ITLR: Taking Action

Mentu’s made a call to arms. And I’m all in. The beauty of being almost 40 and looking like I’m in my mid-twenties, fucking OWNS. Knowing game, having a red-pill mind-set, and knowing how to flirt with women puts me in a unique position in this “battle”. Then I headed off to Terminal Lance and read this gem.

Being the resident Military male blogger, I’m going to urge ALL guys that live near military bases to marry a Military woman that has decided to make it a career. Follow Max’s example and role reverse: marry her, stay with her for 11 years (even if you catch her cheating), then as soon as you hit year 11, DIVORCE HER!!!!! You SHOULD have relative access to your kids and you are GUARANTEED half her pension, you’ll receive her health care benefits, and you’ll recieve tuition assistance for college. Then you can simply get a NEW, younger gf and ride off to new pussy bliss. I mean think about it, you’ll be in your 30’s-40’s and we now know how much more appealing you’ll be to women during that time. Just stay in shape, and keep the red-pill mindset.

Why should women be the only ones cashing in by using a Military guy as a personal EBT card. And as I’ve posted before, women do this ALL.THE.TIME.

3 Comments on “ITLR: Taking Action”

  1. Derrick says:

    Reminds me of a good name for Norfolk, VA that I saw posted on Roosh’s forum.

    No Fuck Vagina

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