than i realize. orly? :/

her:  I’m sure you’re underestimating your notoriety

me:  enough about me. let’s talk about the lovely ******. lol.

i don’t know why, but 34c just popped into my head.

Sent at 1:24 AM on Friday

her:  Hahaha

What would you like to know?

me:  what type of men do you tend to gravitate to?

what do you like to do when not studying?

her:  I’ll answer the second first, since it has a more straightforward


I like to do a lot of outdoor activities, like play tennis, run (kind of)

And I really enjoy reading new books, and writing

And I love to cook

me:  i like to cook, and kiss girls. lol.

her:  Haha kissing is a great hobby

me:  lol. you should post more. it can be liberating.

her:  Ya, I always feel really good after I publish a blog

But I feel like it will be hard to increase my frequency of posts since

school’s started

me:  well, according to my blog, people are going to your blog from my


now you owe me a kiss. lol.

her:  Haha do I?

me:  lol.

maybe i’ll end up cooking for you if you do.

her:  Or maybe I will if you end up cooking for me


me:  if i cooked for you, i think i might end up with more than a kiss. my

cooking is THAT good.

but never underestimate my propensity to completely screw things up. lol.

her:  Lol I admire your confidence

Sent at 1:37 AM on Friday

me:  well thank you love. as long as you’re smiling as you’re reading and

typing…….danny is happy.

Leslie:  Well you can take my word that I am smiling

me:  ******** +3

uh-oh. more movement. lol.

her:  Lol common theme for the night

me:  oh you know you love it. lol.

her:  Haha it is pretty entertaining

-then I told her I purposely went against some “text game” rules just to see

what happens.

me: would you mind if i post about our texting? reason i ask is that i’ve

broken a lot rules associated with “text game”.

i’d delete your name of course.

her:  Of course not

me:  good.

her:  I’d be extra interested to read your take on this.

me:  in summation: you’re an attractive woman, all i did was light

flirting, added some light sexual innuendo, and then would change back to a

more personal chat.

and i responded very quickly. most “game guys” tell you to wait in between

posts. NONSENSE. i escalated when i felt like it. and i posted multiple

comments back to back (thats not supposed to be bueno).

i favored on the side of being bold rather than just being a nice guy to

you. i was polite, and respectful. but i also let you know i see you as a

sexual creature.

what do you think?

her:  Sounds pretty accurate to me

-And NOW for the money shot.

me: so i ask, did i manage to build any attraction on your end?

her:  Yeah, I can honestly say you did build some attraction

me:  well thank you. you (and yer amazing 34c’s….my favorite size)

flatter me. *kisses your hand*

her:  It’s been quite a while since I’ve gotten a kiss on the hand, so the

flattery is mutual

I really should go though

My friends are waiting for me to start getting ready

me:  have fun angel. talk to you later.

i’ll post our chat later.

her:  I look forward to it

after reading the post, her response was that it was very surreal reading out conversation on the blog. i’ll call her and ask her to reply to this so you can get her outlook.

7 Comments on “Repost: Text Fun”

  1. aneroidocean says:

    I had a whole analysis half-written up and then deleted it and decided to go with:

    Danny, I don’t think you’ve proved that the “PUA text rules” are BS, but you’ve definitely pointed out that they are guidelines and that there are many instances where one or many may not apply. That’s definitely one of the things that blue pill guys don’t realize when trying to swallow the red pill.

    Also, I just looked up my traffic to compare, you’re way ahead of me (as you should be), but check out the top four search terms are getting to my site from yesterday’s traffic:

    milf swimsuit
    what is sex with a tranny like
    what is sex like with tranny
    what is sex with a tranny like?

    I nearly spit up my water.

  2. resrieg says:

    It’s even more surreal reading this conversation now that a few months have passed since it happened…
    As for Danny’s effectiveness with his anti-PUA conversation tactics, I’d definitely say that they’re effective. One of the biggest mistakes guys can make to put themselves in the friends zone is never introducing a sexual aspect to a relationship with a girl, so the fact that Danny does it is key. Even more important, in my opinion, was the fact that he added humor to it and could actually make me laugh. Keep in mind that I’ve never met Danny in person, so sexual comments too early could have easily caused me to write him off as some internet creep, but the fact that he could make me laugh just over internet chat built attraction just off of personality.

  3. Athor Pel says:

    I’m not a PUA advocate of any stripe. But I must point some things out.

    IRC/AIM/’internet text chat’ texting is not the same as cell phone texting and it is cell texting that the PUAs are referring to. Internet text chat is a conversation, just like a telephone call. Cell texting is more like email.

    From a rhetorical point of view you set up a straw man and then destroyed it. You set out to disprove an argument that hadn’t been made, by anybody. Congratulations you’ve joined the millions of internet denizens that have done the exact same thing without knowing it.

    Besides that, you were leading the conversation the whole way through, which is alpha. She was in your frame the whole time.

    I’m sorry but you didn’t disprove any PUA “rules”.

    But what you did do is provide an example of how to lay the groundwork for getting in a girl’s panties. Again, congratulations are in order. Bravo.

  4. […] quit sucking up, and start teasing. use FB and a womans attention seeking to meet women on FB and practice your game. i’ve already showed you how easy it is, so give it a try. or, just tweak what you’re […]

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