I’m Back. On Home Defense

first things first. THANK YOU for all the well wishes, it’s really nice to know you guys care and support me. i have a pretty good idea what may have caused my fucking meltdown and i’ve made some changes. not getting into it, because it involves a lot of medical diagnosis BS. there’s a certain med i was taking that i’m no longer going to take and see how that works. in the mean time i saw my primary MH Dr. and he sent me home for the day and told me to unwind this weekend. i will now be working days and i’m fine with that. my LT remarked how i actually looked better and like “the HM1 i know.” let’s move  on……

when i go home to NO, i take my mom to the range so she can shoot. she DOES NOT like my 9mm. and i get it, it’s a chunky weapon, but she’s not a bad shot. now, she’s finally told me she wants to have a gun in the house. the crime in her area is getting worse so she enlisted her PTSD riddled gun loving son to find her a suitable hand gun. i decided on a Ruger LCP .380 centerfire, it’s small easy to fire and has a laser site just beneath the bore. tbh, i’m going to have a hard time giving it up. now, mom DOES NOT want to conceal personal carry, it’s just from the house. i HIGHLY recommend this weapon for women.

most people think getting a gun will help them with home defense. well, a gun is actually 25% of home defense. the other 75% is-


most people are quite complacent. they buy a gun and MAYBE take it to the range (hell, most DON’T even ever fire it.) thinking simply having a gun makes them safer. it’s just a security blanket, it makes them feel safer knowing they have a gun in the house.

my mother is going to be DRILLED on what to do if someone forcibly breaks in. first rule is- the best thing to do if someone forces their way into the house is to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. logistically speaking, i’ll instruct mom to haul ass out the back door and run to a neighbor’s house. more than likely she’ll keep the gun in her bedroom. to maintain Mom’s privacy, i won’t go into further detail. but i will tell you this.

IF you buy a firearm, TAKE IT TO A RANGE!!!!!! i’m going to tell mom to go twice a month to shoot. as far as ammo, i prefer the Winchester line of “PDX1 Defender” series. they make a caliber for every type of gun: 9, 40, 45, .380, .357, and 12 gauge. it’s a VERY effective round. now, you have a firearm, and great ammo. NOT SHOOTING is the biggest mistake must suburban gun-owners make. you REALLY have to go to a range and get used to shooting the weapon. most ranges have gunsmiths on hand or at least an expert who can teach you how to break down the weapon and clean it. PLEASE learn how to break the gun down. ok. buy the cheapest ammo you can to practice at the range. now for part two.

HAVE A CONTINGENCY PLAN!!!!!! you face one of two scenarios: a stealthy, quiet break in (Brody WILL alert me if someone comes close to the house….but toy dogs make EXCELLENT distractions to would be burglars), OR you will have someone break the door down and use force to accost you. again, IF you have the means, evade the intruders. get out of the house. figure out a plan for each family member to follow. much like if there’s a fire.

i plan on drilling mom; where i come into the house, i will yell BOOM!!!! that’s to signify someone broke the door down. if i get to her…..she’s dead. the point of this is to make her reaction internalized. she will not panic, she will run for the back door. if i come in from the back door (in most homes the back door is least fortified), she ‘ll run out the front. going for the gun will be the LAST RESORT if someone forcibly breaks in. but she wants to have a gun in the house. for women i recommend .380.

YOU MUST take a gun safety class. i can not reiterate this enough. PLEASE do this. NOW. depending on the state you live in, you need to find out the gun laws in your state. IF you ever have to pull and use a gun on an intruder to your house your gun will be confiscated. this is why i REFUSE to buy a $500+ gun. my 9 was $289. i rock a Ruger P95, it hold’s 15+1. VERY affordable. i try to shoot about once a month. remember, i’m military trained in hand-to hand combat and proper and safe use of a gun. so this is meant more you civvies. i MIGHT have to call DogSquat to have him chime in on this.

for my mommy

my 9. notice the size of the clips. mom’s clip is in the center. the ammo is my personal preference.

mom’s gun

my gun-

again, i’d HIGHLY recommend a plan that involves getting out of the house. if you’re facing a fight, and have to use a firearm, you DAMN SURE better make sure using that gun is second nature. hope this helps. i’ve only had one recent attempt at my house being breached. at the time all i had was a Mossburg 500 Persuader. in my opinion, the BEST home defense weapon is a shotgun because you don’t have to a great shot. just point and pull trigger. honestly, just racking the weapon will dissuade most intruders. they DO NOT want to have a shotgun pointed at them. shotguns are VERY affordable and you typically don’t need to go through a lot of BS to get one. you can walk out a store in about hour with your purchase. the below pic is my shottie.

and please keep in mind, it you HAVE to pull and the intruder runs…..DO NOT SHOOT!!!! if someone breaks in and flee’s they are no longer a threat. if you shoot them, you can be held liable in court. let them go. got it.

if anyone has questions, please feel free to email. i take gun safety and gun owner-ship VERY seriously.

stay up.

ok, i HAD to add this since i’m getting mom pepper spray as well to carry on her person.

AND just to make  PrivateMan giddy, i thought i’d repost this. he’s using basically the same pistol i have. mine just holds more rounds.

7 Comments on “I’m Back. On Home Defense”

  1. Rojo says:

    Great post. I’m a gun guy too, so I like seeing firearms getting the right kind of attention.

    However, there are a lot of myths that are inimical to the handling of shotguns. Not to take away from your post, but I encourage anyone considering safeguarding their safety with shotguns to take a look at this link.


    It’s great that you emphasized that merely having a weapon isn’t enough.

    On a lighter note, the Mossberg 500/590 is a good gun; my personal favorite is the Winchester 1300 which is quite similar.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      I read the link. Here in the south damn near EVERYONE knows the sound of a shotgun being racked.

      Now PLEASE tell me a shotgun would be easier for a newbie to handle than a pistol.

      Secondly, a shotgun is relative cheap and VERY easily accessible. Thus making it a top choice for home defense.

      Not knocking the Winchester, but I prefer the mossburg because is the safety placement. And well…that’s what I used with my Marines.

      • Rojo says:

        I don’t disagree Danny. In essence, I am really trying to add to your point about getting training. Anyone who is serious about using that shotgun should know how to run it and not rely on these perpetually repeated myths. That’s not enough, like you said “if you’re facing a fight, and have to use a firearm, you DAMN SURE better make sure using that gun is second nature.” I concur.

        Like with Game and such, ultimately it’s the indian and not the arrow.

        We’re on the same team here; it’s just that the shotgun myths are counterproductive.

        I like my 1300 due to the placement of the action release. Unfortunately, the sound it makes when cocking is not all that awesome. I think out of the big 3 pump guns, (Remingtons, Mossbergs, and Winchesters) the one that makes the coolest sound is the 870; sounds more metal-y.

        This is actually my first time commenting on one of these blogs; I’ve been following yours and Mentu’s and Private Man’s and a couple others for a few months. I’d like to thank you for having an interesting one and I appreciate your insight.


  2. Matt says:

    21 feet.

    If they step through the doorway of the room I am in and I have a gun in my hand then I am going to shoot. Two rounds to the center of mass. If they go down but still appear to be a threat, I’m going to shoot them again. Repeat as needed.

    Never, ever threaten an intruder with a gun. If the situation is serious enough to point a gun at them, it’s serious enough to pull the trigger. There is no time to make a shoot/don’t shoot decision, that will get you killed.

  3. andrewmichaelmedina says:

    Got a 1911 for the house right now (AMT Gov’t $400 used) thinking about grabbing one of those super cheap shotguns Cheaper Than Dirt/Buds Gunshop has for sale.

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