The Benefit of Female Friends

The good Professor ran a post about having female friends. to which, i agreed 100%. HOWEVER, there is ONE instance where i tell guys it’s good to have female friends-

she fucking beautiful.

nothing gives you instant credibility with women like being seen out WITH a beautiful woman. deb and trini taught me this first hand. i’ve known deb since 7th grade and she’s a sold 9. she’s 5’0″ black hair, HUGE rack, and looks latina. well, as beautiful as deb is trini was a GODESS. she has an exotic beauty that could stop lava. seriously, she was stunning. well, back when i was living in NO, i’d get a call being informed that i was going out that night. what that meant was i was being recruited to play surrogate bf for the evening. learned more in 5 evenings out with those 2 than by attending any PUA camp. this is how it played out- EVERY TIME!!!!!

we’d get to the club, i’d get a beer and they got water. i’d grab a table or booth. the girls went out and danced. eventually some guys would move towards them and try to dance with them. once i got eye contact from trini, that was my cue. i’d get up, and as soon as i got close trini would grab me and pull me in close and grind on me. deb would move behind me and run her hands all over me as she danced. trini has long-raven black hair and she would lean in like she was kissing me, but her hair was hiding our faces, she’d turn her head to the side like we were kissing and she’s utter, “thanks’s these asshole’s weren’t taking the hint.” then, she’d pull back, flip her hair, and then lightly kiss me on the lips, or she’d gently bite my lower lip. i NEVER kissed her back. EVER. after a few minutes, i’d go back to the table, but i’d smack one of their asses as i walked away.

now the fun would begin. i’d sit at the table and nurse my beer. i ALWAYS had a a girl or two approach. i’d sit in a very relaxed, alpha, position. i would sit leaning back, back, arm draped over the booths table. you want to create an “open” approachable posture. don’t hunch over or cross your arms. usually a girl would approach and ask if she could sit. the conversation typically went like this.

girl- “mind if i sit down?”

D- “it is pretty hard to talk standing up.”

g- blushing and smiling.

D- sure sweetie, have a seat.

g- “what’s your name?” never tell a girl your name until she asks for it. that’s an IOI. she’s chasing you by asking your name.

D- “what’s your’s?”

g- laughing “i asked you  first.”

D- “yeah? well my goldfish can do the macarena.”

g- “what?”

D- “oh, sorry, i thought we were talking about shit that didn’t matter.” GREAT hamster line.

g- laughing “it’s *********.”

D- “i like that dress, you have nice legs, you def should be showing them off.” most girls don’t get compliments on their legs. since they rarely hear it, they eat it up.

g- “thanks, so….your name.”

D- “danny”

g- “so who are those girls.” she FINALLY cuts to the chase, let’s be honest, that’s why she came over anyway.

D- “what girls?” MONEY line. every dude in the club was staring at them.

g-laughing, “the girls you were dancing with.”

D- “OH!!! them. just some girls i know.”

g- “is one your gf?”

D- laughing, “no, i’m not really a ‘gf’ guy.”

once the girls saw me talking to a girl one would could up, drink her water for a second, and ask, “so who’s this?” i’d introduce them and deb was subtle, she’d ask me, “get her number yet?” lol. i’d reply, “not sure if i want it yet. we’re just talking.” again, she HAS to qualify to win my attention. deb would usually look at her and say, “good luck.” and walk away.

you CANNOT get a better wing than that. trini took a different approach. if i saw trini coming i knew what i was in for. she’d sit next to me, put her arm around me kiss me on the cheek and without looking at her, would ask, “who’s she, she’s cute.” if the other girl asked if she was my gf, trini would laugh and say, “i’ll give $1000 to the girl that can land this one.” she’d kiss me, take a sip of water, and go back to the dance floor. now it would get interesting. oh, and deb/trini ALWAYS bought me a fresh beer when we were out.

g- “so she’s NOT your gf.”

D- “nope.”

g- “so what are you doing out with her?”

