Game Advice from Cholo’s

My boy from San Deezy sent me this. Said he KNEW I’d like it; especially considering my preference for Latinas. It’s fucking hilarious. It’ll probably make NO sense to some of you, but I was rolling watching this. I LOVE how they have a condom taped to everything. The dude that sent me this was a stone cold player before he got married. Told me he has probably 3 kids back in LA. He would meet a girl, give them his pager number, call them from a pay phone, hook up with them, and when he found out girl was pregnant, he’d destroy the pager. COLD, I know. But….that was his trip.

So get out there and approach- es llave!!!


there are other’s on youtube, but they’re kind of stupid. lol.

there are videos on how to get an: asian, white, and black woman.

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