House of Shock, YISH!!!!!!

it’s late september and you know what that means. HOUSE OF SHOCK!!!!!! i cannot wait to get home and walk the halls of one of the best local run haunts. what… don’t know about the HOS……

i volunteer at the HOS, i have friends that work there. hell, i know all three of the main actors in the first video. the first vid is of the stage show you see before being ushered into the HOS. well, if i’m lucky, one of my friends will be allowing me to act as his character  this year. we’ll see. this is how my city does Halloween. and yes, the HOS DOES play heavily on satanic theme’s. Bronan should enjoy this. most of the actors are in metal bands.

but it’s all a show. i can’t/won’t give away of the secrets of the actors (much like the male blogger’s of the sphere). i’m sworn to secrecy.

the eternal pain tribe is a group that performs acts in which the actors have hooks placed in them and they suspend or pull against the hooks. funny thing is……they’re actually the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. lol. and YES, i know a few of them as well.

i think i should include some guys that work there. NO black metal, you’ve been warned. but they’re local guys….so, respect.



me, mike and guido from Pain Tribe. they’re actually very nice guys.

Eiwhaz. if i’m lucky, i’ll be in this costume.

2 Comments on “House of Shock, YISH!!!!!!”

  1. Hell yeah dude. I’ve seen Goatwhore before and they’re pretty awesome live. Carving Out The Eyes of God is a great album. Haven’t heard their newest yet but I’ve heard it’s pretty awesome. Can’t say I’m much of an Eyehategod fan but sludge metal ain’t really my thang for the most part.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      yeah. well, the second goatwhoere video was filmed inside HOS. both bands are all actors in the haunted house. lol.

      the NO metal scene is pretty sweet. you’d have a BALL at HOS.

      thanks for stopping by Me Hardy. AAAAARH!!!!! fucking Mentu’s retarded. lol.

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