D- “i like watching them dance, and they’re getting warmed up for later.” later= bed. lol. sleepy time. i crashed on the sofa. 

i’d NEVER allude the three of us fucking, but i’d make her THINK i was sleeping with them. trust me guys, she’s assuming you’re fucking one or both of them. don’t dismiss it, but don’t admit to it. again, keep her guessing. if she were cool, i’d get a number. landed a few short time gf’s b/c of deb and trini.

if we ever changed venues, i’d have to do the deb trini sammich at least once. but they taught me something else.


your typical gay club is PACKED with single, hot, young women. funny thing is, i’d NEVER had a gay dude hit on me. kinda hurt my feelings tbh. lol. IF you decide on gay going to a gay club, you MUST be in the company of a woman. your story is, “she got tired of guys hitting on her and she just want’s to dance undisturbed. she we ended up here.” be confidant, be cool, and be polite to the guys. you’ll be just fine. just assert the fact that you’re straight and a lot of times, the gay guys will pull for you. seriously. i have a LOT of gay friends. once a gay dude knows you’re cool with their lifestyle and don’t look down on them you become FABULOOOOOOUS!!!!!!! in their book. and most gay dude’s have TONS of hot single female friends.

so do yourself a favor and befriend a hottie. just make sure she’s a REAL friend and not using you. So-So would be my go to hottie in Jax. she’d totally pull for me. this went on a little longer than i wanted but i’ll keep the gay going by telling you how i ended dancing in a gay club in NO back when i was stationed there and how doing so got me mad ass. let me re-word that; mad FEMALE ass. lol.

stay up.

10 Comments on “The Benefit of Female Friends”

  1. deti says:

    I know this is gonna make me sound like an ass, but the converse is true, too….

    If you hang with an ugly girl because she’s a great friend, well, OK, but it’s a big show of low value. Be forewarned.

    I had a great female friend in college. We were in the same department, been there all through school. I had no, NO sexual interest in her at all because…. well, let’s just say she had a great personality and was really smart.

    Looking back I can see that being around her at the bars was quite the DLV.

    Sorry, girls.

    • stormy says:

      That’s so weird. I know guys in high school and even in college (of course, not all guys with mad game but I’d say about a third that I’ve seen) sort of have this token “bro” chick that’s…well I don’t want to be mean but they’re usually weirdly masculine. The guys are either so good looking and alpha or just so alpha it never matters though. It’s weird I overheard one of them chatting with his “bro” chick friend and she would urge him to hook up with this girl or be like,”Yo why didn’t you hook up with that chick? She’s so hot!” and stuff. Interesting.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        Well deb and Trini are VERY feminine. Of course, both are married with kids now. This was back in 1999-2003. Lol.

        I still talk with them to this day.

        Sent from my iPhone

  2. dannyfrom504 says:

    hmmmmm. i agree to an extent.

    it can be DLV if you don’t have game. social skills gives you a big leg up. if the 2 of you look like you’re having a great time, it WILL garner female attention.

  3. Vicomte says:

    Tune in next week to find out how to get mad ass in a gay club!

  4. LHMX says:

    I can’t even imagine having two female friends that would wing this hard and selflessly for me, let alone two hot ones. All of my former female friends were staunch, lifetime supporters of Team Girl, and – as such – would cockblock me like hell (thus why they are ‘former’ friends). This sounds like some pro-grade frame control; nice work.

  5. Craig says:

    LOL, love your Gay strip club post, I could of made a killing as a bear. I discovered gay night clubs for hot women on my first posting. A new city I’d never been to, out on my own, hunting, so I ask the taxi driver to take me to the best and most happening club. I guess jokingly the cabbie dropped me off in front of a gay club unbeknown to me at the time. I go straight up stairs into the gay club, I’m dumb struck as a dude in a school dress walks by, and then some effeminate dude cracks onto me straight away, I’m out of there. This club was split into two sections upstairs for poofy men and down stairs for so called lesbians(majority straight women). So obviously I walk down stairs and into a male to female ratio equivalent to heaven of 10 to1.

    Myself and AJ mates would go to this gay club often, on Sunday nights, we’d have bets on who would shag a chick in the beer garden, this use to shock the gay men though. I remember one gay dude remarking “Oh my god they can’t do that here.”, oh yes we can. LOL

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