Patrice Oneal (RIP) was my first real venturing into “game”. TBH, it wasn’t really game as much as it was internalizing his philosophy about women. Which in summation is: He comes first, then his career, then his family, then his women. If you’ve been on this site long enough you’ve heard me often hear me mention how I tell women I’m involved with, “You’re fourth.” I discovered Patrice around 1999-2000. Patrice was the one that helped me to internalize my core of belief and trust in my myself- ALONE.

A good friend of mine (and a sold 8 with an epic rack) went to see him live in Michigan. Patrice loving women of course singled her out and asked her a question (I don’t recall what it was, and it really doesn’t matter). She giggled and responded and Patrice asked her if she were nervous. Well, yes of course she was but she was also reeling with tingles. When she answered yes, Patrice asked her if she were a tad star struck and she nodded. He said that that was kinda cute and then immediately addressed the crowd-

“I like my bitches to be a little retarded.”

The audience erupted in laughter and and my friend said she was pissing herself laughing. She said she covered her chest and she was VERY turned on. Then Patrice landed-

“It makes me not feel bad when I don’t call them back.”

Again, the crowd roared. I asked my friend (who admittedly is a goer) if she would have run into after the show would she have gone back to his hotel. I didn’t even get to finish the question as she said, “Totally”. Of course it helps when you’re on a stage and semi-famous. lol.

I can’t stress how far a good sense of humor will get you with a woman. BUT, simply being funny isn’t enough. Women can sense weakness in men. you HAVE.TO.OWN.YOUR.FRAME. And that frame needs to be, “You really are lucky to be receiving my time and attention.” If you get caught up on her looks and get nervous a woman KNOWS it. My boy runs Gorilla game. I could NEVER run Gorilla game. I use confidence and humor. Once i make a girl laugh a few times, I escalate. If you’ve been reading long enough you know my go-to escalation.

“Damn girl, you keep giggling like that and you’re gonna end up pregnant.”

I’ve never had it fail. And most of what I do to make her laugh comes in the form of light negs that I follow up with a MINOR compliment. And I never mention her looks. I take that out the equation from the get go by telling her she’s, “kinda cute”. Another GREAT follow up to that is (after she laughs of course, and TRUST ME, she’ll laugh), “I mean, you’re no dime, but you’re sportable.”


In case you didn’t know, laughter is simply an audible tingle. So when a girl giggles at a neg or when you tease her, you know what’s up. And you know how I can PROVE I’m right? I’d be willing to bet most of the girls reading this blog agree with what I’m advising you guys. I know David DeAngelo does the “cocky funny” thing, well there’s a reason he emphasizes it. Confidence is one thing, but without the funny it could come off as arrogance. Tingle kryptonite. Humor alone could make you come off as too aloof and doesn’t build attraction aside from making her comfortable around you. Always remember, you are qualifying her. Not the other way around. Once you can see she’s enjoying the interaction you MUST escalate. Personally, I escalate sexually within 2-3 minutes of the interaction.

It’s kind of odd posting this shit since, to be honest, I’m not really looking for a gf or to have any kind of LTR anymore. But I guess I keep the site up and going for the guys that don’t necessarily want to be a PUA, but want to understand women and be a better dude in general. The world is you oyster fellahs. Women are NOT some impossible mystery creature. Quite the contrary, with the right knowledge women are actually pretty predictable- in terms of attraction.

I mean- if my short, bald, dumb ass can do it. So can you.

Ladies, I shall bed you all before the night is through.

Stay the fuck up.

Tomorrow I’ll drop some food porn and give you Clan LeBlanc’s recipe for Chicken Fricassee’. But, I’ll be providing pics of what I’m ACTUALLY cooking: pork tenderloin, stuffed with boudin and wrapped in applewood smoked bacon. It’s a pork porno. lol.

8 Comments on “ITLR-Alpha+Humor=PUSSY”

  1. RC says:

    What’s Gorilla Game?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      it’s used by muscular, VERY alpha guys. my boy is 6’0″ and JACKED. girls throw the pussy at him. i can’t run that.

      • Vicomte says:

        Everything works./snow crash

        I could never get away with the ‘You’re gonna end up pregnant’ line, myself.

        My favorite has always been ‘Does that bother you?’

        I’ll let you use it, Danny. It’s very versatile.

  2. Zorro says:

    From 1993-1996 I worked at the Mass Eye & Ear Infirmary. One of the women in my office was a black lady named Patricia Harris. She was dating an up-and-coming comedian by the name of Patrice O’Neal. She told me of the night she and Patrice went to a comedy club with a bunch of friends, got a bit drunk, and it was open mic night. Everyone goaded Patrice to go onstage, which he did. He was terrified, shaking, his voice was cracking and the entire audience was laughing hysterically. He was supposed to be up there no more than 10 minutes and stayed for over a half hour.

    And that is how Patrice O’Neal began his career.

  3. Spot on Danny. Largely echoes what Brad from our team wrote a couple of weeks ago, that Attractiveness is a State of Mind:

  4. gold price says:

    While 10 percent of the people listening to the men’s voices failed to detect the “gorilla,” 70 percent of the volunteers listening to the women’s voices didn’t hear it.

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