Doggy Game

Yesterday I posted about the joys of raising a pup and having a loving, goofy, four legged comapnion. I wanted to cover this as well, but the post was pretty long, so i decided to break this into two parts.

So, what’s one of the best things about having a well trained, furry, four legged companion.


I was living in San Diego when Brody was growing up, and I used to bring Brody to the dog park at Balboa. I don’t know how he managed it but EVERY damn cute girl there would have him running up to sniff and play with. Talk about breaking the ice. It really was the only time he’d break camp and leave my side. So, yesterday we talked about choosing and training a dog. Normally, we’d play “throw the ball” until he was worn out and just stroll around the park. Most of the patrons were regulars and I soon came to be kn…..scratch that, BRODY became a well-known fixture there. For those of you that don’t know: Brody’s a functional, albeit lovable retard. He’s the goofiest bastard on four legs. Yet, Brody opened more women for me than I could ever have done alone. Remember, this was 2006. One girl, and GOD I can’t remember her name was a slamming brunette with 2 dogs. Now Brody didn’t typically play with other dogs, but he got along really well with her one rescue. Her other dog was a Chihuahua named (I shit you not) Leelou Peopli. Extra credit goes to the reader who knows where she got that name from. Well, whenever Brody saw this girl he’d run over to her and sniff and run round her excitedly. Then at some point, I kid you not, he’d eventually pee on her. I swear to God. Once I found out her bf and her were on the outs, I asked her out to lunch. I think we dated for a 2-3 months but considering I was heading to Spain in April, we both knew it was a fling. And my in was knowing where her little doggies name came from. “OMG, YES!!!!!! LIKE NO ONE EVER KNOWS!!!!!” *smh* 

Now….EVERYONE at the Dog Park commented on how well behaved Brody was. I was already doing the sit, throw ball, and he waits until he’s allowed to go fetch trick and that blew people’s minds. I can’t even begin to tell you how many girls would approach me to “talk to Brody”, and comment on how good of a dog he was. Hamster 101 (though I didn’t really know it at the time), but I did know that Brody was the reason these girls were approaching. I number closed a few, and actually went on a few dates with a couple.

If you’re a guy with a dog, you have a big leg up with your game. And the dog does most of the leg work. Girls have ZERO problem coming over to “play with the dog”. From there all you need to do is run basic day game. I always ran the “Brody is a sucker for brunettes/blondes/mexicanas”, then I’d squat down and say, “Are you serious?” I’d shake my head and say, “He wants to know if he can be your bf. Sorry, he’s a pretty direct guy.”. The girls always reacted the same. They knew what I was doing. They’d fawn over how cute he was and how his Daddy taught him so well. *rolls eyes*. You get the picture I’m sure. I know damn near every girl reading this is smiling because they know it would work on them.

Having a dog will help get you in. But having a well trained, and socially trained dog is MONEY.

I tried to cover this back when I first started blogging, but didn’t get into it that much because I didn’t know how to cover the subject without coming off as offensive. Having a dog that is obviously trained and listen’s goes straight to a girls head and down to her girly bits with tingles of pure bliss. They can’t help it. I’m assuming it’s the fact that not only are able to nurture another living creature, but you’re obviouly a dominant, yet loving indivual.

I have yet to meet a guy that had a dog and knew how to raise it properly, that did poorly with women. Guys good with dogs are typically laid back and have a confidence that’s easily picked up by the female of the species. Now here’s the key: dog’s feed of their owner’s energy. They can tell if you’re angry, happy, sad, scared. They SENSE it. Women are pretty much the same. I can be OBLIVIOUS to a woman’s emotional state, but you bet your ass that your women knows when something is “off” with you. Brody is the same with me.

I’d posit that the same qualities exhibited by dog guys are the same qualities that attract women. Confidence, stable minded, calm, assertive; all these are necessary to keep a dog confidant in your ability to lead the pack. I’m not trying to be sexist or suggest women are like dogs, but you have to admit….these examples do parallel each other. Brody trusts me 100%. I DO NOT lose my temper with him, I always praise him, I respect him, and I absolutely love him. In return, he has submitted to my authority. This DOES NOT mean I’m pushing him around and yelling commands 24/7. In fact, 90% of the time, I leave him to his own devices. I feed him, take him for his daily walk, play dumb games of fetch, scratch his belly, and we have a very symbiotic relationship. He’s my companion, he’s MY responsibility, he’s (in a sense) my son. Every decision I make, I need to take into account how it will affect Brody. I know what he likes and dislikes. And I never abuse the authority he’s given me as pack leader. In return he loves, trusts, and protects me.

Gee, what does this sound like? lol.

Brody ALWAYS knows and understands my state of mind. Most people that have dogs that have “issues” have said issues because the human is not leading the pack well (be it male or female) and the dog realizes the human is of weak character and has taken over the pack. Let’s think about this: what happens when a man fails to assert proper confidence and leadership in a relationship? What happens in a relationship when a man fails to be decisive and leaves the woman in charge of 100% of the relationship?

Look, I’ve dated some ball busting girls. Lawyers, teachers, bar-tenders, basically- women who are in charge of shit for 8-10 hours a day.

Ok. Sorry, but as I was typing this a VERY hot Latina came to my desk to schedule a procedure and plopped her tits right on my desk, at eye-level. The epic bronze orbs of deliciousness really have thrown me off. Give me a moment to recoup. WHY do you ladies do this shit to us? *sigh* I’m really dicombobulated now.


Ok. Where were we? OH, yeah. The ex’s. Interesting thing about these women is that in their personal relationships, they NEEDED me to take charge. They relished the fact that they could count on me to take charge. Again, I always stress to guys that they can be decisive, but being dictatorial will get you nowhere. If anything, it’ll just land you a bitchy, moody, SO. However, a calm, assertive, in control attitude is VERY easily detectable to a woman. I ALWAYS stress the below link as a guide for first time dog owners. Notice anything there? There are quite a few good articles to click through when you finish the article.

Just as it is with Brody.

So you want to improve your game and be a better dude in general. Get a puppy, read yesterdays post, and raise a companion that will add a rich, lovable, goofy layer to your life. If you decide you’d prefer a cat- die in a fire. lol.

Stay up

Brody’s old stomping grounds



me and my son.

5 Comments on “Doggy Game”

  1. Athor Pel says:

    Did you spell that dog’s name correctly?

    Leelou Peopli doesn’t sound like any character I know and Google hasn’t heard of it either.

    There’s a Leeloo in Fifth Element but I’m not convinced that’s who you were talking about.

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