Dating in Your 30’s

As I’ve stated before, I love when the wimminz sites do the heavy lifting. This gem comes from a site that I troll JUST WAITING for shit like this. The following is an article giving ladies advice about dating in their 30’s. Emphasis mine.



Dating in your 20s is a whole ‘nother ballgame than dating in your 30s.


Times change, we grow and learn, and frankly, I wouldn’t go back to those days if you paid me (okay, if you paid me a LOT I might … maybe). [Keep telling yourself that Sister.]


Being in your 30s comes with a lot of pretty rad changes – you’re wiser, you’re smarter, you’ve learned what you want and what you don’t, and you’re ready to find someone worthy of you. Because you’re awesome. [Talk about hamsterbation]


Here are some tips for dating in your 30s.


1) Opt for men, not boys. Men in their 20s are a different breed from men in their 30s. Like you, they’ve gotten their lives together and are ready to find out what they want from a partner. [Well, no shit. I do believe I’ve said before that a guy in his 20’s should just be about learning what you want/need from a woman. Besides, the older you get the more and better options you have. So ladies, if you’re in you 30’s….you MIGHT wanna shoot for 40 yo dudes]


2) Learn to let the small stuff go. It’s NOT all small stuff (contrary to the popular book), but there are a lot of fights you’d have had in your 20s that you’ve now learned are NOT WORTH IT. [Fair enough, just realize that this equates for 90% of the shit in the relationship]


3) Look for a partner who shares the same values and beliefs that you do. It’s a vital part of any relationship, but in your 30s, you’re more likely to know what you stand for. Find someone who matches that. [Sorry ladies, but in your 30’s realize if he has a job, and can be respectful….GRAB ON]


4) Relax if you haven’t found Mr. Right. You’re now older, sexier, wiser, and MORE full of the awesome. You don’t need to rush in and out of relationships as quickly as you change your nail polish. [BWAAAHAHAHAHAHA . SHHHH hamster. SHHHHHHH. There there. Niiiiiice hamster]


5) Enjoy those quiet moments alone. Dating in your 20s has a lot of we! must! spend! every! second! together – but dating in your 30s? You can enjoy those moments alone, doing what YOU want to do. [See above]


6) Don’t settle for less than you deserve. You’ve done it before – we all have – but it’s time to look your relationship in the face and ask yourself “is this what I want?” and be able to answer it. [I’m assuming the answer is “a man” which implies human; guess what toots- you ain’t perfect either]


7) If it’s not working, and you don’t think it’s going to, dump him. Yeah, it’s not particularly NICE to be so harsh, but really, why waste YOUR time on someone who is decidedly NOT worth it. [Fair enough. Enjoy the cup-o-soup for one with kitty, and your weekly book club meeting while he’s drying his eyes with a 23 year old temp]


8) Remind yourself that it’s okay to be weak in front of your partner sometimes. It’s hard, when you’re used to doing things your way, to want to behave as though you need someone. Relationships are always give and take – remember that. [Again, don’t you love the way women have been built up to be super human monoliths of power and strength. Please Ladies, be a girl. Ok.]  


I forgot to add. Apparently  myself and Deti are now amusement park attractions. lol. I made attraction 13, and i’m a big, scary, haunted house. AAAAAAAHHH!!!!! I van to thuck youhr blood.

I don’t know who this Steve guy is, but I wanna karate chop his throat.


30 Comments on “Dating in Your 30’s”

  1. Stingray says:

    I’ve been thinking about this more and more recently and I’ve got to let it go as it is beginning to irritate me too much . . . Do these women not realize that for all their empowerment, education, and because you’re awesomeness, how insanely dumb they are being? An education is about a lot more than a piece of paper after 4 years and thousands of dollars. Why can’t they think beyond themselves and what is happening right at this moment? (Never mind, I know the answer, but it still rankles fiercely.)

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      preach on Darling. i’ll hold the crowd back

    • Spacetraveller says:

      I know what you mean, Stingray.
      It annoys me no end as well.

