Repost: Baby Making Music

i have a nice little playlist i shall share for your bedroom fun. i don’t usually employ music for the purpose of making a seductive environment, but i DO love music. never been into role-playing (in the bedroom…..not skyrim-esque). but when the mood fancies, i do have a few albums that i tend to put into the “baby making mix”. they are.

1. Massive Attack- Mezzanine. by far one of the most alluring and seductive albums ever made. it DOES NOT get the recognition it justly deserves. Teardrop and Angel are standouts, but the whole album is BOMB. and Angel just DRIPS with seduction and lust.

2- RadioHead- Amnesiac. this album has a vibe that is just sexy as all hell. it’s a hard sell for me for second place and tied closely with number 3. Amnesiac is ethereal, mysterious and other-worldly. i’m not kidding, when pyramid song plays, all i can think of is watching a woman ride me. it’s a slow build to a deeper pace and amazing crescendo.

3- Interpol-Turn on the Bright Lights. by far one of my favorite albums ever made. this my “my heart is in 1,000,000 pieces and Beth is responsible for it” licking my wounds album. i’ve always loved bands that had complex bass lines (PETER HOOK FTW) and Carlos D KILLS IT for Interpol. add t0 it lines like, /it’s in the way that she walks/ her heaven is never enough/ she puts the weights into my little heart/ and she gets in my room and she takes it apart/ oh, she puts the weight into my little heart/.  obstacle 1 is by far one of my favorite songs ever.

4- My Bloody Valentine- Loveless. CLASSIC SHOEGAZER album. this is the foundation i give for anyone getting into shoegazer. EPIC wall of guitar and ethereal hard to decipher lyrics. imagine an Angel whispering in you ear and all you can hear is beauty, not words, and a background sound that moves you to pure bliss. that’s shoegazer. it derived the name from the band staring at the ground as they played. Kevin Sheilds is a fucking evil genius. shoegazer is best appreciated via headphones.

5- Gregory Isaacs- ANYTHING!!!! lol. seriously. GI is the KING of getting ladies in the mood. use with caution, if you break out GI, you BETTER be ready to perform. this is pure jungle fuck beast mode music. most people will fall back on Barry White; NO…GI FTW!! how do i know i’m right, my gay male friends always defer to Gregory. lol. most of the rhythm is in perfect sync for gunning a woman down. in #1, he even asks her what she brings to the table to land him. FUCK yeah Greg. GI’s is my secret weapon bedroom music.

6. Galaxie 500- Blue Thunder. this was the album playing while you were helping a friend clean up ater the party and there was a girl or 2 milling about that you end up ditching the cleaning to make out with. it’s mellow a bit down-trodden but sexy like a rainy weekend afternoon (if you don’t find rain sexy…..die in a fire). the fact that they cover Ceremony by Joy Division seals the deal for me on these guys. and they were HUGE Joy Division fans.

7- The Daysleepers- Drowned in a Sea of Sound. these guys i classify as “NewGazer”. follows the musical format of shoegazer (which died out around the mid-90’s.). but these guys are tits. the sound is clean and reminds me a bit of the cure. and we all know the Cure is DEAD sexy.

8. Fleeting Joys- Despondent Transponder. again, a “NewGazer” band. along the same lines as Daysleepers, but these guys come across as a bit darker in some of their songs. which i why i like to have to these 2 bands in the line up. i tend to be more morose than most.

9. Neko Case- Blacklisted. i FUCKING LOVE Neko Case. saw her live last year in NO. she has such a powerful voice and she writes her own stuff. her music is SOOO seductive and sexy that i can’t sell it, you just have to listen. she’s been described as “a mixture of patsy cline and david lynch”, to me…..that’s a GOOD thing. the woman who is able to see how the song “blacklisted” is applicable to me will be my future ex-wife. srsly.

10.this is where you reader’s get to leave suggestions. what’s your go-to baby making music? [edit-scrap that i forgot about this one.] Arab Strap- The Read Thread. these 2 scotsmen have made 5-6 albums all about the same topic: booze, sex, heartbreak, and loss. this is another Beth Album. i heard them on TUL, asked the DJ about them and she said the album is brilliant. checked it out on amazon and went to the virgin and purchased it (remember buying CD’s :/ )? everything is done in house. the duo write all the music and lyrics. the second is about him and his GF ending it. two standouts are…..

the funny thing is, if i have music playing in the background during…well, you know. i BARELY realize it. but for some reason, most women really associate the song with the sex. i’ve had women tell me they couldn’t listen to certain CD anymore because it reminded them of sleeping with me. should i be flattered or ashamed? lol.

11 Comments on “Repost: Baby Making Music”

  1. Athor Pel says:

    Recommendation. I might have made it before.

    Morcheeba, just about anything they do.

    I’m a big fan of Massive Attack. They had a song in the soundtrack of The Matrix.
    This song

    was playing in Neo’s headphones as he slept, right before he saw the white rabbit.

  2. Shade Zero says:

    I’m not really much of a music guy in general. Most of your bands on your list I’ve never even heard of. I’m going to go back through when my internet is not being a bitch and watch those. I do have a hippity dippity play list. Some of the songs on there are things like “Girl, I wanna Lay You Down” by ALO, some Sade (the best of Sade is awesome), etc.

  3. Rojo says:

    I’ve had good results with the album Talkie Walkie by the band AIr:

    I also have Bjiork’s album Post as a go to.

    and I really want to up the intimacy level, I throw on John Coltrane “A Love Supreme.” But it is my favorite album so I am a bit biased, I think it’s perfect.

  4. andrewmichaelmedina says:

    Always thought about making a music blog for the manosphere crowd.

    I mean we have Chef in Jeans for the cooking, Masculine Style for the clothing, Danger and Play for the health and wellness, why not a blog about music for sexy time?

    Track 1 in my sexy time playlist (yes I keep a playlist labeled that on my PC):

    It’s actually a song about drug addiction, but dark seductive tunes with powerful vocals tend to fit as songs that are great to screw to.

    Great song about seduction and excess, a lot of his stuff is great. Also has that dark seductive vibe I love.

    And of course this song. I don’t think I need to say anything about it. Just listen.

  5. Sis says:

    I liked Neko Case, Galaxy 500 and Gregory Isaacs. “Tell Me” was my favorite.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      how can you NOT like etta james. GI is ALWAYS apropos for sexy time. saw neko in NO 2-3 years back but the bitch never covered “blacklisted”. i was so disappointed. but with lyrics like- do the trees bend down/fold their limbs round you/welcome home faithful one/we forgive you. perfect.

      g500 is a very under the radar band. they’re like the band to put on for rainy day sunday sex, or it’s a snow day. blue thunder is by far their best album.

  6. vitor.hugo says:

    I’ll take the risk and sound (heh) too obvious: but serge gainsbourg makes some pretty nice babymaking soundtrack. Besides Je t’aime, moi non plus, he has other great songs solo and duos. He had the most wonderful english babes and french singers on the microphones (or down to his mic).

    I made a mixtape that`s one hour long only with his songs (with and without the duos), anyone interested, please reply to this comment and i’ll be glad in sharing these babymaking mixtape.

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