Repost-Part of a Woman’s Body Most Men Ignore…..SADLY

i was in Qatar when i met Jan. oh….jan: face- 9, body 10, personality 9.5. seriously. she’s 5’0″ and weighs about 105lbs. when i first saw her i stopped what i was doing and watched her walk with some other guy (look, this does NOT happen with many women i encounter….she was THAT stunning.). i assumed it was her bf. now….i typically stay away from active duty women, x1000 for BEAUTIFUL military women. so i immediately wrote her off. we ended up on every tour together. on the first day, we took a dhow tour and everyone was talking with everyone. well jan talked to everyone BUT me. first thing i thought was “fucking desert princess”.  this continued until the fourth and LAST day. we ended up talking, then we talked more. i found out the guy WASN’T her bf. the 3 of us went on a night tour of a HUGE mall in downtown Qatar. me and jan flirted more and more. she learned about me living in Spain, well her father’s from Barcelona. we ended up back on the base and the three of us went to Chili’s to eat. the flirting escalated when he went to the bathroom, we were SUPER flirty.we find out were leaving Qatar that night, so we all meet up for our 4 alcoholic beverages (you can’t have more than four). i know guys that sell their 4 for $250 a pop over four days (seriously). there is me, jan, amy, and 3 other guys. one was a Marine that hooked up with Amy. well after a few drinks the topic of sex came up. i didn’t say a word. the 3 guys were doing most of the talking and the 2 girls were chiming in. the guys were doing 80% of the talking (they were aged 19-24). after about 15-20 minutes of them blabbering on, i finally chimed in, “you 3 are fucking retarded.” the girls immediately took notice. by this point i had moved behind Jan. i continued, “this divine creature has about 8000 conversations going on in her head at any given time. while your all concerned about clits, g-spots, oral, and titties. you’ve overlooked one of  the most important things you can do to turn a woman on.” i took Jan purse and began brushing her hair. i saw Amy get an excited look on her face. and Jan was getting goose bumps. one of the other guys tried and he was too rough. “dude, she’s not a fucking shih-tzu. relax” i returned to brushing her hair. after she had relaxed i looked at the 3 guys. ”great thing about this is you’re now free to do this.” and with that i gave Jan a quick hair pull which produced a very excited squeal from her. she spins around and said, “tu sabes (you know)”. i replied, “claro que si, Palomita mia” (of course my little Dove). i wish could tell you that i escalated and made out with her, but i didn’t, i got her number and myspace addy. when she stopped by my camp, she came to medical to see me. i took her to my room, and i kissed her. that’s as far as i ever took it. i remained in contact for some time. she just left monterrey, ca for ANOTHER tour in afghanistan. she has a bf, and if she EVER lives anywhere close to me and she’s single…..stand by. i was talking with someone tonight and she mentioned getting her hair brushed, i realized a lot of guys probably don’t understand this is as effective as it is. to brush, you take the back of her hair in your non dominant hand. brush the hair you are holding downward until the knots are gone. then, brush from the top of the head all the way down into your other hand (which should be palm-up) and guide the brush until you’ve worked it all the way through. rinse-repeat.

she will either: fall asleep or want sex.

i asked Jan why she didn’t talk to me when she was so nice to everyone else. she told me, “you looked too intimadating”. i kid you not. she knows about this blog and i’m going to send her a copy of this draft.
well, she DID read this and respond via email. i’ll have to look on my work email to find her response.

jan, posing. that’s what she does. ryan meanwhile is pondering quantum string theory

23 Comments on “Repost-Part of a Woman’s Body Most Men Ignore…..SADLY”

  1. Printwe says:

    Saved & duly noted… thanks for the story and yet another great tip, danny.

  2. aneroidocean says:

    Ah,good tip. I’ll have to use this. I’ve never done it with a comb/brush, although I stumbled upon it in my blue pill days, probably one of the reasons I ever was able to keep a girl in the first place.

    Just being able to touch a girl and gauge her reaction is huge. Some girls just touching them lightly in spots that to others might seem innocuous, can get them going.

  3. Michael of Charlotte says:

    Can you pull that off without a brush / comb?

  4. 3rd Millenium Men says:

    IMO a girl can’t be above a 9 if she’s overly short. For that killer stunning wow factor, they need to at least be average height.

    Good tip on the hair/scalp, yes girls love it!

  5. driversuz says:


  6. What a cute photo. She looks like a fun girl.

  7. dannyfrom504 says:

    this is what jan told me via email regarding this post.

    “Hi Danny! A few of our memories are a bit different, but I recall is similarly. First off… I think I am 10s across the board. Her name wasn’t Amy, it was Stacy. And I don’t remember if you started calling me “paloma” from the start (it took a few months). Though, I am flattered that you took time to write about me in your blog!!! I almost feel famous… Danny Edwards remembers everything about when we first met. Haha. I was going through old Qatar pictures the other day and I found a few of you. My favorites are you with a hookah at the restaurant and ice skating at the mall. Oh, the memories.”

  8. Spacetraveller says:


    Remind me why you don’t like military women again?


  9. Nice tip dude. Gonna have to try that one out. Luckily I used to have long, luxurious metal hair when I was a teenager so I know how work a hairbrush.

    I don’t know about you, but for me any time I bust a move like this I have to approach it from an angle of my own personal self-interest. For instance, I like giving massages. If a girl has an athletic body I’ll give her a massage for an hour, no problem. This is either a massive turn-on or a turn off depending on intent. I’ve had a couple of girls tell me that getting a massage is weird because a lot of guys just want to please the girl but getting one from me is awesome because I enjoy touching her body and I’m doing it because I like it.

  10. MissMarie says:

    Hairbrushing = totally meltworthy

  11. redpillwifey says:

    Yes, hair brushing. Hmmm. You know, I don’t think a guy has ever done that for me, but I can imagine it’s heavenly.

  12. Out of the girls I’ve had I don’t remember one not petting, holding or pulling her own hair during sex and anything leading up to it. BTW I’m a short guy as well and I’m always surprised to hear the “intimidating” remark. I’ve had people of all sizes and builds say this about me in the most unexpected circumstances. It isn’t said enough, being a smaller guy has very little to do with how much you can impact someone physically or mentally.

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