The Comedy of a BAD Father

I posted this WAAAAAY back when I started the blog. It’s MUCH more tragic now that I’ve spent some time on the blogsphere. you wanna know why so many women are shitty these days watch the first video below.

i love louis c.k. this was the first time watching one of his specials since finding the manosphere, and watching it not only drew out laughs, but also “WTF is wrong with you louis” feelings. so watching this made me wonder…..why are you letting your child make you this upset? assert yourself dummy. i have a 3-4 year old neice that shit tests and i’ve never failed one because i call her on her rudeness. louis is expressing rage towards his daughter when he should be teaching/leading her. it’s sad. makes for good comedy on the surface but…REALLY. if i ever become a father…..i hope to God i don’t become like this.

ok….i’ve never been married so i can’t relate, but i’ve always thought this was the funniest story.

12 Comments on “The Comedy of a BAD Father”

  1. Athol Kay says:

    Oh yeah, I love Louis CK, but as soon as he started on the Handjob routine I knew he was going to be divorced in short order. Was like watching a car crash happen.

  2. ASF says:

    Love love Louis CK, but I just accept the fact that his comedy will have huge beta components in some of his material. Still funny.

  3. I love Louis CK. He always dates the weirdest, psycho women (on the show.)

  4. Tried watching this standup once. I couldn’t bare through it. THis shit’s funny though.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      yeah. he’s a great comedian, but a shitty at raising a daughter. if my daughter spoke to me like that, she’s be dealt with.

      • Coincidentally… after work today my boss’ newly adopted kid said this exact same thing today. She’s around four. I wish I could say he handled it well. How would you have handled this?

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        i would have sternly told her that she DOES NOT speak to me in that tone. and basically held her accountable. thing is, she’s already trained to act like this. she’d need consistent discipline to ensure she KNOWS, her behavior will have consequences. it’s amazing how kids can read when you’re full of shit and making hollow threats.

        my 4 year old niece has said shit to me that made me call her out. thing is….they WANT to be disciplined. when they behave you reward them by showering them with affection. when the act shitty, you scold them and let them know you will NOT tolerate the behavior.

        then again, i’m not a dad. what the fuck do i know.

  5. “they WANT to be disciplined” <<<<<<<<<<<<<THIS!!!!

    I've seen "his" kids beg to be in trouble. the oldest girl (she just started school so I'm guessing 6) broke a pair of his sunglasses one day and when I stopped by she made a point of bringing them up in the middle of our conversation to ask what they were… pretending not to know what glasses were or that she had broken them. I'm guessing she wasn't impressed with his original reaction and was giving him another chance.

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