      I avoid this kind of article like the plague. Talk about poisoning the minds of women.
      These women perhaps know they have failed in their own lives.
      And now they are hell-bent on ruining the lives of their readers…

      Yes, a woman is often more mature the older she gets (like men too).
      But it is not cause for an ever more inflated sense of entitlement!
      It SHOULD make her more humble if anything…

      So Danny, your comments in bold are spot on. You should send this post to those sites so that the women who read them are made aware of the Truth, and not what the feminazis are dishing out to them on a daily basis…

  2. deti says:

    There are only two reasons a woman dates in her 30s:

    1. To find sex partners.
    2. To find a husband.

    This advice is OK if you’re a StrongIndependentWoman (TM) looking for sex partners.

    But most women in their 30s are dating because they want husbands. Here’s deti’s advice for those women:

    1. Follow Danny’s advice. If he has a job and he can be respectful, GRAB ON.
    2. If you find such a man, show IOIs liberally. make it very clear to him that you are interested in him sexually and romantically.
    3. Lower your standards. You will not get a top 10% alpha to wife you up. That’s not going to happen. The alpha will sex you every day, and twice on Saturday. But marriage? Not. Gonna. Happen. Them’s the facts. Accept them.
    4. Concentrate on what you have to offer, and show it to him.
    5. Learn and hone domestic skills. You’re auditioning for the wife role, not just the “fun date/sex kitten role. You have to be fun and a sex kitten, but you also have to be a wife too.

    • stormy says:

      Why do so many alpha celeb men marry women in their 30’s? o.0

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        my guess is going to be it’s the nature of cali. i’ve lived out there, and the guys are either eternal players or total douchey super supplicating beta’s. and the competition among females is FIERCE. also, you can throw a dead cat in the air at UCLA and it would land within 10 feet of at least 20 8’s.

        one of my HS friends manages a plastic surgery clinic in west LA. 98% of the clientele is female.

        and….well, it’s hollywood. that’s an alternate reality. lol.

      • deti says:


        Well, OK — but how many alpha celebrity men are there to go around? And how’s she gonna meet those men?

        What chance does a 32 year old junior high school teacher in Akron have of meeting an alpha celeb?

        What chance does a 34 year old divorced factory worker with a 10 year old son living in Des Moines have of meeting an alpha celeb?

        What chance does a 30 year old never married fresh-off-the-carousel sees-the-wall-coming-up-fast overworked and underpaid legal secretary from Abilene, TX have of meeting an alpha celeb?

        What chance does a 31 year old lawyer working 60 hours a week have of meeting an alpha celeb? (This kind of woman meets and works with plenty of alphas, but the only thing they want her for is a quick f**k. Marriage? Nah. She’s too independent and too opinionated and therefore too much hassle for anything more than a few months worth of laughs and rolls in the sack.)

      • stormy says:

        I guess it’s that celeb men tend to marry celeb women…so even a 30 year old celeb woman is better than a 20 year old nonceleb.

        Anyway, point I’m making is that plenty of women marry in their 30’s. I do think these women are clueless in the post above, but I don’t understand the amount of fury that goes at women who wait longer to get married. You certainly don’t want people who aren’t ready or mature enough to get married to get married, do you? That’s what’s contributing to the divorce rate. And older people (with college educations) are significantly less likely to get divorced.

        I don’t know…just a thought.

  3. Professor Mentu says:

    Lulz at that article. No clue why chicks write stuff like that when I’ve already shared my brilliance with womankind:

  4. Matt says:

    I remember reading the two pieces of advice that covers everything a woman needs to know about dating.

    1. Lower your standards.
    2. You’re not hot enough.

  5. Young Hunter says:

    I think if women want to stay on the carousel into their 30’s that’s their choice, but stuff like this further cements the lies they tell themselves and then everyone else is expected to swallow as the good and proper truth.

  6. MissMarie says:

    This crap is so disturbing. I just saw an antiperspirant commercial the other day talking about how strong women are, yada yada. Gag me with a fricken spoon, I’m a total pansy. And I’m still getting the advice to ‘live life’ and to quit worrying about finding someone to marry because I’m ‘still so young!’ Um, no, I’m 27. The options are steadily moving toward cat lady old maid or marrying someone considerably older and not having children. I’m still considering that option, really. These stupid articles are doing a real disservice, besides sounding like idiots.

  7. MissMarie says:

    You’re going to get me in trouble, you bad, bad man!

  8. Derrick says:

    “MORE full of the Awesome”

    I’m sorry to tell ya sister, you don’t have as many eggs left as you once did, and you put on ten pounds since you finished college.

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  10. Hilarious. If this doesn’t speak some sense to her from what MEN think, nothing will.

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