Thinking of Running the Harem Again

Brody here.

Spoke to SpaceTraveller today on the blower and she made it clear she’s marbles and conker’s to be back in my Harem. God bless ST, she’s a lovely Bird…..and FIT as well. Considering my recent lass has relocated to Philadelphia, I’m a single bloke. So, that’s the brass tacks of the matter. Now, I’m not one for porkies so let me cut to the chase; if you’re a Bird and looking to join the harem, please do comment in the comment thing that this site does. I still don’t quite get it to be honest.  If possible give us a varder so I know what my harem’s thoroughbreds are packing. So you know, I’m a fool for lallies and minces. Now, Guv’s in the shower so do not let him know I posted this.

He’s looking better as I’m sure you read a few day’s ago how he went sixes and sevens on us. I was quite worried about the wanker truth be told. When Danny gets like that (please don’t tell him I shared this), he get’s the worst bottom burps I’ve ever smelled. It’s absolutely rancid. Well, lately, it’s a bit more Kutshi in the house. Crikes, if I had to deal with more of his sullen shite, I’d drive off a cliff meself.

Ok, I wanted to share: I’ve since abandoned the screenplay and have decided to build a Starship in Danny’s attic. Now he never goes up there so I’m sure it’s safe. The hull is basically complete, but getting the anti-gravitaional generator built has been quite the chore. Thankfully, when Danny’s at work I can peruse over Quantum Physics theory to speed the project along and let me tell you, I’m going absolutely nutters. Just when I’m knackered and throw me hands in the air, my stiff upper lip sensibilities kick in and I get back on task.

Again….please don’t tell Danny about this project. I’ll keep you posted. Cheers.
















C’mon Ladies. I dare you to tell me bum isn’t delicious.



2 Comments on “Thinking of Running the Harem Again”

  1. (R)Evoluzione says:

    Ahh, Harems. To quote Mr. Bueller, “If you have the means, I highly recommend it.”

  2. Spacetraveller says:

    Oh Brody!
    That is splendid news that you and I could get back together!
    I missed ya, Pet.

    So when’s our next date?
    It will be just me and you, yeah? No other birds…
    Getting a bit jealous, you see.
    But that’s only because I want ya all to meself, can’t help it Swee’ ‘eart…
    How high d’ya want me high heels?
    And what colour frock d’ya want me to wear?

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